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  1. Listen folks, I am sorry about the delay with the Kinzua coins and that I have not been active in almost 2 months. The coins are due to ship to us on 3/31. That part was not my fault. I have not kept up communication however...sorry I have had some personal problems, including a stay in the hospital. I have not had the energy or desire to cache much, but the coins are on their way. Sorry for the delay and problems. I have not been on the forums in a long time, so I have not been aware of any discussion about them. Anyone who has e-mailed me however, I have repsonded to. Again, I am sorry.
  2. These coin are SOLD OUT. We have decided to stop the number at 600 instead of 1000. A second coin of 400 with a new design (same icon) will be available soon. Thanks for the orders!
  3. The Kinzua Area Geocachers are accepting orders for a new geocoin, trackable on GC.com with it's own icon. The Kinzua Geocachers are a group in Pennsylvania near the NWPA Geocachers. I am a member of both groups and designed the coin with fellow cacher, Mr. Green...of mrgreen/moneypenny. The coin is being offered in 3 different metals. Details are on the order page. Thanks! http://www.joelmart.com/kinzuacoin.html
  4. I still have some left...mostly gold. E-mail me, if you want to buy any.
  5. I didn't send it in error. I wouldn't have had your address unless you paid for it via Paypal. I forwarded the invoice to you. Maybe you just forgot that you ordered it.
  6. About 1/2 of the orders have been shipped and the rest will ship tomorrow. Thanks to everyone for their orders and patience!
  7. I have the icon on my stats page now.
  8. The coins are due to ship on the 23rd. As soon as they arrive, we will begin sending them out. I'll post more when I know more. thanks.
  9. we considered a few in a different metal...don't know the outcome of that, yet.
  10. It was 100 total..not each. No, the icon was not actual size....it was enlarged to show detail
  11. There are 1.75". The front is both 2D and 3D. I hope to have them in 3-4 weeks.
  12. Just to clarify, it is not less than $4 per coin. The tracking numbers from Groundspeak and the icon cost money as well.
  13. Orders are ready to be taken for the NWPA coin. The picture of the icon is on the order page. thanks! http://www.joelmart.com/nwpacoin.html
  14. sign me up...I'll buy or trade
  15. A 2006 NWPA coin will be ready for orders next week. I will post here when and where to order. 1000 are being made. 500 each in 2 different metals. The coin will be trackable on Geocaching.com and will have its own icon. Stay tuned for details. Thanks.
  16. Hey. I paid on the first day. I just got word about this thread or I would have responded sooner. I'll forward you my paypal receipt.
  17. Before you start trading away 2 of the 3 Go Mad Cow coins in a set... just know that each one is different. One says "GO", another "Mad", and the third "Cow". You have to look closely.
  18. Just sent e-mail...haven't received the coin yet...just saw the thread asking for address.
  19. I've got the other 2...I'll take a new one too!
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