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  1. A lump of Christmas Coal from the lackey? ©¿©¬
  2. I never liked that frog. Kinda juvenile if you ask me. ©¿©¬
  3. Trying ... to ... resist ... but ... just ... can't ... quite ... not ... click ... ©¿©¬
  4. I'll take 1. Thanks! ©¿©¬
  5. Uncle JayBee tightened me up and Terrible Ts expedited its arrival in Florida. Now headed to a Florida bypass with glennk721 who promises ... stick a thousand needles in his eye PROMISES ... to forward it to claud4 next. Thanks GBOTS for the fun! ©¿©¬
  6. Public web servers get hacked, at least in part, because they're running old, outdated, unpatched software with exploitable vulnerabilities. The same thing happens to your home PC when you don't install the most recent updates. Granted, default usernames and weak passwords also increase vulnerability, but my guess is these guys go after boxes with well known, published 'sploits. And you're not alone. Looks like they've hacked dozens of sites. The number of web sites being compromised and used for phishing and/or dropping malware is increasing, and most times the owner of the site is unaware it's happening. More likely, in this case, script kiddies are simply defacing web sites. I could speculate as to why, but it might violate forum guidelines. Let's hope you have a good backup and that your system and network resources can get your group's web site restored ... but not before locking down the server. I expect those responsible for your site's security will be more vigilant going forward. ©¿©¬
  7. ... who anxiously awaits its arrival. ©¿©¬
  8. And I still need activation info for Rokop. ©¿©¬
  9. Need activation code for "Cache me - if you can" Rokop wall-climbing lizard. GE prefix. Received it as a trade in a Geocoin Club flip. No luck there. Was activation code included with coin when shipped? ©¿©¬
  10. The nut don't fall too far from the tree. ©¿©¬
  11. Dutch Micro 4/17 Team MYTH 4/17 Texas 4/21 Packman 4/26 Others fewer than 30 days including: Poffer... Dutch pancakes 5/18 Great Reward 5/22 Utah 5/28 Mandollyn 5/28 Still others too soon to mention ... ©¿©¬
  12. Agree the sign(s) looks broken. The double-point perspective effect looks really cool, but the intersecting signs look incomplete -- "broken" as pdxmm said. The signs don't seem to disappear into the surface, rather look like they're cut off. Also agree you'll be happier if you get 'em made the way you want 'em and that it is a sweet design. ©¿©¬
  13. Both Sweet Lake City and Walpurgis were made for night events. ©¿©¬
  14. SKS? AK? Mini-14? Load data? Distance? Open sights or optics? We need to know these things. ©¿©¬
  15. Pass. Not finding enough caches with your old one ... or did you drop it down a well? Besides, where can you get a GPSMAP® 60CSx for $250? ©¿©¬
  16. I like it ... including the Premium/Charter member provision and a separate tab on the profile page. I presume multiple finds of the same cacher will be against the guidelines. Will code be written to prevent it? As far as goofy tasks ... well, that will be interesting. ©¿©¬
  17. Got 'em today. Thanks McDoodles, but you really didn't hafta spend $4.05 on postage just for me. I took 'em out an spun 'em a few times while yelling "Yee-haw!" ©¿©¬
  18. I received an email response that my order has shipped. I'll let you know when it's in hand. ©¿©¬
  19. No mail ... snail or electronic ... from McDoodles today. I sent them another email, though. ©¿©¬
  20. You've hit the nail on the head. Jeremy, Bryan, et al. approve the design, approve the icon (where applicable), and deposit money into a Groundspeak account. Tracking number assignment, activation codes and other lackey tasks (sorry Raine) are accomplished and ... Voila! ©¿©¬
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