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  1. Hi guys, ok Swasiland, Lesotho or Mosambik sounds like a challenge, so i have decide to book a flight to Capetown looking for penguins, table mountain and Cape of Good Hope. Friday morning 19.oct. I will be back at Johannesburg, so if anybody want to do a meet and greet for me on afternoon so lets go. I think i stay around randburg, but i have a car so theres no problem to visit a Great Barbecue, that would be great. Cache on darthi from germany
  2. maybe some guys, small group 2-4 people can organize a caching Tour to Swasiland with 2-5 finds and Mosambik 2-5 finds and back to Johannesbourg, that would be great. guys Cache on darthi from germany
  3. Hi guys, iam at Johannesburg area from 17-20 october so a Event would be great, please contact me if everybody want to organize this for further informations, because i Travel around this 4 days, maybe Friday is a Great Day or saturday. Know anybody if is possible by rental Car, Travel to Swasiland, Mosambik and back to South Afrika? I habe planed this Trip for wednesday to thursday if possible!! Everybody on Board to Travel together? guys Cache on darthi from germany
  4. Hola, 6 Continents 55 countries - darthi from germany
  5. Hi SA Guys, i will travel to Johannesburg in September, so i want to find some Caches there. I have some days to spend for geocaching or a meet and greet Event with local cachers. ( wednesday-friday) You are interested to caching around with me, i prefer to caching the power Trail northwest of Johannesburg or much better caching at Lesotho and Swasiland, because i collect states for caching - If anybody interested please let me know and post your ideas there thanks alot Roland aka darth_maul_3 from Germany
  6. Hola from Germany, i agree with The_Warrior i also spend alot ot money for coins ( darthi1 + darthi2 series ) if i spend one to special friends, i also activate the coin, so anybody can´t make profit with MY COIN that´s it so long darthi
  7. Hmmmmmmmmmm maybe you know me, and send me one Darth Vadar is a good friend from me. darthi from germany
  8. Woooow great coin, DARTH VADAR, a really good friend of me darthi from germany
  9. Congratulations minz, i like this coin very much, maybe the Cache Reaper visit also a cache near my area darthi from germany
  10. Hi Guys, i´m looking for a Project A.P.E. Coin in Gold! i will offer a darthi V2 coin if anybody want to trade new and unactivated should be both! Let me know if anybody interest on a trade Please contact me via my GC Account, thanks Roland aka darth_maul_3 from Germany @: See you all at GW VII at Bell Buckle Tennessee
  11. Hi guys, if everybody want to trade a The Project A.P.E. Coin ( prefer gold ) http://www.tsqtx.com/apecoin/ for a darthi coin V2 so let me know. first come first serve darthi from germany
  12. Hi UK Guys, i will travel from Germany to UK for one day. My flight plan is: OUT From Karlsruhe-Baden (FKB) to London Stansted (STN) Wed, 01Apr09 Flight FR9773 Depart FKB at 09:55 and arrive STN at 10:25 BACK From London Stansted (STN) to Karlsruhe-Baden (FKB) Thu, 02Apr09 Flight FR9772 Depart STN at 07:00 and arrive FKB at 09:30 I must going to Sandwich to meet a guy for 20 minutes, after that i want going back to the Stansted area in a hotel maybe. If anybody have fun to cache overnight with me, i will not book a hostel, so we can caching until 02Apr09 a.m 04:00, at 7:00 am my flight go back from Stansted to germany. If anybody interested to cache overnight with me so let me know for details I´m sure we can have alot of fun. Roland aka darth_maul_3 from germany
  13. Hi, great that alot of people interested at my darthi coins, if possible i will meet the winners at GW VII, that would be great. see you darthi from Germany
  14. Hi, if someone want to trade a GW5 coin for one of my darthi ( darth_maul_3 ) geocoins so let me know, i also interested at a GW5 Volunteer Coin for a bunch of darthi coins someone interested ???????? Please PM via GC thanks alot Roland aka darth_maul_3 from Germany
  15. Hi, i would trade a DARTHI DARK COIN V.2 shiny silver, gold, antique silver or bronze for a Compass Rose two tone everybody interst to trade ????? darth_maul_3
  16. Hi, i have a look for a two tone Compass Rose 2007 Coin ??, maybe i would trade a darthi coin V.2 :-) darth_maul_3
  17. Thanks Tervas for you help, hope we can do a Event there darthi from Germany
  18. Hi, i have no login for this forum, is it possible for you, you write a note for me with my e-mail adress for reply´s ?? answers please to: geocacher@gmx.de Thanks Roland from Germany ( Maybe you can use my text )
  19. Hi, have everybody the URL from the local Schwedish Forum ????? Let me know thanks Roland from Germany
  20. darthi´s dark coin 100% for charity http://cgi.ebay.de/Geocoin-darthi-s-dark-C...1QQcmdZViewItem only 30 made from this coin, and not for sell all the time. darthi
  21. EVENT IN STOCKHOLM AT FEBRUARY 17 Hi everybody, I and three other cachers from Germany are planing a trip to Stockholm at February next year, we arrive at 15 and leave on 18. Last time where we travel for caching to London we plan a Event to meet fellow cachers and hear there stories. Just have a look http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...79-a1d7777f11af Can someone tell us a location the koords and check a reservation for us, so i can post a event two month before we come, is this possible for someone ?? to do this for us, let me know if you can help us please contact me at geocacher@gmx.de thanks Roland from Germany
  22. Hi, i will be there with some other german cachers, i will bring a handful brandnew darthi´s dark coins V2 for trade for other personal trackable coins i don´t have. Hope you see you in Dallas soon darthi
  23. That´s a great coin. i would like to trade a LE antique silver and a golden one for two different from this one if you like ??? http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.as...74-a672ececd0c3 let me know via PM darthi
  24. I´m seeking following coins: Jeep'en Jumpers Geocoins Mississippi coin English Egg coin both i offer: Coin Trade List: * Maryland * Ohio * New Jersey * Tennessee * Michigan * New Mexico * Christmas 2005 ( Killted Cacher Prefix HC???? ) * UK- Coin 2005 * Mount Mc Kinley Bronze * Pennsylvania Bronze * Iowa * Compassrose Coin 2005 * New York * Coin A Hand * New Jersey * EU-Coins * New Mexico * Big Bear, CA coin * 2006 Georgia Stone Mountain Geocoin * Screw Geocoins * Cachehunters42 * Minz Coin Bronze * Aerohound coin * Gypsy Geocoin * Dutch Geocoin * Ontario Bronze * World of Geocaching V.2 * Kansas Gold * Not another Micro Black * Not another Micro camouflage color * Grand Canyon Traveling Viking Wildwood Bob and the Mouse UTAH 2005 Texas Forth Worth 2005 SON OF CYCLOPS Fire Elemental Silver Fire Elemental Bronze For the right offer: * CC Club August FTF Dance Coin ( SPEZIAL TRADE ) * CC Club September 2005 Selective Availible green ring Globus Coin * CC Club Oktober 2005 Ammo Box ( SPEZIAL TRADE ) * CC Club November 2005 Benchmark ( SPEZIAL TRADE ) * CC Club Dezember 2005 Winter Wind * CC Club Januar Rot13 * Colorado ( SPEZIAL TRADE ) * Geowoodstock III ( SPEZIAL TRADE ) * Midwest Geobash( SPEZIAL TRADE ) * Georgia Peach Coin LE ( SPEZIAL TRADE ) * Pennsylvania Gold LE * Mount Mc Kinley Silver LE * Ontario Silber LE ( SPEZIAL TRADE ) * MINZ Coin Silver LE * Darthi´s dark coin V.1 bronze LE * Darthi´s dark coin V.1 silver LE * Darthi´s dark coin V.1 gold LE * Darthi´s dark coin V.1 antique silver LE * = trackable at Groundspeak.COM please send PM thanks darthi
  25. Hi, i have a look for a Jeep'en Jumpers http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=347921 coin i offer a darthi dark coin V.1 or a other coins i have, contact me thanks Roland aka darth_maul_3
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