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San Francisco Geocoin 2005

WWC-World's Worst Cacher

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I believe it is partly due to folks being missed from "those who have paid and secured their order" lists. They point back to a previous post where they said they paid. Of course, without a valid PayPal receipt from that day it doesn't really matter but it's still a sort of "security blanket" to some.


And, as ladycacher pointed out, it is documented as part of the geocoin addiction in the GAA thread. :santa:

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I have received approval from geocaching.com on the design and it will be trackable as a PERSONAL COIN.


I think some of us are still curious as to why this says San Francisco and not your name since this is a personal coin.

I think the "personal coin" category is really becoming the "trackable coin" generic coin type, since they will obviously approve non-personal coin designs. So really, the "personal coin" category is just the cheaper route to go if you can't get enough volume for your own category. It all seems very silly to me.


All I know is that the "stack-o-pancakes" geocoins icon on the search results page makes me kinda hungry... :huh:



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Coin Update:


The best way to stay updated is at:




-The coins are ordered.


- I am starting to work through the waitlist. If you have not sent me your paypal e-mai address and you are on the wait list you need to do so today at geocoin@gmail.com


-Coins should be out to you the first week of December.


- There will be 30 silver coins made. If you do not want one let me know. Otherwise it will be random. - Big orders will get one.



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