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  1. Kann es sein, dass ihm geraten wurde, sich nicht mehr in der Öffentlichkeit zu äußern? Viele Grüße Rolf
  2. Many Thanks to RangerFox. It works fine for me. Rolf
  3. Thanks to Chuck! I am very happy with my trades. I will send the coins next week. Rolf
  4. Ich habe auch schon unaktivierte Coins als Erstfindergeschenk oder als Tauschobjekt in besonders schönen Caches hinterlassen. Eventuell findest du etwas dazu in den letzten Logs. Gruss Rolf
  5. Email sent. I hope I am not to late. Greeitngs from Germany. Rolf
  6. .... There is a way to get the unit into USB mode by holding the Joystick up while holding the menu button down at the same time, but time is extremely important. Have the unit connected to your computer and while holding the joystick up, menu button down then press and hold the power button down and hold the power button in unit the radar icon on the screen stops spinning and then let up on the power button and then after a second or two, then let up on the joystick and menu button. Once you've done this you should then delete all of the gpx files within the Geocaches directory. ..... David Magellan Insider Thanks, this was very helpfull for me. Rolf
  7. Hi, I have an unactivated GCC 2005-11 (Benchmark-Coin) here and I would trade it and one of my personal coins for an GCC 2005-10 (Ammo Can). Rolf
  8. Want list sent. Thanks for your great work. Rolf
  9. Ok, this time I would take part. Greetings from Germany. Rolf
  10. I have taken part at the first Math trade here in Germany and it was successfully for me. I have got some beautiful coins. I am in for the first internation trade. Rolf
  11. Thanks again for the tipps. We will rent our Pickup-Camper from Fraserway and we have good experiences with this company. It is already our fifth trip through BC since 1998. I think, Fraserway is the only one company without a special northern surcharge. But I will ask at the office whether it is a problem because we have also the Hwy 20 (Williams Lake to Bella Coola) in our tour plan. We know "The Hill" . In Port Hardy we have planned two special caches: - GCJ97A "Dakota 576", this must be a very interesting historic site, but I have read in one of the last logs: There is a bear with cubs in the area. Have I understood this correctly? - GCY6K4 , our chance for a FTF in Canada! Our main goal in our vacation is to watch some orcas and we think the best place for this adventure is Telegraph Cove. We looking forward to find some interesting caches in the area of Vancouver and on Vancouver Island. There is only 10 days remaining. CU Rolf
  12. Hello from Germany, thanks for your many suggestions. I think we have to do a lot of work in our vacation. We are on our tour from July 23rd to August 10th from Vancouver to Whistler, Williams Lake, Bella Coola, Port Hardy and finally to Victoria. We have already downloaded some PQs of this tour. One tour we have planned is the "Pacific Marine Circle". We want to rent a small pick-up camper. Is this tour possible with such a camper? I think some parts of this road are only forest roads. We look forward to visit your beautiful country, Katrin and Rolf
  13. Yes, I know I can`t buy a gold norwegian coin but I am still interested in a regular version. Thorminator have sent me an email that he hasn`t got a mail from me and this was only an information for him. Rolf
  14. Email sent! Rolf Second mail sent. Hope it works now. Rolf
  15. Sold out! Thanks for ordering! Rolf
  16. Hi folks, on geocoinshop.de is a new Coin from Germany available. This coin represents the Leipzig Events which was held the 4th time this year. This event is famous for the very special caches with many tricky puzzles. Here the facts: - 250 coins minted (100 antique gold, 100 polished silver, 50 polished gold LE - only available for the organisation team of this event) - trackable, own icon - 1,75", front 3D, back colored - available in January 2007 - price: 7,50 Euro A picture: Only a few are remaining. Rolf
  17. Hi, I am also interested in a trade. I would a Norwegian Coin for my personal Coin, the Vogtland Coin. This coin is trackable at gc.com with a own icon. Is anybody interested? Please contact me over PM. Greetings from Germany, Rolf
  18. Some of our coins are still available. You can order here: http://www.geocoinshop.de/ger/Coins/Vogtla...nd-Geocoin.html Rolf
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