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  1. I feel it is justified to add one opinion of my own. I have done several caching events where we team up with others for said event and create a "TEAM NAME" to sign the logs. the last event I participated in I met up with another team that is over 100 miles from us, and we worked together as "Team Lost In The Woods" signed most of the logs as TLITW to save time as it was a TIMED EVENT. I am glad they had fun and if they were to ever come to my home area I would happily help them with another numbers run, it looks like alot of fun to me.
  2. Victor1, I have three sets of Travelbug dogtags if you would like them. I will sell them to you at whatever the cost is on GC.COM. I will also email you this answer.
  3. As far as I am aware there is no state org. here in Ohio but the folks down in the central Ohio Geocahers (COG) work with people from all over the state (as far as I know) to produce the OHIO coin. Which would be an example of what Renegade thinks should happen. I thought the coin looked great personally.
  4. I too use the foam like Dancingfoll mentioned and it works great!!
  5. I have seen a 16 pc set (8containers and 8 lids) for $19.99 at super kmart. A local cachers told me he got the same set for $17.99 at tops. I don't know if that helps you, but that's all I can offer.
  6. personally I would rather buy the three coin set, receiving the two silvers first and after caching one of them then receive the gold. if going that route limit it one set per cacher and do something like 500 silver and 250 gold to keep the 2:1 ratio in place but thats just my $ .02 worth. tannerz05 Posted: Jan 28 2006, 12:08 PM Geocacher Posts: 10 Joined: 15-January 06 as ParentsofSAM assumed, the 3 coin set would have to be around 15.00. I did think about that before, but with all of the reading around here about the ever increasing cost of coins, I thought 15 was a bit steep... what would some of you guess the number on 3 coin purchasers? 150? 250? thanks for the input.. Bill $15 for three coins well actually two wouldn't be horrible as that would be $7.50 apeice plus shipping.
  7. LOL Yime. . . ever think about stand up LOL
  8. My coins came with the codes stuck to the sleeve.
  9. not only have I seen one but I have one in my collection. I traded it with the owner for one of my wooden nickels, then later traded one of my mom keychains for their poker chip too. very nice group of people and it was their son that did the trading . . . . with me at least. I met The Moops at a christmas event we had here in december.
  10. 1 Yosemite 1 LE silver love geocoin (keeping) 2 gold love geocoins (will trade) 3 MNGCA coins (will trade 2)
  11. Never thought of it that way. Good call!!!!!
  12. I too activate one of every trackable coin that I get and share them with locals at events. I have found that a binder full of coins is a great ice breaker/conversation starter. Since I am not the most outspoken socialable person (read shy) it works out good.
  13. due to being in a car accident yesterday I forgot to post what I have received lately so here it goes: 1 Moun10bike V3 (very cool indeed) Plus one of his pins and wooden nickels 1 SirGerald (plus a couple of his poker chips) 1 NH Geobear wooden nickel 2 KS coins (silver or pewter??)
  14. some of my friends get mad when we are going places cuz I will point out every cemetary/city park that has a cache in it, and then tell tehm what kind it was.
  15. My question would be: In bullet number five sentence two it says we need permission to post a link for coin trading?? So does that mean we can no longer have a link in our sig line to direct people to a list of what we have for trades and/or are seeking??
  16. this is what my reservation notice said: Reserve your 2006 Compass Rose Geocoin now! This is NOT a pre-sale! This is a chance to reserve your 2006 Compass Rose geocoin. The 2006 Compass Rose Geocoin is expected to begin shipping mid to late February. Visit the link below for more information: http://www.usageocoins.com/compassrose.htm Once again, this is NOT a pre sale and no money will be collected. Once the 2006 Compass Rose geocoins are in stock those people on the reservation list will receive a paypal invoice from Web Services Plus LLC. Thank you, Web Services Plus LLC I dont know if that helps but thats all I know, and yes I did send in my reservation.
  17. All I can tell you is that Nereus is from greek mythology. If my memory serves me right he had something to do with the "sea/ocean" before Poseidon. I will email with more of an idea.
  18. I too would be interested in trading personal oicns with you. Email on its way.
  19. I just package them like normal coins and attache the customs form (which I sign in front of the postal worker) and it has only cost me 90 cents each time I have done that.
  20. I too would be interested in a trade for my personal coin.
  21. Sent in an order for one of each. Very nice coin.
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