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  1. I think your wife is innocent this time. The Diabetes coins should already be activated.
  2. It looks like there are only 4 Illinois caches within .5 miles of I-64, and none of them are at a rest area. They are: GCH469 GCKRVK GCWY3D GCZT5R
  3. The last digit of the coin you found is a zero not the letter O. As Coreynjoey said you should delete the TB number from your post or that coin will be getting a lot of virtual logs.
  4. I'll get a Georgia Peach, Worker of Wood, Yosemite and gold Delaware out in mail tomorrow.
  5. Thanks for telling me I had a PM from you...I never knew that feature existed! I found messages dating back from August that I never answered! You have another PM
  6. My coin collecting craze days are behind me and I'm thinking about dumping my extras on that forbidden place and putting some in a few caches I have planned. I'll still be buying some to add to my collection, but not at the pace I had been. Anyhow, before getting rid of my extras, I'd like to take a stab at getting a FTF dance and ROT-13. I haven't bought many lately and don't have any of the latest hard to find coins, but I believe this is an accurate list of the extras I have available. Let me know if you see anything that interests you. Alabama 2005 Canine Cachers 1st & 2nd Ed. Crop Circles Dutch Geocoin Addicts Anonymous Geocoin Addicts Anonymous LE Iowa Illinois (coming soon) Maine Maryland Mt Everest (silver or is it pewter?) Mt Mckinley New Jersey OIFGA (silver) San Diego San Francisco South Africa South Carolina (coming soon?) Sunshinegang 2006 (gold) United Kingdom Yosemite Wyoming (coming soon?)
  7. His master list says the codes for the Big Bear were on the sleeve of the coin. Mine were not. I figured I had to go to one of the other sites to get the acrtivation code for them. I traded for a Big Bear coin and had the same problem of not having the activation code. I emailed Tandemaniacs and Ronney responded that the code should have been on the sleeve. I just figured the person I traded with had taken it off. Ronney kept a list of all the codes, so if you send her your tracking numbers she should be able to give you the activation codes. Edited to spell Tandemaniacs correctly.
  8. I put a Boys of Ladycacher as a FTF prize in this cache. I have a Maryland coin ready to go as another FTF prize. Hopefully I can get the land managers to approve that cache before the drawing.
  9. I received my coins today. I'll be dropping the "Illinois " Delaware coin in a cache tomorrow or Monday.
  10. UK and EU are both here: http://www.gccoins.com/2active.php Seven Summits Mt. McKinley Seven Summits Mt. Everest nielsenc 2005 Christmas nielsenc 2005 Thanksgiving nielsenc 2005 Caching Around the World http://www.oakcoins.com/activate.html
  11. I screwed up and scheduled trades for both of the NY coins I have coming. Does anyone have an extra? I'm also still looking for a lighthouse. My current (or soon to be) traders: Alaska (bronze) Canine Cachers 1st & 2nd Ed GA Stone Mountain Geocoin Addicts Anonymous Iowa Joelmart Maine Maryland Mt Everest (LE pewter) New Jersey OIFGA (silver) for HTF only PCfrog San Francisco Screw Geocoins(bronze) South Africa South Carolina Tennessee (silver) United Kingdom
  12. It's pretty amazing how quickly (9 and 18 secs) you and stbk were able to decode the phrase after uncovering the last piece.
  13. I'd like to purchase 1 of each please.
  14. I'm looking for a Lighthouse and Oklahoma. I have (or soon will) the following to trade: Alaska (bronze) Boys of LadyCacher Canine Cachers GA Stone Mountain Geocoin Addicts Anonymous Iowa Joelmart Maine Maryland Mt Everest (silver) New Jersey NWPA Keystone OIFGA (silver) Ontario (silver) PCfrog San Francisco South Africa South Carolina Tennessee (silver) United Kingdom WildwoodBob
  15. I guess it can't hurt to get on the wait list, but I'm sure there isn't much chance of getting one that way. Anybody want to trade? I have an extra silver Ontario coming and still have an unactivated LE silver Tennessee. All of my trade coins are on the list in my signature line.
  16. Wow, thanks for all those numbers. Two things, though. Which year of Oregon is that, and were there really only 300 South Africa coins made? I thought there were a lot more, including a second minting. The list is up to date again. Keep 'em coming! There were 600 South Africa coins minted. The count total for the first batch of 300 is posted in the last note of page 2 in this thread. The 2nd batch of 300 is talked about on page 6 or 7.
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