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  1. Thank you - our calendar has already gone to the print shop for production. Hoping he hasn't started the job and can add the date!
  2. So. Jersey Geocaching is sending it's 2010 photo calendar to the print shop and it would be great if someone had an official date posted so we can place it on the calendar!
  3. Well...as some of you may have heard, SJG will be having a Festivus Feast on Sunday, Nov. 30th. Gory details can be found here The Festivus pole & a few "feats of strength" games have been ordered, "Twas the Night before Christmas" revamped, some favors handcrafted, and a quiz created. The only thing left is to finalize reservations. I have to give the winery a master list, food choices and payment on 11/10. If you are interested in attending, please let me know ASAP! Thanks!
  4. Just a note to alleviate Vinny's fear None of the 70+ cachers in attendance were sacrif... er, "lost" to the Jersey Devil during the ritu...uh, "hunt" this year! Now how are we going to appease this nefarious beast? Without his tribute, no cacher is safe in the woods!
  5. Ya know, now that you mention it, we do generally lose a cacher or two over the course of the weekend. But since gc doesn't have a cache attribute for that, I figured it was just an assumed natural risk not worth mentioning.
  6. 5 Years and Still Searching...SJG's Annual Devil Hunt For 5 long years, the members of South Jersey Geocaching have been getting together annually to search for a shadow of a memory...a legend told in hushed tones around a campfire...a beast that lurks in Pineys' dreams. Join us on Saturday, October 11th at 5:00 PM in group campsite "A" for a potluck dinner. Afterwards, experienced guides will lead a sojourn into the Jersey Devil's playground for a little adventure! Keep a sharp eye out for unusual tracks, listen for odd sounds and be aware for the feeling that you are being watched – you might just be! Bring along a folding chair and settle into the evening with a toasty bonfire afterwards. Folks are welcome to camp out with us for the weekend! For additional camping information, you can click here.
  7. Updating -- 11/30/08 SJG's Fifth Annual Festivus - For our fifth annual foray into the realm of holiday dining, SJG has decided to hold its soiree at Tomasello Winery on Sunday, November 30th, starting at 1:30 PM. Our luncheon will be a choice of 2 sit down meals. After lunch folks will perform many feats of strength, exchange white elephant gifts, and admire the festivus fruitcake. We will also be accepting toy donations for the USMC Toys for Tots campaign (toy donation is NOT required to attend.) For all the rest of the details, you can check the cache page or SJG's website.
  8. One that always makes me smile genegene -- I know I am dating myself, but it reminds of me of " " from The Gong Show. I used to love it when he appeared and that high tempo music started.
  9. Just an FYI 7-19 SJG Summer Tubing Adventure - It's not too late to sign up. 8-08 AFAIK - So. Jersey is having an 8-08 event in Cherry Hill at 8am. The FlyinVs gave that task to Grunriese and he is in Spain right now which is probably why the cache page isn't done. 9-06 SJG birthday event - There is more information on our website regarding the event and donations that we will be accepting on behalf of the Cape May zoo. The event is being held in Burlington County this year. 10-11 5th Annual Jersey Devil Hunt - SJG will be having it's annual devil hunt out at Brendan Byrne (Lebanon) State Forest. Cache page is not up yet, but it will be a potluck event. This year, we are having some t-shirts made and more details will be provided as it draws closer. 12-? Annual Christmas party - still in planning stages.
  10. We had the pleasure of going to last year's event and camping for the weekend. It was well worth the drive up. We may try to make this year's!
  11. We are so sorry to hear that. (SJG booked its campsites last June, so between 20-30 of us will be storming the beach sans the bonfire. Field trips are fun!) Hope it works out next year.
  12. The Daily Journal Article The reporter's mother is a cacher in PA - MosaicMama - and he has written other geocaching articles for other newspapers as well.
  13. We definitely have spread rubber chicken keychains far and wide over the last 4 years. No clue if it's one of ours, though (we only sharpie "EC5" or "Evil" on them when we remember to!)
  14. Another source for free NJ topos: Rutgers Dept. of Geography
  15. I'll throw in with SJG as well (no surprise there to the folks who know us!) Like the other groups featured here, SJG has it's share of fun (camping, road trips, kayakking, holiday parties, events, contests, cache of the month spotlights, etc) but also has a great core group of cachers who generously give back to the region through CITOs, educational seminars, and annual toy donations, canned good donations, and zoo donations. SJG also encourages its members to support other regional cache groups (SEPAG, CNJG, NNJC, DEGeocaching) and to attend their events and CITOs as well. SJG has also worked with State Park Rangers, the Nature Conservancy, the Pinelands Preservation Alliance and various civic clubs to promote geocaching to a broader audience.
  16. One of SJG's coordinators received the following email & we thought we'd pass it along:
  17. Just a reminder note that anyone interested in attending the SJG Holiday Dinner on Sun. Dec. 9 needs to make payment by Saturday, Dec. 1st! The cost is $16pp, Children 5 and under are free and other kids can either eat from the buffet or off the kids menu. Payment should be made via paypal to misskitty5cat at comcast.net. Hope to see some of ya there!
  18. I'd also agree with the general consensus -- it's your coin and you should have the freedom to do with it as you wish. It's like any commodity you buy, sometimes you buy something and it goes on sale a month later and you've lost out on the discount and other times, you happen to find a bargain or sale. With ebay, you are always taking a gamble anyway and you set the limit on what you will pay through your bid. You could bid and win something for 29.99 and a week later, the exact same item by the exact same seller may have a winning bid of 15.00. Its luck of the draw.
  19. Help us celebrate the holiday season with some food, fun, and cheer! Cache page SJG's Christmas Meet & Eat 2007 Sunday, December 9th 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm Buena Tavern Upstairs Banquet Hall 1256 East Harding Highway (Route 40) Buena , NJ Buffet items include: House Salad Roasted Chicken Stuffing & Gravy Polenta 1 Vegetable (TBD) Hot Macaroni Meatballs Potatoes Bread & Butter Coffee & Soda Lots of caches in the nearby area for those working on Tour de Cache or the Delorme Challenge!
  20. From the recent Pirates of Harriman IV event
  21. 663 typical piney hide (it's a So. Jersey geocaching colloquialism)
  22. 1. Internal 2. No 3. 38 4. Female ~ Mother Hen
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