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  1. So I took a long time to design, contemplate my life choices and then used all the tools at my disposal to relax and review my creation. (Lavender, shopping with girlfriend, long walks on the beach, quiet music, journaling, working on the house/geomobile, pets and animals, Minecraft(R), headache pills and chaser...) I do hope you like it, please forgive any irregularities or not. Sincerely, Corey aka MrCOgeo PS This was after a few more "newbie" geocaches that are obviously very well thought out... If I am being too cynical or facetious please feel free to ignore and go find a geocache. ;-) LOL Can you find the hidden Mickey and geocoin? Hmmmm?
  2. Any geocachers out there know of a regular Zoom meeting I can participate in? I have a muggle interested in geocaching that might want to join and get active, but is within COVID vulnerable population and still a bit hesitant soooo, at least fellow geocachers talking about their experiences could help ease anxiety and release back in to the wild blue yonder.
  3. I was able to get that one and only one in Firefox to... but you are you. I wont take that away from you. ;-)
  4. GET https://www.geocaching.com/play/souvenircampaign/x 404 (Not Found) x:1 In developer tools found this as repeatable I am shotgunning a possibility, I am no expert. Thank God! I leave that up to news drama and theater corporation.
  5. Thanks it's a bug as a user I am reporting. But it's nice to know I am number one! LOL (or not the only 1) ROFLOL Corey aka MrCOgeo
  6. Multiple browsers : Chrome and Firefox Windows 10 Click and enter it URL repeatable across last half or so screenshot attached Thanks again all you lackey types, Corey aka MrCOgeo
  7. OK Looks fixed, good on my end anyway, as of now. Thanks again Groundspeak lackeys all
  8. Reproducible over a few minutes now Windows 10 Chrome and Firefox website Reference error 500 link trying to access https://www.geocaching.com/account/dashboard
  9. Completed my first Wherigo ™ geocache on a Dell ™ PPC with a Socket ™ BlueTooth GPStxvr...very interesting!!!
  10. With all disclaimers about "...feature requests..." and "...forward looking statements...", are any Geo-IP functionality (also Loki/Skyhook perhaps?...) part of this official release? It looks to be switched back on, I like It and the locs. are accurate for my use. Also I've been noticing new HTTP requests/cookie etc... No big deal at all, I just didn't see it mention in this most recent Release Notes (Nov 13 2008 v1.0) Edited2: To add services clarification...
  11. Good point Rev Mike, might want to try: http://snipurl.com/5bybm for "direct" link to webcam in question. And direct link to image: www2.comune.venezia.it/webCamSnf/imgsnf_00001.jpg PS: I have NO affiliation with any of the sites mentioned, all is accessed at own risk. Edited: Added another reference.
  12. I have my home page set up with two tabs on internet explorer. ... Now if I can figure out how to automaticly bring it up at a user defined zoom level my lazy bone would be very happy The URL flag is apparently: ...&zm=#... So a quick URL snippet for example, www.geocaching.com/map/default.aspx?lat=38.81888&lng=-104.88888&zm=14 works on my end for a user defined zoom. Edited: For clarification/examples...
  13. Good site suggestion, and how about some your favorite search engine (a.k.a. SearchengineFu), as a "workaround"? For one example, Google allows advanced operators such as site:, allintitle: etc... References: Complete List of Google Advance Operators: http://www.google.com/help/operators.html One example using a such a search : A Colorado geocache by Greasepot called QZs Dutch Oven Chicken Pot Pie http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?wp=GC1DYMN Now how about a power search that supports "geoRegEx" natively?...;-)
  14. MrCOgeo


    That's about what I thought. But those links are redirected directly to forums.Groundspeak.com or forums.Groundspeak.com/gc therefore bypassing the 'register' page. ... Good point, as of now the "Register Your Avatar Changes" URLs are redirecting to the Groundspeak Forums directly. And to retract my last observation, my avatar has not updated in the Forum as this posting either... I too lend my hope (and actually somehow knowing...) They are working on it.
  15. MrCOgeo


    I still have it (from: Choose My Avatar - hxxp: / / www.geocaching.com/my/avatar.aspx?guid=###...) as: http://www.geocaching.com/forums/register.aspx and (from: the left hand side navigation bar - Getting Started, Hide & Seek a Cache, etc...) I have it as: http://www.geocaching.com/forums/ Plus my Avatar changes have been confirmed as of now but I did log-out, cleared cookies/cache, and then log-in back in, but no strong trace backs exist as to that being an actual solution. Edited: Munged a descriptive URL
  16. When editing a bookmark list, there is a current option to "Notify me when items on this list are logged" Reference: My Account > Manage Bookmarks I've used this customizable option in bookmarks to set up lists I want notifications, those I don't and "tally" lists for various record keeping needs.
  17. It was on the final log entry made by the cache owner before it was disabled. All that is written it "WIJG" Who/What/Where/When/WhyIs John Galt? (But here's me shrugging, and they still call me Atlas to this day...;-)
  18. Our statewide group in Colorado is Geocaching Colorado (GCCO): It's the best geocaching group because we are focused on the openness and community ideals of geocaching. We allow everybody to share and learn through online resources and numerous fun and productive gatherings. In contribution to geocaching, Geocaching Colorado members have and continue to give of their enjoyment, experiences, time, money for our geo-avocation to people, parks and public spaces for the good of geocaching everywhere. Informally started by a group of concerned geocachers and open to all, striving onward by many intrepid member geocachers of this state and beyond. Enjoy, educate and experience geocaching in our colorful state of Colorado and Geocaching Colorado is there for you. Plus from my personal perspective, our geocaching group encourages and allows the individual to contribute to our community avocation in love of the game plus the lands that we revel on. For Colorado geocaching is more than a single ideal or activity but an overall enjoyable friendly experience that allows one to participate in exploring this structure we call existence. From one to many and all for the people… Corey MrCOgeo, A Proud Founding Member of GCCO
  19. Thank you for all the work you have done and welcome home!
  20. For McAfee users specifically as well, I'd also suggest updating your DAT (database files) immediately. McAfee has had some false positives specifically addressed in later DAT releases, =>#5198. Reference(s): SANS - isc.sans.org : http://isc.sans.org/diary.html?storyid=3803 VirusTotal - virustotal.com : http://www.virustotal.com/analisis/18aae9c...d55a90ff1c52949 Provided as is, choose to use or not use any information at your own risk! Edited: Quick notation addition...
  21. Let's see, there's OpinionNate's, The Groundspeak ServiceMan of the Century, graph: Or how about netcraft.com : "What's That Site Running...": Or even Alexa.com services?... I am not affiliated with any of these reporting websites nor do I hold much relevance without further investigating. Data consumer beware, but those graphs sure are pretty...
  22. Not as of this posting,but a "free" privacy-conscience website accessible from the vast majority of browsers is http://orangoo.com/spell/
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