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  1. Looks like I may be splitting these up individually. A lot of interest in the compass rose geocoin too.
  2. I haven't kept up with the geocoin world so I do not know the value of any of these coins. Here's the list: Kansas 2006 World of Geocaching 2006 Frozen Bone Cache Zone Run 1/1/2006 Texas Bluebonnet - 2006 LIGO First edition 2006 Finland 2006 Scotland Geocoin Groundspeak Volunteer Geowoodstock III - 2005 Midwest Geobash - 2005 Hides and Finds Club - 2006 European Union San Francisco - 2005 Czech 2006 Mount McKinley 2005 (Silver and Bronze) Great Britain 2005 Germany (Bronze) San Diego County- 2005 NYGO - 2005 Ohio - 2005 Colorado - 2005 South Carolina Tennessee - 2005 New Jersey Georgia - 2006 (Stone Mountian edition) Alabama (AGA) - 2005 Nevada Washington - 2004 NCGO - 2006 Michigan (MIGO) Delaware - 2005 Wisconsin - 2005 Pennsylvania - 2005 New Mexico - 2005 Texas (2 Coins) Maryland (MGS) - 2005 Iowa - 2005 Personal Coins "PAWS"itraction Compass Rose Screw Geocoin Wildwood Bob and the Moose 2Bugs - 2005 Arlsdaddy Squealy's First Find The Proffens Dhenninger Sir Gerald / Lady Leann Bikini Bottom Feeders Geocoin Club Coins Aug 2005 Oct 2005 Nov 2005 Dec 2005 Jan 2006 Feb 2006 Mar 2006 Apr 2006 May 2006 Jun 2006 Jul 2006
  3. I haven't been geocaching for quite some time, and while we were cleaning out our house I came across what was left of my geocoin collection I had. Most of these coins are activated coins that I kept because 3-4 years ago it was hard to transfer ownership. If you want to know what I have, just check my profile and click on my travel items. Link here.. I would like to sale these as a set and not split them up if possible. We are packing up and moving and things may be a little too hectic to try to ship out individual coins, but it may come to that. I may need to do more research on these coins, but no time.
  4. I have 2 trackable coins left after a couple of backouts, so if you are interested send me an email.
  5. All trackable coins have been spoken for. Most are paid for and there are a few pending, if they stay pending for a couple more days I will email the next on the list. Thanks again everyone and I have a ton more non-trackable. I also found a box of my activated geocoins and I remember talking to someone who wanted to buy them and adopt them, if he reads this, hopefully he can contact me again as I have accidentally deleted his email.
  6. Ok, seems like quite a bit of interest. I have received several emails as well. To cover packing and shipping and such, let's say $12 for the trackable coins and $5 for the non-trackable. If you have already sent an email, just send another one saying if you want one or not. Payment info will be sent once emails arrive. Only 24 trackable coins available then they are all gone, and several non-trackable available. As a note, the non-trackable are identical to the trackable, but the codes were messed up by the coin manufacturer and they re-made the coins for me and said that I could keep the ones that were messed up. So I removed the erroneous codes from the bad batch of coins with my Dremel.
  7. As some already know, I sold most of my collection last year due to personal reasons and since then I have not collected any geocoins. So right now, I will not be trading for other coins, thanks.
  8. I was going through some old geocaching stuff and came across some Kilted Cacher Geocoins that I had made in 2005. I have 24 trackable coins left (non-activated) and quite a few non-trackable ones as well (same coin, but no code). Thought I would drop a post to judge interest.
  9. Sounds like fun out there in Sunny California! Wish I could make it!
  10. Yes, it is both lists. Be sure to select 'View All' to see all the coins.
  11. Alright, I haven't received any serious offers for the entire collection, and since some of the coins are non-trackable on gc.com I will be unable to sell them here in the forums individually, so that leaves me with trying to find different options. Let me start with taking email (not forum post or PM) offers for coins starting now, for 24 hours. Best offer gets the coins they want, same offer will go by time-stamp of the email. Certain coins will be sold in a set. Don't worry if you do not get a reply immediately, I will be getting a lot of emails and it will take time to go through them. People are wondering why I am selling them. As you know, I was heavily into the coin collecting until this past January, when some problems came up and I had to quit buying coins. The decision to sell the coins was a very tough one, but a necessary one to help pay for some unexpected medical costs that have been collected up over the last few months. Thank you all for the help.
  12. Just to clarify it's both the available and keeping list on the tracking site, so be sure to view all.
  13. Okay, I updated my geocoin list a little better. It's really tough with so many coins, so it might not be perfect. I still would like to sell the entire collection as one lot, but I may be selling them individually in the next day or so. When that happens, I let everyone know here in the forums and then I will take every 'reasonable' offer for any coins that I have with some exceptions (i.e. Geocoinclub coins will be sold as a 12 month set to include both Sept 05 editions). Please no offers before I ask for them, and if you want to buy your coin back, make an offer and hope no one else beats it.
  14. Apparantly there is a lot of interest from the PMs and emails I have received. Now, I will work on creating a final list of coins and possible price. If I decide to sell them individually, I will let everyone here know, but please, no more emails requesting certain coins, I have been bombarded with emails about individual coins.
  15. I haven't been in on the coin collecting for a little while due to work and other matters, but now I am back to see about the possibilty of selling my coin collection. If there is quite a bit of interest, I will update my list of coins in my sig. All coins will be unregistered coins. This is just to see if there is an interest or not, don't know how people feel about buying an entire collection.
  16. The other two editions were 500 each and sold out within a day or two. This time they are not selling as well, so I may have to limit the coins to 200 or 250 for this edition and if that's the case then this will be the last coin in this series without making a 4th and final coin. The plan was to have 4 coins in the series and all those who ordered all four coins would get a 'special' 5th coin that would be given to only those who personally ordered all 4 coins from me. Now, it looks like that will not happen.
  17. Yes, a new icon has been created and should be in place soon. Here is the design which was taken from the first coin in the series (Christmas Geocoin). Also, if you noticed, the title of the coins has been changed from 'HC Geocoins' to 'Holiday Coin Geocoins'.
  18. The Memorial Day 2006 Geocoin is now available for ordering. The coin is trackable on gc.com and is the 3rd coin out of 4 in the Holiday Coin Series (prefix HC). Order Here
  19. Here is the artwork for the third Holiday Coin (Approved by Groundspeak). If you are ordering Internationally, there is a separate 'product' called International Shipping that has to be added to your order. You can order here: CacheCoins
  20. It's been a while since the last coin (Groundhog Day), but here is the 3rd installment in the series of 4 coins. I do not have the final artwork as of yet, but when I do I will post the ordering info here. As with all the other coins, they are trackable on gc.com with a prefix of HC (Holiday Coin), pending approval from Groundspeak on the final design. Also, if you ordered the Groundhog Day Geocoin, then you already know where to order the coins again, if you want to get a jump on it. I just felt that since I don't have the final artwork, that I wouldn't post the ordering info.
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