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Activation Code Clearing House

Lemon Fresh Dog

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Hello all,

I am hoping this topic gets pinned.


The purpose is to act as a repository of "How to Activate your Geocoin"


I know most folks ship instructions, but these get lost -- so here's a place to list your edition and instructions on how to get the Actication Codes.


(I'll leave it to other edition managers to post their links -- I thought of this because I just activated my Pennsylvania and San Francisco coins and this required visiting a few websites)

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:) I also would like to know where to go to get the activation code for the MIGO geocoin. I went to the website and it has a spot for logging the coin but no info re activation. I emailed them with no response so far.


Please let me know if anyone finds out - thanks.

When in doubt, I always try the geocoinclub activation page. I *think* that's where I activated mine, but I'm not positive.



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OK, I will pin this topic but I may have to move some of the less visited pinned topic out of their pinned spot. If I keep pinning all the topics (which are all important, I understand) then we'll be having a full page of pinned topics. If anyone thinks there is a topic that is pinned that no longer needs to be pinned in the geocoin forums please PM me.

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I know that this question is Off Topic but........


I have a Wisconsin geocoin which I'd like to place in a local cache and I've lost the activation code.


I believe there is a simple method of retrieving activation codes but I can't remember where I read about it.


Would someone lead me in the correct direction.....?

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