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  1. My goodness. DNF means "I didn't find it", which has nothing to do if it's there or not. We don't have an acronym for "Didn't find it altough I might find out later it's there and I just didn't find it." My goodness. I have been holding my tongue for quite a while, but I know someone that deleted at least 4 DNF logs because "the cache was there", even though it really wasn't. We don't have an acronym for "didn't find it because it was sitting on the owners desk until those pesky cachers left town and we could move the final coords" I am going back to lurking now.
  2. Put me down for this one as well
  3. A big thanks for the coin for being a judge, I will put it at the top of my book!! Wish I could have hosted an event, but I knew I was going to be spending the whole month of June on the road. This is a great looking coin.
  4. I'm not going to read the replies that follow this OP, I'm sure they've been pretty dissident to your train of thought. Short logs that don't praise your cache are more the norm than the exception, so try to get used to it. I've got some caches that usually get pretty good logs, some of them very verbose logs. I enjoy those. Then along comes a cacher who writes "sl" for every one of my caches he finds. That's fine by me. He found it, made note that he signed the log, and that's A-OK. Anything written beyond that is gravy. Lighten up, enjoy the reports of found caches, and don't sweat the small stuff. Could this be because every other log he wrote on your caches got deleted?
  5. I have been meaning to post this since GW7, I left my truck windows (parked on the square), cracked to keep it a little cool, that afternoon when I got back into the truck, there sat a coin on the front seat. Thanks to the mystery coiner, I enjoyed finding it, and the way it was delivered was extra special!!
  6. NEW version? I haven't heard of or seen this. Anybody got a pic? Don't have a pic, but I have a coin!!
  7. Interesting to get to see his name on here. I was able to meet Prntr1 at an event cache here in Texas along with a friend of his....Abogado. He must get to cache a lot because they were here on a cache run. They must have hit 200 or so over the weekend. So, seeing your post, I'm not surprised to see this accomplishment. WTG, Prntr1!!! It was nice meeting you there, I have been caching a lot, trying to hit that 3k before GW7. Thanks for the kudos on the icons, but DavidMac had his number a little off, when we last talked to him we had eight, we finished the day on Beale St. in Memphis with 10 different icons, it was quite the adventure and we had a great time!!! I don't want to forget to mention rsarich and camolady were along for the adventure as well. Congrats on the 9 icons Family Gold, it is an awesome achievement.
  8. prntr1


    Put me down for a niner
  9. I have 70+ puzzles solved and have been all waiting for me to quit being lazy and to go out and find them. At some point, I'll go out on a puzzle finding mission to get a bunch of them. Now I wonder if I would be accused of cheating if I did... I don't see where anyone accused anyone of cheating Turns out an event was held locally, and puzzle owners helped a bunch of cachers with the puzzle caches, and, like you, some built up a pretty good list to go after. Either way on topic, I have one puzzle cache, solve it, share it, long as you sign the log, it's all good with me.
  10. Recently there were two geocachers here in the area, one very well respected, who logged 27 puzzle caches in one day, I wonder how many of them were solved, and how many were given? I have had a cache removed by a cache owner who knew I was coming to log it, who did not believe I had properly solved the puzzle, when I went back again, the cache was still missing, even though he said it was there,three round trips of over 100 miles, and I decided to take lots of folks advice, let him play the way he wants to play, it wasn't worth the trouble. Ironically, the cache later turned up missing, and of course I was accused of stealing it.
  11. I saw these critters last week while in Southern Florida doing a virtual.
  12. Hi again Darth, I offered several times, and will again be in your area the whole first week of February, drop me a line and we will do some caches.
  13. The neverending story is a thread on NELAGEO forums, where you add 5 words to keep the thread going, I thought it was pretty funny to do a search this morning on lizard vomit and that thread, with my name in it, came up!!!
  14. Quite simple actually. A lot of people "sunk" their money into a ship that has long since sailed. See? ROFLMAO
  15. You are correct. Logs are the cacher's way of saying "I went, and this is what I saw when I got there." Whether the log is a find or a DNF, the log helps everyone involved. The hider gets informed about what's happening with his cache. The logger gets a memory aid for when he wonders why he hasn't found this cache 200 finds later. The next hunter gets an idea of what probably lies ahead. So what would the reason being for a cache owner deleting a DNF?
  16. It appears the Delta is a little dry on cachers, Hagar responded to you on the MSGA, as did Ronbo, but they never heard back, stop back in, make a few more posts, get to know some folks. I spent three days in the Delta last week and would gladly have hooked up with you while there. I will drop you a line next time I come up to stay, which will probably be the third week in January. Ronbo was actually the person I was referring to when I said I didn't know if the offer still stood or not. I just sent Ronbo a message on MSGA a few minutes ago, so I'll see if the offer about going sometime still stands. I'll be seeing about everyone else soon. I'll tell ronbo to take a look at it, it appears MSGA is down right now, but I will let him know your still looking.
  17. It appears the Delta is a little dry on cachers, Hagar responded to you on the MSGA, as did Ronbo, but they never heard back, stop back in, make a few more posts, get to know some folks. I spent three days in the Delta last week and would gladly have hooked up with you while there. I will drop you a line next time I come up to stay, which will probably be the third week in January.
  18. That's my feeling as well. Deleting legit found it logs is petty and juvenile. That is a good take on it, I "retaliated" once for multiple deletions of my logs, realized it was petty and juvenile as you said, now I just relog with a period, if they delete it again, it is on them.
  19. Yep, I thought that's what the PM feature was for! The PM feature wouldn't produce the audience he needs. Sure. But I am now fascinated by this topic-creap. I don't know which story is true. But I can't imagine anyone thinking they were judge, jury, and hangman in the caching world. Find and log the cache and go about your business. If a cache bothers you, contact reviewer and then move on. It's that simple. The log deletion thing is just crazy. The problem with that is the guy does it once, then twice, pretty soon he/she/they have deleted dozens of logs from different cachers. No good way to deal with someone that has a power issue and just wants to delete, we have one near here, we try to ignore him, but it can be hard. There is always another story, or another side, or issues, sad but true.
  20. I will second LSUFan, Lambert's is a MUST. Treat it like a medical procedure, don't eat any thing for at least 12 hours prior to going, so that you will have plenty of room!! Before/after The Shed make sure and hit The Wilson House Travel Bug Inn, it is a great cache. There are a lot of friendly cachers on the MS coast, and one or two in LA , I am sure someone down there would meet up with you for a cache run, you may want to try msga.net, join up and post your plans, someone will chime in and welcome you.
  21. Seems pretty clear and concise to me
  22. What does the other side look like? I believe that the two coins in the picture are exactly the same only one is flipped to the reverse and the other to the obverse. Can you post a picture of it? Your not right
  23. So, this thread started way back when, but was there ever a full and definitive list of "mystery" coins?
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