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  1. Don't judge the screen by it's size alone. You know what I've noticed a lot? People who own the Garmin Oregon complain about the screen being hard to read outdoors in sunlight, while people who have never held a PN-xx complain about it having a small screen, while I have yet to hear a PN-xx owner complain about the screen (myself included). It's a really nice screen, you should go eyeball a unit that's powered on, I think you'll be pleasantly suprised. I was a Garmin user (5 years- eTrex, 60CS, 60CSX) and am now happy PN40 user, and I just don't see a problem with the screen. I'm on the (very) high side of 40 with reading glasses in my day pack, but I have not had any trouble with the PN40 images. I think that the more important issue is what a manufacturer does with the screen they have. My 60CSX screen was bigger, but when I turn them on side by side, Garmin uses headers and other graphic elements that take up screen space. The map image is about the same on both, and easier to read on the PN due to better contrast. Colorados and Oregons have a nice size screen (though very hard to read in sunlight) but again often clutter the screen with graphics and very poor contrast on nearly everything. I'm sure there will be larger screen PNs some day but for now I'll take the small screen with the good content.
  2. I see a review I wrote on the PN40 was quoted above so I ought to speak up. I've been caching 5 years. I started with an eTrex (briefly) then moved to the 60CS the week it came out, and the 60CSX the week it came out. I have been very satisfied with the 60's and really didn't think there was anything on the horizon that would cause me to switch, since it did everything I thought I needed. I tried the Colorado and the Oregon and found them pretty but otherwise lacking in features (and with large but unviewable screens in my opinion). I tried the PN20 when it came out and liked the concept but found it underpowered and missing features. When the PN40 came out I tried it and was surprised that the small screen (same size as an eTrex, one of the most popular GPS's out there) didn't bother me. I use reading glasses to view my PDA, but not the PN40. The maps for me are more usable than anything from Garmin. The price for the maps is so far below Garmin that I can't imagine any economic argument for ANY of their products anymore. I've had it for two weeks now and have had no need or desire to pick up the 60csx. The learning curve was quick and easy, particularly since the interface is close to the 60 in many ways. The map capabilities add so much to caching in urban or open areas that I'm not interested in going back to anything less. Paperless caching even in this early implementation is big value. Finally, everything I've seen of DeLorme shows me they understand caching and are working to create a product that will enhance our experience. I just don't see that commitment from Garmin. So I've drunk the koolaid for sure, and am very pleased to be using the PN40.
  3. I started out caching with Garmin, and have had the 60CS then the 60CSX when that came out. I wasn't too thrilled with any of the new Garmin releases this year though and tried a DeLorme PN40. After 5 years and 5K finds, my 60CSX is now in my wife's car and I'm a VERY happy DeLorme PN40 owner. I really enjoy caching with aerial photo images, and the paperless caching. I look forward to the next upgrades that will make it even more cacher friendly. Delorme seems more in tune with what cachers are interested in than either Garmin or Magellan.
  4. Let's get together and get some cartridges in place! Email me and let's share ideas.
  5. Nicely done BB's I look forward to visiting this with my family when we are in town this summer. I always wondered what that thing was... "art project" never made the list.
  6. Sure, I'll take a gold. Mission 9 was a fun cache, made even better with Pepper as a guide!
  7. I'll trade one of my personal coins for a Hobo Event coin.
  8. Wow.. That is an excellent price! These were more than that! I am assuming it is a U.S. price? (We have to add from 20% and up to that depending on the exchange rate!) I know people are assuming we are making a big profit on the coins, if they only knew the all of the costs! That answers my questions. I have no problem paying $10 for a coin that cost $10 to make (well, might only buy one anyway). I just would question a $5 coin selling for $10. Thanks for responding.
  9. I just reread the guidelines and was in error, trackable coins may be sold at a profit.
  10. Oh, you mean like the Conn... err, nevermind. Go ahead and say it. Connecticut. Tho$e coin$ are $elling for way too much. How about a reason for the $10 price of these coins? Are you just trying to get funds for your group? It looks like your back is the same stock die that dozens of other coins have used already, so I fail to see why the cost is that high. And no, I'm not whining, because I'm not buying any of these. I agree. There is nothing wrong with charging whatever the market will pay for a product. That's how a for-profit business runs (like the coinclub). I think most people are questioning a non-profit (I assume) organization charging that sort of price. if this is a fund raiser, so be it. I didn't know that the guidelines allowed the trackable coins to be sold at that sort of profit though? (we are also assuming profit... I paid $5.50 per coin for 300 coins with 3 dies and 12 colors. This one does not look that complex, maybe your supplier is overcharging?)
  11. We ordered them through labeluniverse.com USPS Click-N-Ship That's a good price. I get them in boxes of 100 at office depot or Officemax, but they are just a single sheet and the label must be cut out. I'll try these next time (never thought I would need a "next time" with a box of 100...sheeeeesh).
  12. I'd be happy to trade one of my personal coins to anyone who gets an extra one of these.
  13. Kitsap Co. Screw Geocoins Seabeck SYF (love it!) Aaron Priest ...and these were after I got home from an event where I traded for the new CKayaks and a Rowan Gypsy coin. Even got to go caching in the woods, so a great day all around.
  14. I like the design for the jeep side, but the design for the back doesn't seem up to their usual standard (good concept, poor execution)
  15. I would ask all traders to be clear when they respond to an email. I may sent a trade request via their profile page, but get a response that doesn't reference my mail or their user ID, just a "Sure, lets trade. Signed John Smith". Some traders use multiple email accounts to reply as well, leaving me wondering who I am talking to. I try to keep all the previous email attached to the reply so I know what/who I am talking about....
  16. Looking for: 1markymark1 (any flavor) 1st edition AtlantaGal (any flavor) BuckSnort Dutchboy Geonap KiltedCacher JohnnyLacy ...will trade one of my personal coins.
  17. FlyinV bronze Manitoba (and a nice button, thanks Junglehair!) Tree Planter Vorticity Blind Avocado
  18. I'd be happy to trade one of my personal coins for one of these.
  19. A nice big bundle or rubberbanded envelopes, unceremoniously dumped on my doorstep (maybe I need a bigger mailbox): Emerald valley (copper) Tiki (lord Pomsby) Son of Cyclops another Emerald Dragon (how many did I trade for anyway? I just like Dragons...) BlueGillFisherman Bag o' 'bamas Sir Gerald x2 GBOTs Mrs. Moops Optics Boy 3CostcoGuys BuffaloWings (silver) ....and that was following a pleasant evening trading with other crazed coin enthusiasts, where I received Marky's new Nano coin (and a nano nano coin too), Team Checkers, Protech, a NielsenC Clover, and a very special Volunteer coin. Yessir, been a gooooood week.
  20. I'd be interested in trading someone my coin for one of these....
  21. Just wondering how often this happens to you frequent coin traders. Is this a rare occurrance in the GC community, or does it happen more often than you would like. Mailing coins to others in trade and not receiving my trade coins would definately cause some angst!!!!! I have only had one case in two years of sig item trading where a person didn't send what was promised, and would not after repeated emails (and several months waiting). Most people get the coins to me within a few days, and I would not complain to wait a week or two (we all have other things to do rather than run down to the PO 5 times a week).
  22. Very creative! And since this appears to have morphed into a preorder thread... I'll take 3 please!
  23. Full disclosure: I often sell there, so I am certainly biased. I price all coins with a "buy it now" price that is a bit BELOW the recent average sales price. But coins often get bid above that price. So they could have bought it for less, but got caught up in the auction. I don't sell coins that could still be purchased, just because it doesn't make sense for me to do it.
  24. Yes, and should every store that sells something at a higher price than Amazon state clearly that you could get it cheaper online? The bidding usually starts at below market value. If people bid over the retail price, well, that's the way auctions are. No one forces them to bid too much. There is no deception. No rip off....
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