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  1. Thank You Thank You to the mystery coiner who sent this coin out. I received one a few days ago, but never got to post. I love the coin and I love the mystery around coins like this. I don't know how they do it, but they always seem to be able to get the post office to leave off the postmark, or make it totally unreadable Happy Holidays Mystery coiner and Happy Holidays everyone!!
  2. Thanks again to all the people who have sent coins for this auction or purchased coins. I really appreciate it. I think this is the last of the coins for now. Venetian Mask Geocoin - Portuguese Ronaldo2 Thanks!!
  3. Thank to those who have purchased so far. Here is this weeks offerings: Pink Scout Knife Geocoin - Copper XLE Cache of the Titans - Medusa Geocoin Celtic Circle of Life Geocoin The Warrior Geocoin (Set of 2) - Mystery Venetian Mask Geocoin - Portuguese Ronaldo2 The Cache Reaper Geocoin - Mystery Thank you to those who have sent coins in for the auction!!
  4. Once again, thank you to all the bidders, Here are some more!! The Original Masters of the Cache Geocoin Christmas Window Suncatcher Geocoin Dead Man's Party Geocoin Pure Geocoin Geocaching Dragon Geocoin Book of Kells Geocoin Hippie Bus - Sacramento Geocoin
  5. Thank you to the round 2 buyers. Time for some more!! Happy bidding All coins are 100% giving works Cat Got Your Cache? Geocoin - Artist Edition - Antique Silver Geocachers Luck and Protection Geocoin - Ant Silver LE Geocachers Luck and Protection Geocoin - Ant Bronze Venetian Mask Geocoin - Portuguese Ronaldo2 Migration Geocoin - Artist Edition Celtic Arrow Geocoin High Seas Adventure Geocoin - XLE Crew Only Edition
  6. Thank you to all the people who bid on the first set of coin that I listed. Here are another 5 coins. Thank you for bidding 888 Event Geocoin Cache Mission:7 Evil Mastermind Geocoin 2010 Lackey Geocoin Native Pegasus - Gold Venetian Mask Geocoin - Portuguese Ronaldo2
  7. Back in February of 2011, I went on a mission trip with my church to Ghana. The purpose of the trip was to work on helping to build a medical clinic in Hiamatuo, a small village village in the western region. We also took a bunch of donated medial supplies and provided some needed basic medical care. We also brought them other donated items like clothes and tools. One thing that really touched us was that the people of the village had to walk 2 miles to get fresh clean water. This past year we were able to raise the money needed to drill a well in the village. This February we are planning on traveling back to Hiamatuo, Ghana and are hoping to help finish the construction on the clinic and bring more needed supplies. I have decided to sell off some of my coins to help raise some money for this trip and for supplies. I have listed a few coins today and will be listing some more. All of the coins are trackable and unactivated. All the auctions will be 100% donations. Silly Boys Ammocan Wildlife Muggles - Sneaky Antlers Wildlife Muggles - Cache Bandit Cache Wars Peace on Earth 2008 Sunburst Nature
  8. One of my older coins is back active again after being dormant for almost 5 years. 10K Geocoin
  9. I also received one of these coins in my mailbox yesterday. I have to admit I was confused at first what does that mean. No L, Hmmm No L, Duhhhhhh Noel!! Thank you to the mystery sender!! Merry Christmas
  10. I did get some of the samples I made trackable. Seemed a waste of good coins to not make them trackable.
  11. Finally completed my set today :) :) All matching numbers, except for the klomp. Thanks to everyone who made these coins possible!!!!
  12. Pretty sure that it is a Non-trackable geocoin. The choice is yours then to keep it or put it in another cache.
  13. Not in this case, But I will let the original poster post the true meaning.
  14. This via twitter: "Others are curious about what's on Ebay... Well; just as last year we try to sell the first one for charity" So I believe the warning bells can be removed. But wouldn't it make more sense to use the ebay account that they used last year, or even make mention of the cause it was supporting, or be being shipped from the Netherlands? Questions about that auction still about in my mind.
  15. I got Mine!! A big random box of stuff I will try to take some pictures. 3 Comic Books a flashing light smiley napkins some weird brush thing a mosquito trap an Ariel night light a deck of GeoWoodstock 8 Cards (Cool!!) a deck of camo cards some badge holders 2 bungee cords a seattle Mariners fribute to the armed forces coin a flowered headband hand warmers 3 fraggle rock DVD beer cozies 2008 magnetic calendar a fake plant in a burlap sack a 7 pack of bobbers 2 lanyards a beaded lanyard 3 heart shaped memo pad a glow stick a glittery heart thing a lady bug massager a tea light a KITCHEN SINK!!!!!! a nickle wrapper a mini football 5 round tuits a nail clipper a champoeg button a phone cord 1 chef hat pathtag a project ape cachekin a tiki travel buddy tag 2 GW8 coins 1 attendee & 1 VIP and a Princess Trouble personal coin Thank You Princess Trouble, that was truely a kitchen sink package!!!! I mailed my box 2 days late (OOPS!!!) 2 days after I got the name I left for Africa (Found 1 cache in Ghana WOOHOO!!) and came back the Saturday before I was suppose to send the package. The combination of the change in timezones, and the heat wiped my brain.
  16. I would like to be on the list for these coins. My grandparents were born on a farm in Wales.
  17. Getting close to time to warm up the F5 key again
  18. I charge/pay sales tax for in-state buyers. I also claim any profit on my taxes at the end of the year. I also have a business set up. It is not a big deal to do. Mostly paperwork.
  19. Sounds good to me Buy/Trade/mission: Do with as you please Gift/Mystery: Keep or re-gift, do not sell/trade But that is just me.
  20. It was a trade set up at the Midwest Geobash and very much worth waiting for. It is an awesome coin in hand. Glad to hear that worked out as planned!!
  21. Ohh Ohh I know that one, But i don't want to draw again
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