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  1. You can put me down for one public and one finder coin.
  2. All the Cache Across America caches can be found here
  3. Good thought. Unfortunately, not everyone answers their email, apparently. Just went on a roadtrip with the hope of adding another 7 CAA finds. Turns out we only got 3. One of them went AWOL while we were on the road apparently (he didn't respond right away, but the problem is....). The other was questionable, and I wrote to check out the situation. No response either by email or on the page, even though there was obviously a problem. We decided to just try that one on another occasion (which eliminated another CAA find on this trip), and turns out that was probably a good thing cause what was a questionable situation turned into a missing. *sigh*
  4. *rubs hands together eagerly* My birthday is next month, and hubby and I are going on a road trip to pick up 6 more. That'll bring my total to 20. And of course the caches in KS and MO are so close that I keep putting them on the back burner with the thought of "Oh I can get those any old time!". Any old time is approaching me thinks. And the a roadtrip thru the south this summer to visit family... the numbers are adding up!
  5. Not sure why you would have any problem. The bookmark list is here. It is a three page bookmark list and Nevada is on the second page. Just tested it and it is working as expected for me. A direct link to the Nevada cache is here. An update on the rest of this... after a holiday hiatus, we are anxious to get this completed. We have been in contact with the remaining hiders and hope to see the remaining four states in place very soon. Ok, it just worked but I swear that when I tried it the other day it would just stay on the first page. I did figure out a way to look at Nevada anyway, but it is so close to the state of Idaho that I want to see where that one is placed before i go for Nevada Thanks again Blue Power Ranger I had trouble with it a couple days ago.. Seems to be a GC.com problem, not a book mark problem. I closed out the window and opened a new one and it worked fine. Don't know what caused it. *shrug*
  6. I'm rooting for spaceteacher from good ole Alabama!! I think she had 14 CAA finds at last count. My hubby and I have 14 (he hasn't logged his yet). Last time I looked, space teacher had 15 or 16 I think... My birthday's coming up... considering adding a few more in honor of the occasion...
  7. I find these interesting comments, coming from you of all people. And at least he has the courteosy to apologize, unlike some other people....
  8. Mark me down for a regular one and one for people who complete the series! I agree about the comments about both stars. I don't like just the plain star and trying to get all the states into the star will be disasterous, me thinks... Anyway, as requested by email, I'm putting in my interest for the coins.
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