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  1. Can someone who has visited these three caches tell me how far off road they are? •Columbia River: Geology Drama •Panorama 2 •Imagine That, She Swallowed a Cat! They are a few minutes walk from the parking area but it is a long steep climb up to the parking area with a limited amount of parking available. In good weather it would not be an issue but if its wet it can be muddy.
  2. It looks like Wenatchee is going to have a cache machine. Wenatchee II, March 26, 2011 by TravisL I wanna play. I am scheduling myself off that day so that I can participate. Either as a hunter or helping the out of towners that need some guidance.(sp?) See you all there.
  3. I don't know why I go out and geocache. I go find them and then never log them. The last find that I logged was 14 Sep. I logged "Applesox" but not the 2 that are close by. I found Wild Hockey the day it was hid and Caged and havent logged them. I found some while I was in Arizon/Nevada in February and in Spokane in February. Why do I go find them and then not log them. Anyway, I need to get caught up so you will see me with about a hundred finds over the next few days. Some where found last year, some yesterday. I am going to log the ones from last year as a find for this year because I cant remember the dates from last year. Thanks for your understanding. Jon J
  4. Is anyone else from Cache-Cadia going to the WWFM III in Central Washington next Saturday? I am going to go and then come back on old Hiway 10 from Cle Elum towards Ellensburg. Does anyone want to carpool or caravan with me? The Flash Mob events are a lot of fun from what I have heard. Talk to everyone later. Blue Jay Jon
  5. Well I think my lunch up on Burch Mt. got cooked. I think that I lost at least 2 of the 3 that I have hidden up there. When the fire danger is down and they open roads I will have to take a drive up there and check out the remains of the caches. I should have given the coordinates to the borade droppers or the helicopter buckets operaters to see if they could save them from the flames. I guess they had more important things to protect than my lunch. A great job was done by the ground crews and the air crews in fighting the fire that consumed a lot of the mountain Saturday and Sunday. I went up to Panorama and watched the action from that vantage point.
  6. Good Morning Cachers. I am going to be doing a walking tour of Wenatchee Downtown Caches and Waymarks on Saturday July 7. This will start at Memorail Park doing the caches and waymarks in that area. Then South on Chelan to the museum, then down to Wenatchee Avenue to do the cache and waymarks at Millenium Plaza. Then south on Wen Ave to Kittatas street to do the old Chelan County courthouse and the Swift sign. Then North on Wen ave to the Wenatchee hotel. Then North to Palouse to see the 4 historic buildings on the corners. Then north to the fountain and the walkbridge to Riverwalk Crossing. Then up to Mission Street to the Liberty Theater signs and building. Then to the World building and up finish at Memorial Park. We could also do a lunch stop at WOK if anyone wants to do that. If anyone is interested in this walking tour let me know. We will Start at about 11. There are a few caches and a lot of Waymarks to do if anyone wants to get started in Waymarking. Jon Blue J
  7. I will gladly adopt the caches while she is in service to our country. I enjoyed the hunt when I was looking for the caches and will make sure they are maintained so that others can enjoy the hunt. Stay safe while you are in Iraq and our prayers will be with you.
  8. Just for your information..... •April 10, 2007 Wenatchee Erratics Chapter Meeting, Wenatchee, WA. Regular meeting at 7:00 p.m. at the Wenatchee Valley Museum and Cultural Center, 127 S. Mission, Wenatchee. Dr. Robert Young, Professor from UBC Okanogan at Kelowna, will present "Alternate Sources of Water for the Channeled Scablands". Dr. Young will discuss evidence of water coming from the Cordilleran Ice Sheet, melted by volcanoes beneath it. We'll also view a short video about the Odessa Ring Dikes. Information: Susan Lacy; (509) 787-9755. This should be very interesting. This speaker believes some of the water that carved out the scabland came from Canada. He has an interesting point of view on the subject. Blue J
  9. When are going to be in Vegas?? I am going to be there 4-22/25 and have done some but want to do more in the Freemont area. If you are going to be there the same time I am and want to find some let me know. I have all on the strip and some off but want a lot more. J Jon
  10. There are updates available for your GPSr for changging the units to switch over for the new DST. Changing the date daylight saving time changes is turning out to be almost like Y2K. The company I work for has had poroblems getting all our Outlook accounts to change properly. Garmin has a page setup to install the DST update and other updates for the Maps60CSx which is the unit that I use the most.http://www.garmin.com/support/collection.j...ct=010-00422-00 Good luck with updating your GPS and have fun caching with all the extra daylight we will have Sunday. Blue J Wenatchee Jon
  11. I have gotten into Poison Oak each of the last two summers and suffered from the expierience. The first year I suffered for a week before I went to the doctor. Last summer when I realized what I had I went and got the steroid shot right away. I dint find out about Technu until after the second episode but now I carry it with me. Suffering from the effects of the poison oak oil is not a fun expeience. This summer when I get it I will try the bannana and tomato cure.
  12. In last night's Wenatchee World there was a story and a picture of the Spanish Castle and a short story on the house built by the Coffin Brothers. Spanish Castle A former employ of the PUD knew the Coffin family and Stan Coffin worked for the PUD and lived int eh house before the water rose from the dam. Enteresting history of the area.
  13. Utah will be my 8th state. I want to go to Canada this spring then I can add a country to my list. Hopefully you can get the 4 states back east. I plan on using my annual leave time to its fullest this year. Have a couple of more trips in the works.
  14. I need a winter break so I am going to go to Wendover Nevada/Utah on February 20th so will get to add Utah to my map. There are a few caches in the area and a lot of Waymarks that need to be marked. Historic Wendover Airport has a lot of history as does the town of Wendover. The airport is in Utah and 1/2 a mile away is Nevada with the casinos. I think I should have picked a place that was a little warmer tho. Blue J
  15. Would you believe...........the check is in the mail??
  16. My Jet Travelbug is headed this way::: All I got to do now is convince Mr G2 that there is a new cache in Boise and maybe he will go get it for me........... Blue J
  17. Bruce is supposed give a talk and book signing at an Wenatchee Erratics meeting and when he does I will post it so that you can be here when he is here. The Wenatchee Erratics is the Wenatchee chapter of the Ice Age Flood Institute. I have been a member of the Erratcis for a long time and that is how I got started Geocaching was from a presentation of Bruces work at one of the meetings.
  18. There was a story in the Wenatchee World GO! section last night with an interview with Bruce Bjornstad of the Ice Age Flood Institute. He is doing a book signing this Saturday and will be speaking at a dinner in Leavenworth later that night. This is the man that knows and shows the features left behind by the Glacial Lake Missoula floods that carved out the part of the area that we know as Cache-Cadia and left so many fascinating area to explore and Geocache in. The link to the story is here: http://wenworld.com/sub/story.php?id=1168529987-993-766 Blue J Wenatchee Jon
  19. I was without power for about 12 hours in December, and about 24 hours on the last round. I hope that we dont lose power tonight. Its noce having a warm home to come home to.
  20. There is a company that manufactures geocoins that has small sealable bags for sale. http://www.crakephoto.com/store/geocoins.html They are 3x3 inch sealable bags. 10 bags for $1. Not sure how much shipping would be. I have ordered some. will let you know.
  21. I finally got my Maps 60CSx and have been trying to figure out its functions. I see that Jacknap got one also. It must be the GPSr of choice for the season. I had it out for a bit yesterday and it had me going in circles (calibrating the compass). So far I love it and now I need to solve a puzzle cache and give it a workout. I have cut my time at work down to 4 days a week because I am spending way too much time at the office so when all this snow melts I will out there hitting the area doing the caches I didnt get done this year. And hiding some along the way. Happy New Year to Everyone and see you in 2007. J
  22. I hereby promise to go do this cache in 2007. I was going to do a lot of the caches up in that area this year but just never got the time to do them. Next year will be different. I am adjusting my work schedule so that I can have more caching time. J
  23. Thanks OAKCOINS for a great Christmas gift with all the goodies in the package. I get an extra set for trading and took it to our Cachemas Christmas gettogether and gave it away as a present. It went pretty fast. Prying Pandora got to take it home with her. It was a great coin and accessories. Thanks very much
  24. I recomend doing Mr Gadget2s' Big Bad Wolf series. I did it today and even in the rain it was a lot of fun. Starts at 97A by some warehoses and ends up in the Trinidad area. Plotting how to get to a couple of them was interesting. Thanks to the Gadgets for the work and time that went into this cache series. Navigatorz did it at night and recomends it as a night cache. I did it during the day and rain and had fun even tho I got to the road for the fourth cache and realized that my notes had been left at the third cache which took time to go back and retrieve. Thanks again for a great cache. Blue J Wenatchee Jon
  25. http://gpsnow.com/ is the place where I buy my GPS's. They are in Nebraska but ship the same day that you order if you order before 5pm their time. They have had great service for me. They also have a lot of Garmin accessories. Jon Blue J
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