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  1. Well, some years ago I hit a cache page by ic-nevadamike, GC37D1, Pandora's Box. This is a cache in the desert. The first stage is in a cave. Not easy to get too. I know, I have tried 2 times so far. The music to this cache page was very creative. It is too bad it has been removed from his page. I have always wanted to complete the cache. It is still on my "To Do " list. A "Top Notch" top quality cache page. I think music would add to the creativity of the page and caches in the future. HOWEVER: I can see where it would be annoying on Guard Rail micros in the city. Or all Dash N Cache ~ Caches. I would not like that either. No music on micros or city caches. Ever. :>)
  2. A few years ago there were some cache page listings that had a song linked to the cache listing page. I liked them a lot. I think it would be great to have some background music linked to the cache listing. For example, have some Dancing With Wolves music with my Wolf Wilderness Caches. I would like Groundspeak look into it as a new optional cache listing possiblility. It would add to the fun.
  3. Nice coins. Email sent for one of each. Thanks.
  4. Here. Thanks Bunya! It worked. I searched over a hour and couldn't find that site. Thanks again! TreePlanter
  5. Need the activation site for the Luxembourg Coin. 2006 LX Prefix.
  6. Thanks! That code worked great! Answer in 3 min.!! Very quick for sure! Thanks again!
  7. Where do you get the activation codes for the new Micro Idaho Cachers 2007 Geocoin? It has the ID prefix.
  8. I ordered some. I like this coin. Kealia- have you ever thought of changing your picture? It is so yucky.
  9. Email sent for a Ten Pack. I will give some free ones out at my Harrison, Michigan event.
  10. I wouldn't put out any coin replicas. I have placed 18 coins out in Michigan caches. So far 7 have gone missing. I had 3 go missing all in one weekend (all at different caches) . It is too bad coins don't last longer out there.
  11. At least you received yours. I am still waiting for my five coins and it is March 1st. Anyone else have a shortage with the Coin Club??
  12. Any News on Cache The Fever Coin ship date??? Orders were placed Nov. 28th. Pay Pal email is no longer valid. Yikes.
  13. I'll collect a whole set. I have hiked it in six spots.
  14. Icon?? is it special?? or just an average old cent sign???? Post it.
  15. Well worth it. The coins are the best designed around. AAA+++
  16. Great Tree Icon. Ordered 5. PayPal
  17. Number 2 new Icon for me. I'll take three with number 2 new icon. (Metal #1 finish #3) For sure.
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