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  1. Please visit all of the pinned threads at the top of the geocoin forums, this one first: Coin tracking policy
  2. Post a note to the cache page, scroll down, select the travel bug, then submit.
  3. This sounds more like a website question, than a trackable question, so yes, I am moving this thread to the website forum.
  4. Closed at the OP's request.
  5. Moving to the geocoin forums. No sales are allowed in the travel bug forums.
  6. You're going to have to send it out in a cache of you want it to start traveling.
  7. This is a great tribute. Just remember that once you let it out in the wild, it could disappear, so if this piece is valuable to you, perhaps a copy of some kind could be used. Something to consider. Happy caching!
  8. It looks ready to go. And yes, don't give out the secret tracking number to anyone who has not seen it, or moved it, use the number you posted.
  9. If you were able to register it, it was probably left as "swag" and it was meant to be kept by whoever traded for it. Remember, trade up, trade even, or don't trade at all. If not, it might be hard to find out who put it there, unless there is mention of it in the logs on the cache page, in which case you could email, or message them through their profile page and ask if they left it unregistered on purpose. Some people have not, when they wished they had, but didn't know, so it is nice to ask, but it's also mire rare than someone leaving it as swag. Do you have a link to the cache page? You can message it to me, if you'd like me to research what I can. Or you can research it. Up to you.
  10. If nobody replies to you, grab it from current holder. Especially if a lot of time has passed. You can visit it through the cache it was in, if you wish, to add those miles and that history to it, by writing a note and using the drop down menu before submitting the log.
  11. You can buy one travel bug on geocaching.com and use the number. Hang on to the tag if your trackable ever goes missing for a long period of time, and use it again. Just know that I have seen a Travel Bug come back after 11 years.
  12. Closed at the OP'S request. New thread to be started.
  13. Please remember that commercial promotions are not allowed in the Travel Bug forums. Some posts have been edited or removed. Thank you, Eartha Groundspeak Volunteer
  14. Two months was way long enough to wait to grab it and drop it. You did just fine. Delete the annoyed email, forget all about it, and go find some more caches. Have fun! This is a game, not a competition. Unless you want it to be, but most cachers are playing for themselves.
  15. Moving to the proper forum.
  16. When you check a cache for a trackable, look how recent the logs are. The latest ones have the most chance of being there. Also, read the last bunch of logs, people sometimes report that they are not there, but they don't get marked as missing. Any reviewer, or I can mark trackables missing, if the cache owner or trackable owner fails to do so in a timely manner. One only needs to send a link for the missing trackable.
  17. TB owners and Cache owners have had the option to mark their TBs missing for some time now, which did away with the cemetery caches. Any reviewer, or I, can mark them missing upon request. Send the link for the missing TB along with your request.
  18. This thread is not about anything on the geocaching.com website, so I am closing it.
  19. Wow. It's really hard to say what happened to your travel bug. It was dropped into a cache that was an ammo can in Aug, 2015. It wasn't until July 2016 that cachers reported the ammo can missing. So anyone could have moved it and not ever logs in a timely manner, or at all. This is one of those TBs that could reappear at any time. Or not. You can release a copy if you wish. Search these forums for "proxy". Or, you may have a copy tag.
  20. Please note that if you delete any logs from anyone that helped to move it, or even discovered it, you might have a few people upset over losing the credit for the move. You may get emails asking why you did that.
  21. Let's also celebrate the fact that they have rediscovered geocaching as a family. Life happens. Very happy that this TB is back in action. The longest TB absence that I'm aware of was 11 years, for one named Old Bet.
  22. Please keep comments in accordance with the forum guidelines. No mudslinging allowed. Thank you.
  23. Title updated at the OP'S request.
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