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  1. Consider me tentative for this one - schedule looks good so far and as long as that holds, I'd love to do a bit of hiking! -Krauss-McClurg
  2. You can still see the coordinates by using the compass. EDIT: I think this is a good decision for the users because normaly you are only interested in the distance and not in the coordinates. I don't mind not having the coordinates on the search results page (it makes sense to limit the data there and more results on screen) but on the cache summary page there is SO MUCH empty unused space that it seems like it should be shown there. I'll echo oestfamily's comment: about half my usage of the app is to find caches that I haven't downloaded to my GPSr and then put the coordinates into the GPSr to find the cache and the current change has me clicking (and waiting for pages to load) multiple times. Thanks -Krauss-McClurg
  3. I was one of the snowshoe noobs and many thanks to TotemLake for organizing the trip - I had a great time and I have no idea why I've waited this long to get onto a pair of snowshoes - what a blast! My trip report (track and photos) is up here - sadly there is a small chunk missing when my batteries died... Thanks again! -Krauss-McClurg
  4. I'm going to try to make the hike - there is some negotiating to do to make sure the various kid activities that day have drivers, but it is looking like I'll be able to be free... Call it 70%. I've never tried snowshoing before, but have always wanted to! -Krauss-McClurg
  5. GC1Z25D near Bellingham, WA -Krauss-McClurg
  6. Generally, I'm interested in these, but I don't check the forum every day and the family usually requires a bit more planning ahead than a few days... Since this morning is the first I've read of the hike, it is hard to commit to going tomorrow. Maybe the next one! -Krauss-McClurg
  7. Whoops - forgot to make it public after finishing the edits... It should work now. -Krauss-McClurg
  8. Since I couldn't make the new date, I decided to go do the hike yesterday solo and had a great trip! I put a track and trip report up here. After the hike, I also did a second short hike to get to my 500th find! Hope you all have fun on Halloween, hopefully I can make the next one! -Krauss-McClurg
  9. Sigh. Well, I understand the decision, but I won't be able to make the 31st... Now the only question is: do I head up there this weekend anyway. -Krauss-McClurg
  10. I could probably make sunday work if needed, but I'm fine with hiking in the rain in any case... -Krauss-McClurg
  11. Anyone know where to get activation codes for Wyoming? Thanks! -Krauss-McClurg Edit: Nevermind - found it (http://activation.geocoin.net/)
  12. We'd like 2, please. Thanks! -Krauss-McClurg
  13. We'd also be interested in a set. Thanks! -Krauss-McClurg
  14. I'm looking for: Idaho 2006 New York 2005 Colorado 2005 GBA Microchip GBA Fault line CCGC Monterrey Bay (or anything I don't have - see link in sig) Partial list of what I have (or have ordered) to trade: Are You Addicted? Gold and Bronze Canine Cachers 2nd Edition Caching Through the Snow Too Compass Rose 2005 EU 2005 Finland 2006 Georgia 2006 Stone Mountain GOTW Pewter and Gold Kansas 2006 Gold and Silver Lighthouse Series (Montauk Point) Gold Neveda 2005 New Mexico 2005 North Carolina 2006 Gold and Silver Selective Availability Off (geocoinclub) Green Ring (more in list - see link in sig) Thanks! -Krauss-McClurg
  15. Two questions: 1) How many of these coins were minted? (Never mind - I just re-read the original post...) 2) Anyone have either the microchip or fault line coins to trade? (See my trading list in my sig line). Thanks! -Krauss-McClurg
  16. Looking for a few of the recent coins that I missed: Idaho 2006 New York 2005 Colorado 2005 GBA Microchip GBA Fault line CCGC Monterrey Bay (or any others that I am missing) See my trade list at: http://www.kraussmcclurg.net/geocaching/geocoins/trading.htm and my current collection at: http://www.kraussmcclurg.net/geocaching/ge.../collection.htm Email me through my profile if you want to make a trade. Thanks! -Jeff of Krauss-McClurg
  17. 1 coin and 1 pin, please. Thanks! -Krauss-McClurg
  18. Well, heck, if we are going to try with Birthdays: Mr. K-M's is Jan 2 and Mrs. K-M's is Jan 5... -Krauss-McClurg
  19. I'd be interested in 1 of each... Thanks! -Krauss-McClurg
  20. Just an FYI - the sig links aren't active. Yeah - I just noticed that as well... edited my original post with a link... I'll work on the sig... Thanks! -Krauss-McClurg
  21. I wasn't able to be on to order an LE today, but I am interested in getting one. Anyone order an extra for trading? See my signature for my trading list and make me an offer via email... Ladycacher - if there is a waitlist, please add me to it... Thanks! -Krauss-McClurg (edit for spelling.. sigh...) Edit again: I just noticed that my sig is not clickable - sigh. http://www.kraussmcclurg.net/geocaching/geocoins/trading.htm
  22. Krauss-McClurg


    I don't know - if you didn't get the Gold and Silver LIGO coins orderd, are you really addicted?
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