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  1. Nicely done but I'm surprised that the geocacher didn't tell her that the pencil was in the cache for people to sign the log. There appeared to be a pen in the baggie with the log book. Yes, there was. The pencil she grabbed was a brand new, not sharpened. There was a pencil for the logbook in the baggie with it. The first item she had taken out was a partial roll of toilet paper, so we had to reshoot it, lol.
  2. Stacyplays, a YouTube personality, is doing a series on linking Minecraft to the real world. She filmed in northern MN last October, and one of her episodes included geocaching. I took her to Swirley Rock - GCYYW8 for the episode. Segment starts at the 8:30 mark:
  3. Recreation Specialist for a City Parks Department...get paid to bring kids caching!
  4. Emailed sent for a gold one...I started out buying a lot of coins, but now am more selective in what I purchase. I buy the ones I want as long as the price isn't too out landish...which I don't think this one is. Passing by this bridge every day to work and back, it was a "gotta have one". Thanks for putting this one together!
  5. As a Recreation Specialist, I've been taking kids from our rec centers caching for 2 years now. We go to actual caches when we have the transportation. When we don't have the transportation, I've set up micros around the park they are in...then give out candy or other items as prizes. We've also have had cache races on the park grounds...which is really fun to watch as kids learn to read the coords on their own. Right now, I'm working on a cache event that I hope to do this summer to bring kids at the rec centers together with cachers..."Take a Kid Caching Day". Sort of like Take a Kid Fishing Day.
  6. Minnesota...lucky #13!! and another one....
  7. I have also cached with my 4 and 9 y.o. for the past 2 years...my 4 y.o. can do some pretty good long, hard hikes....and then there are days where even a short easy hike, he gets tired and wants a piggy back ride...plan for lots of breaks and checking out the surroundings and be prepared to carry one or both of them!
  8. After being up all night sick with the flu, my coin arriving in the mail really brightened my day...thanks!
  9. So are these cachers computer illiterate or do they hang out in their fish houses way to long? How else can you geocache if you don't get on the computer at least once a week! With that said, I can understand your position. You have some very active people in your organization and a lot of bench warmers sitting back ready to yell at the umpire....either way someone gets in trouble. Thanks for your efforts thus far and I'm looking forward to working with MnGCA on the next geocoin! I think the reaching out part might be that they are allowing time for MN cachers to mail in orders, rather than Paypal.... BTW, I'm a MNGCA member who will get a low number, yoo-hoo!
  10. paypaled for one..thanks!
  11. As someone who works in a parks department, we sometimes close trails due to conditions...such as after a heavy rain...to prevent further damage to the trails and also for safety reasons...some of our trails have 80 ft. drop offs and no fences...so we expect everyone to respect the closings, but we don't fine anyone. I also post those closings in the state website and will let cache owners know about it if it affects their caches.
  12. We have a lot of Parks in Duluth that have Peace Poles...one of my co-workers makes them..now I'll have to log one...
  13. yes, I get paid to geocache...as a Recreation Specialist for the City of Duluth, I run 6 recreation centers and take groups of kids on geocaching trips...mainly in the summer, but do also some trips in the spring and summer....also, since I wrote the geocaching policy for the city, have checked on cache placements when their placement is in question (i.e., puts the city at risk for lawsuits, etc.)....my boss also gave me the go-ahead to check the locations of all the caches in the city, but I have so many other job duties, I haven't quite done that yet (even with approval, I'd feel too guilty caching all day) It's wonderful!!! and yes, I also cache on my own time as well
  14. Thanks alot..now I had to buy another coin, hee,hee...paypaled for 2 (my dad wants them now also)..are there other state coins out there that cachers can just buy? If I don't see a recent thread, I always assume they are sold out.
  15. paypaled for one...whenever I feel guilty about buying another coin, I just think about the pack of cigarettes my husband bought yesterday, today, and probably tomorrow...at least the coins won't give me cancer!
  16. Wonder if they are donating the proceeds to Katrina victims? http://cgi.ebay.com/2005-Katrina-Geocoin_W...1QQcmdZViewItem
  17. dmnrec


    The last time I went outside to cache, I missed a coin! Time to get a laptop with Wifi??
  18. Here is my link: http://www.geocities.com/erinwenneson2004/mycoinlist.html
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