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  1. I am still in possession of the hat left behind at GeoWoodstock-9. I was part of the clean up crew and someone left a straw golf hat covered with geocaching pins in one of the buildings. I took it to Mid West Geo Bash and the owner didn't claimed it. SO.....what should I do with it??? Maybe put a TB tag on it and send it out from event to event. I hate to see all the pins disappear. A few of them are from previous GeoWoodstocks. Come on man, don't you know you're missing your hat??? Where else can I post this so he'll see it??? Maybe I'm being set up. Maybe no one owns this hat. Maybe someone is waiting to see how much work I put into finding the owner before I finally start wearing the hat. It's a nice hat. Maybe a little too heavy with all the pins. Hey, you suppose he's not claiming it because it's too heavy and it's a relief to finally get rid of it??? No, that can't be, it's a really nice hat. Come on Buddy, step up and claim the hat. OH, just so none of you get the idea to claim this hat, you will need to know what pins are on it. People already tried that trick at MWGB. No cigar. snoop
  2. I was cleaning up after GW-9 and found this great hat that is loaded with pins. The pin on the front is a GONIL summer picnic 2006 pin. The owner may be a Coins and Pins Club member. I would sure like to re-unite this hat with it's owner. I see by the pins that he has attended several GeoWoodstocks. Email me via geocaching.com. goldsnoop-pa
  3. I put ten caches out for one of my events. The caches came online the day before after dark. A cacher did go out and get all 10 caches that night. By 7AM 7 of the 10 caches were gone. The ones that were not taken were ones they could not find. They did spray paint a nastygram on one of the hollow trees that was a decoy.
  4. There will be camp on site as soon as we finish mapping the sites.
  5. Can I have my usual 30 of each????
  6. 2 coins for me please. Let me know when the PayPal is up. Snoop
  7. I seem to be coming in at the tail end again as usual. If it's not too late I would like 3 brass and 1 silver coin. Let me know.............Snoop
  8. Well through posting about trades of coins via mail, I resolved my coin problem. The other party to the trade moved shotly after the trade. With all the moving preparations he thought that the coin was sent. It will be in the mail soon. The bottom line is, trust your fellow geocachers, and save your information. Goldsnoop-PA
  9. How do you handle trading GeoCoins. On my first trade of one of my Pa coins with someone from Alabama, I got ripped off. I would email that person if I still had the email to go back to. Since then I've made several out of state trades without another loss. Do you send your coin out the same day or wait until you receive the other persons coin first?
  10. I wrote about my acorn cache and if I could figure out how to upload a picture I would.
  11. Find a hollow log. Cut it to size and split it down the middle. Put the PVC pipe inside and glue it back together with liquid nails. OH, I have one of those. Knew I seen it somewhere.
  12. Well before Geocaching, I spent a lot of time in the prone postion underwater holding the business end of a hose attached to a gold dredge floating on the surface. The extension is my state.
  13. One of my short cut caches (to a series final) is a acorn. I hollowed out an acorn and filled it with epoxy. Then I drilled it out to fit a dog collar I.D. container (Pet Smarts) that's 1/4 inches X 3/8 inches. I glued a magnet in the bottom of the hole. The container is attached to the acorn top. A small magnet attached to the bottom of the container holds it all together. Hang it on a low branch of an oak tree with a hook shape piece of wire. Very Vicious. The devil made me do it.
  14. While caching on Nashville we found a DVD Player in a LARGE cache box. We left it. We all had one so the next cacher in line gets a surprize.
  15. Ok, I'm guilty of putting out micros. Like one of my latest lightpole micros. It's a magnetic holder on the lightpole in front of the windows of a local radio station that I listen to. The DJ sits 10 feet away looking right at it. Try to get that one without me hearing about it on the radio. Hehehehe
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