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  1. Your view of them may be sullied but if they are legit there reputation should be as well.
  2. It's on the way out. Not sure what's going to replace it though. Instagraming Nano's has a certain appeal. Mostly to be obnoxious.
  3. I have to admit. I've been arguing with a few of the friends I picked up with the facebook freemium games. They haven't all blocked me. I dumped the games though. Too time consuming. I popped into the forums after 3 years because I actually found a cache today. A nano. On a fire hydrant. Yes that fresh ducktape feel just can't be beat. The view of the storage sheds was awesome. Acutlly what was awesome was taking time out from the normal commute to just stop. Even if it was a dadgum nano. Ironcily I really don't like FB pages for caching things. The Idaho One is slow. I'd rather be in the forums.
  4. Ok. Now I know what the intro app is. Can't say I like crappy auto generated logs. They can do that with a handy increase in my find count without a generic autolog. I like knowing who's finding my caches. I can't stop the ghosts and phantoms who don't log but that's ok. But to make it easy to be a number? Meh.
  5. Since I don't even know what that is I can honestly say they aren't killing my geocaching fun. If they are killing your fun. And they aren't killing other peoples fun. The problem isn't them. Reality is this activity is going to change and evolve. I still have the tools to filter out the micro's and nano's I don't like. I still have the ablity to go after the non urban caches. And quite frankly to drop out and do other things for several years. You get out of this what you bring to it.
  6. Slumps happen. My last slump was something like 3 years. DNA. Did not attempt. No caches. None. If you are out there and looking, you are ahead of the game. If by chance you can't find one or two or three. Try another cache to break the streak then go back when you are ready for the challenge. BS (Before Slump) when I did cache. I'd get annoyed at looking for nano's and micro's. So I'd filter them out and find real caches. Then when I felt like clearing out an area I'd go back and find the micro's and nano's. Sumps are really about the enjoyment. If you aren't enjoying. That's a slump. Change tack. Try another area, bigger cache, easier hide, or buy a Lego Death Star and build it. Whatever brings the enjoyment back.
  7. You are you. You are part of a team. You and the team found the cache. Seems like you and the team should log.
  8. Geocaching.com was feemium before freemium was all the rage. Personally I think Geocaching should be in the hands of a non profit member owned organization like some other well known and respected organizations. But I also like pretending to be a real cacher too. So I pay. Before I paid. I just dealt with it. There are plenty of tools for regular members to make it easy.
  9. In a nutshell I'd rather see an organization of cachers like the NSS manage cache listings, and work with landowners on this activity. It actually has very little to do with my opinion of Groundspeak since on the whole I think they do a pretty good job.
  10. Awesome. This hobby needs more people like you in it. I hope you fit this into your lifestyle.
  11. I agree. Charter membership was sort of a badge of honor for signing up when Groundspeak first offered premium services. It's related to paying back when paying wasn't cool.
  12. Nope. Caches in an area tend to be of the same style. Why? Most people find before they hide and they start thinking inside the local cache hide box. Hiding first may result in a bad hide, but it also gives you better odds of something original.
  13. Business cards are tacky. Caching cards are awesome. The latter would let folks get in touch while being collectable.
  14. The phone a friend network got to me long before websites were created to help solve puzzles. This is a simple fact of caching, and what puzzle cache owners get to deal with. You have to factor it in when creating your puzzle, that and that puzzles are less popular than regular caches.
  15. I can't hear them complaining when I go find them. But I also know if I enjoyed the hide or not. My experience is that the biggest whiners aren't any better than anyone else but the ones who love this hobby and lose sleep thinking about awesome hide do get some awesome hides out there. They can have the whole park. The whiner...is probably hiding micro's anyway and I filter then out of my searches and will keep doing so until I've found them all.
  16. People with allergies are aware of the dangers that accompany them. Every cache on the planet is dangerous from the right angle. Moving it away from the nest. Probably not a bad idea. I've literally stuck my hand on a much more active wasp nest feeling around for the a cache in a tank at a park. I didn't get stuck but I can tell you patting down a mass of wasps is an interesting feeling. Thanks to the meteor strike in Russia I've seen some infographics on odds of dying. Your Chances of Dying (Boring Version) Interesting Version According to that last one the odds of dying while walking to your caches by the time you find your 55th thousand cache...50%. I don't know the assumptions behind the infographic but be careful out there.
  17. Some finders confuse normal caches for that. They pick it up, and move it to a new spot then post the new location in their logs. Keeps things interesting. In the Paleozoic era of caching I placed a cache like that. It was a PITA. The moment you ask people to 1) move the cache and 2) Provide the new location they immediately have problems following instructions. There is are reason that vital body functions are autonomous.
  18. You can also look for larger caches ideally ammo cans. They clink when you poke them with your hiking stick through that 3' drift.
  19. People are drawn to things. One tree in a field? That's geo-ovious. An island in a pond? Obvious. The lamp post (as mentioned). Also one persons "obvious" is another persons challenge. The stars don't always line up. I have the worst luck with 1 star difficulty caches and the ones that say "even my blind grandma could find it tapping around with her walker". Snow ups the challenge for anything hidden at ground level.
  20. I'd email her and let her know you found it. Plus mention that the discussion about this cache revealed that it had a reviewer question on it that she needed to answer to get it listed so others can find it and post logs so she can enjoy being a cache owner. Good luck.
  21. I can call it a "treasure" if I like....... You can call it Smurgraffing as well. If you like. The point they were making is that you are creating an expectation and caches don't always live up to the treasure expectation. But you know your kid and no doubt manage expectations well. Finding something nice is a pleasant surprise. It's not the norm. That said (and everyone else said it better and first...) it's not that hard to leave treasure without breaking the bank and kids love that too. I leave foreign coins and normally take nothing. I even have a stack of ancient mew cards that used to be my signature item that I need to start leaving again. Good luck.
  22. It's not that simple actually. You get to chose from two candidates that have a shot at winning. They are the ones who survive the party telling them what they think and will do plus do the best courting special interests to get the funds to pay for the advertising that tells us who to vote for. By the time we are allowed to vote we are given a choice between the best schmoozers and players either party has in it's ranks and not so much the best for the goals and interests we as voters actually have. The only way that's going to change is for us to play hardball just like everyone else.
  23. There is no way that any railroad, large or small, is going to give up it's property rights so that someone can play a game. Ladybug kids already showed how a RR allowed caching within it's ROW. Giving up property rights is not involved in giving permission for a ache.
  24. Pocket knives and knives are great swag. For some reason some folks feel that a knife in a cache (never mind they are in your kitchen where the children have access) is somehow worse than a knife anywhere else and may be used to go rob a liquor store or worse be pressed into service to rape the next person who walks by. So they got a bad rap by the "perception' of a park manager and we catchers being the nice folks we are honoring this bogus rule. As for the cigarettes. throw them away. The Bic is another "cause we are nice folks" ban. When you took it out of the cache all was right in the world.
  25. This is an interesting angle to to the question. You are not asking anybody to support anything. You are not calling for an action on their part. Those are normally the test. For example "Think about how breast cancer has impacted your friends and family". That's an agenda. "1 in every X women and 1 in every X men gets breast cancer" is a fact. Not a call for action. Even though both may make you think. I think the cache is possible with some work on the wording with your reviewer.
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