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  1. sounds like this is what you are looking for... Geocaching Vehicle Placard
  2. Ditto on the NCGO site... however here are a few more suggestions... I would recommend the Pinehurst/Southern Pines area. It's located in the center of the state, it's a small town, but not too small so there are plenty of entertainment and dining options, and it's 1 hour south of Raleigh and 2 hours from the beach. I work in Pinehurst and it's a beautiful town. Also, if you are a golf lover, you will have plenty of things to do while here. Here are a couple of links about the area: Village of Pinehurst Moore County Chamber of Commerce
  3. Hi, I work less than a mile from the Pinehurst Resort... lot's of caches in this area! There is cache at the Village of Pinehurst, which is maybe a half mile from the resort, but off the top of my head that's the only one at the resort proper. Since I don't visit these forums that often, email me via my profile with what types of caches you are looking for and I will try to look over the ones around here and recommend a few must do's. Doug/medic208
  4. Be sure to check out www.NEFGA.com which is the North East Florida Geocachers Association. I'm sure you will find more people on that site, who are local to you, and can help you with your geocaching questions.
  5. Nope. It just means that after all these years the fourms are still the same as they have always been. El Diablo Good to see ya back El D... looks like you haven't missed much!
  6. I will pay for your breakfast if you want to show up as my guest! Edit: Let me extend that. For anyone that is worried about the exclusiveness of this event, I will pay for anyone's breakfast that chooses to come to this event - providing they are coming or live (which ever is greater) more than 300 miles! All in the interest of promoting Florida's wonderfully warm weather in the Winter season! My name is Tom Niderost, and I approve this message! -Tom Free breakfast huh??? Road trip!!! Better make sure I pay my groundpseak/paypal bill this month I'd hate to show up and not be able to log it
  7. I am also a member of NEFGA and really, why does it matter what they do a couple of thousand miles away? I'm sure if the OP were actually interested in the event and was going to attend, they would welcome them with open arms, in fact they would probably hold an event just for them since they were from out of state. I'm sure if there were any issues in the fact that it is a member's only cache, it would have been mentioned during the review process. Sometimes the drama in these forums gets old...
  8. Yup, it's there... I only joined the geocaching page and not the Waymarking or Wherigo page.
  9. In NC, the NCGO held it's annual Fall Fling a couple of months ago and we had over 200 people attend. It was a fun weekend filled with camping, food, Cache N Dash race, costume party, CITO, kayak cache run and several other activities. Be on the look out for next year's event sometime in October 2009 Be sure to check out our state's website, www.ncgeocachers.org if you haven't already.
  10. I would definitely look for this one in the Bay St Louis Area... Tercentenary Fortunately, this statue survived the damage from Katrina and I was the first to log this virtual only a couple of days after Katrina hit. Lots of rebuilding has taken place, but there is still a lot of damage in the area. I was back in the area several months ago, and the Bay Bridge is open. Lots of other neat caches in the Bay St Louis area, but the above cache is a must do.
  11. Hey TAR! Now that is funny! Tell me you got some pics of that
  12. Wow, too cool! Great pics. It definitely looks like you had a fun time doing that. I'm jealous... I would love to do that one day
  13. I live in NC but never cached there. Not many cachers from that end of the state visit these forums on a regular basis. Try contacting Fishingfools via his profile, he visits that area frequently and may have a few suggestions.
  14. Cool! Time to start thinking about a road trip
  15. The easiest way to explain is that it's not really a secret society, but rather a society of secrets. True, a lot of older masons will probably clam up if asked anything, but times have changed and there are informative sites online, both good and bad. Obviously, the modes of recognition are not discussed. Freemasonry and it's appendant bodies, i.e. shriners and other groups, are the world's largest charitable organization. If you have questions, all you have to do is ask... Doug/medic208, SW, CL Laurinburg (NC) #305 AF & AM
  16. 22 days!! I can't wait I'm flying in on Tuesday and will do a little hiking in Oregon and Washington before the event.
  17. Wow that's impressive! How many members are in your lodge?
  18. I'm near Ft Bragg and was caching back then. I don't remember there being any caches on the base itself, but I do remember there being a couple caches near the base in Spring Lake. One was Airborne Halo Pass which was a creative hide in the median of Hwy 24. There are also a few other caches in Spring Lake that were hidden in that same time frame. There is a series of woodland trails near a school just south of Spring Lake and there were 2 or 3 caches hidden out there if I remember correctly, but I don't remember the exact names. Hope that helps... EDIT: I'm not familiar w/ the PX's at Bragg, but from what you described I think you are talking about the Halo Pass cache.
  19. Unfortunately, not too many cachers from your area visit these forums on a regular basis. Off the top of my head, I can't think of any cachers in the Salisbury area, but there are a couple in the Charlotte and Concord areas. I have two suggestions... first I would find some of the caches near you and then send the cache owner an email and see if they would be interested in finding a cache sometime. Most cachers would be more than willing to help a new person. Secondly, the Foothills website is probably the closest to you and it is a very active site. You could post a note on their site and I'm sure they could give you some ideas on who is in your area. Hope this helps! Happy caching!
  20. We had a 5/5 Kayaking Flash Mob event on Saturday in the middle of the Cape Fear River in Wilmington NC. Cape Fear Adventure - The Rogue's Revenge Let's just say it was a rough day for Kayaking... high winds, strong currents, and large waves! :: I don't think I have ever jumped waves in a kayak before What were we thinking????? We also had a few other "visitors" show up... an ambulance, the EMS special operations rescue truck, a fire engine, a FD rescue truck, the FD rescue boat, and the coast guard! Turns out... someone fell in! From what I hear, he even got to ride in an ambulance well... to the park since he "floated" back to the wrong dock - oops! Thankfully he was OK, but I'm SURE he will never live this one down I guess we will do anything for a smiley!!! Oh.... did I mention we almost ran into a big ship
  21. It's been awhile since I have cached in that area, so nothing comes to mind right now. But, check out the greatest hits page on our state site, www.ncgeocachers.org. There are several good selections there for the western part of the state. Hopefully this will help some.
  22. Florence, SC? If so, I'm decently close... I used to work in Cheraw SC and live in Laurinburg NC. There are a few cachers in this area, not that many though. I don't think any of them actually visit these forums though. There is a SC forum, not sure if you have found that one yet... www.iscga.org Welcome and Happy caching! Doug/medic208
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