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  1. I'd trade you for one or buy one. I bet that design would look awesome in a shiny gold! I agree. I wouldn't ming getting one of those myself.
  2. I'm kind of thinking that it would be more a FTP (first to post). How could you ever really know who got theirs first?????
  3. Update!!!!! The coins were all shipped this evening. Be on the lookout for them. I wonder who will get them first.
  4. 3 sets of Go-Mad-Cow and a Benchmark from coinclub.
  5. Shetland Pony? We want one too! The Shetland Sheepdog, alias Sheltie, originated in the Shetland Islands as a small herding dog. We would also love a Shetland Pony too though! I have 2 Shelties myself. A tri factor and a blue merle.
  6. I emailed a change of address to you, hope you got it. Yes, I received it. I will get your address updated.
  7. The coins just arrived here about 9:30 this morning. I will be getting them packaged up this week and should have them all mailed out on Friday. Thanks to all that puchased or traded with me. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.
  8. Received mine a couple of days ago. It is awsome.
  9. KevinG68

    Coin Clubs

    I would like to join a group.
  10. I have edited my earlier post. That was just the picture that they sent me to look at. The coins should be here soon. Hopefully in the next few weeks. Sorry for the confusion.
  11. Here is the pictures of the coin that they sent me. Hopefully the coins will be in my hands in the next couple of weeks. Go to CoinTracking.com to order. There are only a few left.
  12. KevinG68 Antique Silver - 200 KevinG68 Gold - 50
  13. The 4 I received are not black. They kindof have a reddish tint.
  14. I could only get one. I think it was the last one. Not sure though. It said only one left when I ordered.
  15. payment made through paypal.
  16. UPDATE!!!!! Die artwork has been approved and coins have been paid for. They are scheduled to ship to me on November 4. There are still a few of each left. Email me if you are interested in ordering.
  17. I made the list for the LE. Still waiting to see if I made the other one.
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