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San Francisco Geocoin 2005

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Southbayday here: - Status Update


I am working on pricing and should have it set by the middle of next week and also have palpal set up.


I have all requests and changes tracked to this point. There are orders for about 450 coins at this point. As I see it right now the cutoff will be in the neighborhood of 500-575 coins. I will put my list up in the next couple of days to make sure I didn't miss anyone or overcount anyone.


Thanks for the interest.

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They are a personal coin. They will be trackable

Not trying to stir the pot....but if this is a personal coin why isn't your name on it instead of San Francisco - The Golden Gate City?


Why not replace that with your name?? That way you're not representing anything but yourself (intended or not).

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Southbayday here


Done taking preOrders. I will post my list in the next couple of days. If you have posted a preorder here or e-mailed me before 5:30 am PDT You should be on my list. The total run will be in the neighborhood of 600 coins.


I will open a wait list though, if any one cares.

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Looking forward to the list (since I know I should be on it!) and to info on when the coins will be completed. I asked for 2 (one for me and one to trade) and have already arranged to trade the second coin for one of my most coveted coins! I'm new to collecting (and pretty new to caching as well) but I do like the coins. There are just so many of them I want!

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