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  1. Whoo Hoo for Aviatrix22 on 1500,
  2. A big congradulations to rodgowdy on 1000 caches in one yeat. Whoo Hoo
  3. As an aside to the discussion of caches in Discovery Park, the March issue of Seattle Metropolitan Magazine has a small piece on geocaching, and wouldn’t you know it the picture in the article shows a cacher in Discovery Park. See page 78
  4. It's nice to see a up and cumming cacher hit a milestone... rodgowdy got #500 Friday afternoon at The Lilly Pad.. Whoo Ho..
  5. I too received the same generic e-mail. It is a sad day for geocaching, the first cache placed in Seattle was in Discovery Park, and for nearly eight years geocachers have enjoyed the beauty of this great city park, as well the many geocaching adventures there. I have never in nearly eight years of geocaching seen a cache placed in a birds nest, and if I had I would contact the owner of the inappropriateness of such a cache. What I do know is GeoTeaming uses the park, and on two occasions I have ran into there mob running W illy, Nelly all over the place, and on one occasion I found one of there containers abandoned, after there event... This is a very troublesome precedent !!!!
  6. All caches in discovery park have been disabled by Groundspeak,, The Seattle parks dept. wants them removed.. What can we do? Which park will be next?
  7. Congratulations to fishiam on breaking the 1000 barrier.. Whoo Ha The same for Ambrosia And WeightMan A BIG Whoo Ha... Now what to do for 2K ???
  8. This is my first post.. Thanks. TEST I like Green
  9. A Big Congratulations to Allanon on 1000.. Whoa Ha
  10. Always nice to see the 1K on your profile...
  11. Congratulations to OldBaldEagle on 1600, Whoa Ha...
  12. Way to go Mark... Whoo ha 1000 !!!
  13. Congrats to nolenator on 900 today... Whoo Ha
  14. Congratulations to grossi on 1300 Whoo Ha, just a little over three months since 1K
  15. Way to go OBE and markta, great milestones. Whoo Ha
  16. Congratulations to FunnyNose on 1800, and a belated Whoo Ha to Allanon on 800...
  17. A big congratulations to grossi and tolemaus on there recent milestones.... Whoa Ha..
  18. Way to go markta, Wow 800, looks like I need to get to work..[8D]
  19. Congratulations grossi on entering the rarefied air of the elite cachers in the 1K club…Whoa ha…
  20. Nice coin one please.... Thanks
  21. Here is my very first log..... February 3, 2001 by nevcowpok (1 found) My first find!!! The photo helped a great deal, thanks... It only took about 3 minutes to find. I took nothing, but I left a Hawaii Key ring. Got the story on Geocashing from a CNN story I hope we see many more cashes in western Washington I am going to get one out there..... Thanks for the memories...
  22. Delayed congratulations to nole, BHMP, Jcar, and all the other recent milestones… See you all soon, from out on the prairie in North Dakota. Whoa Ha [8D]
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