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  1. I put several of my coins on ebay if anyone is interested. https://www.ebay.com/sch/weatheredinboston/m.html?item=173929363546&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562
  2. I Had a heck of a time re-learning how to get my GPS to communicate and accept caches after a long time away as well. I spent a full 24 hours learning how to update my firmware (never done it before on my 60 csx). Had to take a 6 hour nap to get the frustrations out. I was following all the directions but kept getting error messages. Error messages of all various kinds. I finally worked through each one but it was a struggle. Garmin Communicator plug in is still available for download. That was the final thing I had to do as I had simply forgot about this plug in. A newbie would have even a harder time finding out about this plug in. I watched several youtube video's and even came here to the forums looking for directions but it was very hard to find my solutions to the error messages. I was almost convinced that the 60csx was and outdated piece of equipment and that I would have to upgrade but NO!!!! Everything works as it should be. Just like before. The only thing missing is the link on the cache page where you can send the coords directly to the GPS. So disappointing but I can live with that as long as my GPS is acting all brand new again after the firmware update.
  3. They finally came through but it was too late to help me at all...I was already out caching with a PQ that was months old. Still waiting on my support ticket to be looked at. I want to know why I'm not getting what I pay for.
  4. So I ran another pq I already had from 3 weeks ago...not the area I need for today though That went through UG. Why would a PQ that is 3 weeks old and has been run before...come to me BEFORE two brand new PQ's that have never been run before. ODD!
  5. Can someone look into why my PQ's didnt go through today. I ran 2 and neither one came through and I have people coming to take me out caching. It would be nice to have the caches in the GPS. Never had trouble before.... they show as pending (red check mark). I havent run any PQ's in 3 weeks so that isn't the problem. ty
  6. I've been trying to run a pq for about 8 hours now. I'm trying to preview it before I check off the day of the week but when I click on preview...the page lags until it times out. Is the web site having difficulties I cant seem to see any topics related to this.
  7. I hurt myself caching almost 3 years ago.....just finding out the severity now. My log from my fall..... http://www.geocaching.com/seek/log.aspx?LU...e9-71c81cc440f3 My injury details from my profile... Profile Information: I'm so bored with guardrail caches. But it's the only ones I can do. They used to be fun when I could do 50 a day...but now im lucky if I can do 2 a month. Major problem with my ankle....my legs just wont hold me up for too long these days. Honestly...its pain free staying home so that's what I like doing now. Osteochondritis dissecans of the Talus bone is what im currently dealing with....I think it was caused by a fall I took while geocaching a few years back in the Fells on 2/11/07 while after a FTF. I fell on Ice backwards and landed on my leg which was spliced behind me. I thought I had broke my leg at the time but I didn't. But I guess every joint got shredded and I didn't even know until recently. Took a year for the injury to flare up again. Since then I have had my right knee operated on and now I have to have cadaver bone put in my ankle to replace the dead bone that lost its blood supply. My latest MRI even shocked the doctor's. Ive been complaining about the ankle pain for 1.6 years and they just shrugged me off...blamed it on my knee injury..then on the surgery. I begged for an MRI of my ankle last month and once they saw the results they immediately transferred me to a specialist. It's the worst ankle injury they have ever seen. It's so rare that they only see about 1 case every 2 years with this severity. So my talus bone has been slowly dying during the last 3 years without any blood supply while my complaints were ignored by the doctors. My new surgeon wouldn't promise me any miracles. Only 70% chance of success. I was told if I had broken the bone in several places I would have been better off as that's easier to fix with a better outcome overall. My main goal now is not to geocache like I was before (I was told to forget about it..its not gonna happen)...its to take away the severe pain while standing and walking. Surgery is scheduled for Sept 09..they will be cutting bone off my tibia to gain access to the bone that's dying...the talus. 4 months of no weight bearing...followed by 4 months in a boot of some sort....so no more caching for me not even guard rails until next JUNE at least. June 2010. I'm so angry...I miss geocaching and the friends I made through the sport so much. I just want to find an ammo can in the woods...but I cant
  8. Two experienced cachers going caching together.....I know I heard of a web site that will allow us both to upload our FINDS PQ's so we can see and only go for caches we both havent done.. can anyone point me in the right direction. Please and thank you!
  9. wow, how odd is that! I guess I will wait until I get a membership again..which will be as soon as I can afford one lol
  10. I dont have a check box for that in "edit listing". Perhaps because my yearly Groundspeak membership ran out?
  11. I cant seem to find the button to remove a member only specification within one of my caches. I've done this before...it was simple. Something seems to have changed. How do you do it now?
  12. Why is this topic in the getting started thread? I just realized there isn't a forum about the forum itself
  13. I have a feature request...not sure if this is the place to put it but I know your watching this thread so heck this is as good a place as any. The "Map it" Feature that shows up on the top of the page...sometimes.... I would like to see that feature on the state pages like so... List of all events and caches in RI The reason I would like this is for selfish reasons... I like to visit alot of events....instead of clicking on each event to see where it will be held...I can save myself some clicks and simply click on the "Map it" link and it will show me where the up coming events are. Thanks for the consideration and keep up the great work!
  14. Why not go direct to the plant in china and cross out the middle man making the profit? I have yet to understand why people pay companies to order these coins when you can contact the plant themselves directly. Were talking hundred's of dollars in price difference...I checked this out a few years ago.
  15. When I close my browser completly that is when I get logged out. Such a pain...but no big deal.
  16. Trainlove is an expert on this subject...but for some reason he isn't allowed to post in the forums anymore. I wonder if that could be fixed...he loves helping people out on the Magellan issues.
  17. My Favorite FTF prize was on a Letterbox many years ago....it was a well made...handmade Certificate that said I was First to Find....they used neat lettering and it looked so neat. I still have it around here somewhere. I have found giftcards and geocoins as FTF prizes but still I remember that handmade certificate that they took alot of time to handcraft with art and markers in intricate detail.
  18. Everyone who likes a FTF checks every morning for new caches on the state page if they are not a premium member. If your still in UTAH without a premium member check this out several times a day but especially early am. NEW CACHES IN UTAH "EARLY TO BED, EARLY TO RISE HELPS A CACHER BECOME...FTF" That's my motto and it works for me. 4-5 am....no problem!
  19. They usually have a box at the library where you can "request" new books for inventory. I would request every one you could find on the net....let your library stock up on the whole category!
  20. Most caches are hidden in Nature preserves and the like. Not many land owners want people off the trail and prefer people to walk on already established paths. This decreases the possibility of damage to sensitive areas where animals and plants like to be left alone. You will find the majority of caches are hidden this way. Some hiders provide parking and path coords so damage is kept to a minimum. They want you to follow that trail...there is usually a reason for it. I have found caches hidden in swamps and marshes...in which there are no paths....but those are very rare and hard to come by.
  21. Thanks, I have tried this however all that gets saved is a small link file, I did try your hyperlink but again nothing shows, the only way I can do this at present is to do it in short stages where the start and end points go the route I want, hardly worth the effort really, but thanks anyway Thank you! I tried that and it worked. I had tried to save the link with the added "&output=kml" and then uploaded that to "Caches along a route" but the route was blank.. So I instead chose to upload the link with the added "&output=kml" in Google Earth....then I saved it as a KML file again...at that point I could upload the kml file, save it in "caches along a route" and it worked!
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