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  1. Could you clarify the exact prerequisites for a cache being label as "Beginner Cache"? From the 200 closest cache in my home zone only 1 is marked als beginner cache. Even so quite a lot fit in that category. I don´t understand the mechanism. Here`s an example: http://coord.info/GC1P2V7 (not a great cache and cache listing) but it fits the category as described on the web site and the screenshot in the earlier post at the top of the page.
  2. Pls turn on BBCode in logs again. The site update with WYSIWYG is useless for me if old logs look awful. BBCode was just fine anyways.
  3. Correct. This "mysterious" introduction just annoys users.
  4. Was anybody able to actually download a individual pq on his/her iPhone? I can´t see them in my iPhone App.
  5. I uploaded a gpx-file as well as a zip-file but it doesn´t show up in the iPhone App. Neither under "Pocket Queries" nor "Lists". Where would I find the uploaded files? Or is not functioning properly yet?
  6. Dieser Thread dient als "Sammelliste" für (regionale) Gruppen, Foren, Webseiten etc. für Geocaching in Deutschland. Diese Gruppen veranstalten Events, unterhalten Foren oder organiseren sonstige Aktivitäten wo sich Geocacher kennenlernen und treffen können Einfach die Gruppe/Organisation/Webseite kurz benennen mit kurzer Beschreibung; bei regionaler Ausrichtung diese mit angeben. Und natürlich die entsprechen Webseiten, Foren etc. mit eintragen. Wenn die Daten sich ändern sollten, bitte einfach ein neues Posting machen. Für Event und Aktivitäten Eurer Gruppe bitte separate Postings machen. Es soll ja eine Liste werden .... Danke vorab für Eure Einträge.
  7. Where Are you from? I spy a foregn license. Germany --> old World
  8. One more: 2000 Wrangler TJ - Golden Spike - EMU´d, Warn´d and Snorkel´d
  9. On first impression it sounds like a good idea, especially the jeep part ... but: I would vote "no" as well: ... because: - it´s not sure that a geocacher can find the cache at any given time - people might get suspicious if somebody is messing with your car and call the police - you don´t wan´t people taken your Jeep apart (I know what I am talking about since I have a TB attached to my jeep). - others might copy the idea and get it approved because of your cache (but don´t park it in the same spot all day) cheers!
  10. Skype is awesome, we use it to discuss the upcoming weekend trips with our fellow jeepers. My handle is jeepermtj.
  11. Would be interested in either trading my personal geocoin or any other geocoin on my trading list at http://www.cointracking.com/public/jeepermtj
  12. Put me down for 1 Gold, Found Mission 9 on April 21, 2005
  13. I´ll pass on this one, this price is outrageous. I´ll probably get it even cheaper on ebay in a couple of weeks.
  14. The pope coin is oki doki since it´s just a trading goodie, I received 3 of them of the person given them away and put them into caches. Back to the European Coins Anybody interested. Available as long supplies last. The mint (ECB) has a good reputation as well
  15. JeeperMTJ


    Puuh, strange coins are appearing: Found this one on a coin tracking site: Can you believe it? Ironic mode ON: BTW: Anybody interested in original European Coins? 100% still in circulation and with high mileage? I am thinking about selling some at double face value The real one from the old world. I guess there still would be people buying that. Ironic mode OFF
  16. 2 coins arrived in Germany today. The coin ist awesome. 1st Class packaging, well done. And a nice sticker as well.
  17. One of about 20, this one was part of the "Grand Experiment" But it went MIA really fast http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...da-bc358c4a8c54
  18. @Anthus: You have an eMail with my coin information
  19. The sticker on the coin bag says: www.coincodes.com but I couldn´t find it on their website ???
  20. This is so cool. 6feetmore placed 2 of the 3 coin pack and he managed it to put them in cache in an area in Florida where I lived about 10 years ago. Thank you so much! I am really excited about their travel. http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=223436 http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=215753
  21. email my vote. It actually took me quite a while since there were so many great coin in 2005.
  22. What a cool coin. Interested in a trade for my Personal Geocoin (you can view it here: http://www.cointracking.com/view_series.php?sid=79) Thanks!
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