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  1. I see nothing wrong with cut-n-paste logs. I put caches out there for the enjoyment of others, not for my reading of the logs. We are all in this sport for different reasons and getting upset about how pther people log is silly. If you care that much about how someone logs, maybe you should not hide caches.
  2. 1) If you are going to get upset at other people responding to your post, then don't open with "I need some opinions people..." or end with "What do others think?" 2) First come first serve is the only fair way 3) No one is forcing you to place caches, if you don't want to , then don't. 4) You have gotten very good advice and lots of good responses, but you continue to argue your point. If you want to avoid the negativity, then just move on and stop trying to convince others that you are correct and the guidelines are wrong. 5) Good luck finding another spot for your cache.
  3. If this unit is not sold yet, my brother in law is interested. email dentdoc@yahoo.com. He does not have a GC account yet so he cannot post himself.
  4. Can anyone do something about the caches that are listed without the container size being chosen? I understand and agree that the mystery caches should allow the size to be unknown, but all other caches should require that the hider choose a size. I hate looking for caches that do not have a size chosen. Those who hide caches should want people to find them and should also want the least disturbance to the cache site, the best way to do this is choose a cache size (A good clue also helps).
  5. Letterbox hybrids will not get approved in my area unless you give a set of starting coordinates, then a description of how to proceed form there. That is the way it is described in the geocaching guidelines. They are fun if done well. Lets stop complaining about what geocaching is allowing. You have the ability to ignore cache listings if you don't like them. We already lost locationless caches, APE caches are almost extinct, virtuals and webcams no longer get approved. Lets be thankful for the variety we have and go out and cache.
  6. The York County Geocaching Society adopted a section of highway. We care for the two mile stretch of road in the form of 4 CITO's a year. Two were held already, one is scheduled. See this link. I could not make the first one, but on the second one we collected about 40 bags of trash along the road. We have the sign along the road and everything. See this photo. Looking forward to more CITO.
  7. Yes, I think it is wrong. The thing that is really screwed up is that at c&p, they say that the coins will not be pre-sold at any website. Either usageoco*** broke their word or there was a misunderstanding somewhere.
  8. My Geometeacher coin is not for sale. Trades and some for caches.
  9. One of the fastest selling coins was the Georgia Peach at $10. The price doesn't matter, the quantity does as so many people have already pointed out. If however you are adamant about seeing higher priced coins, then just add afew dollars to each coin you oredr and make the sellers happy!
  10. Thanks everyone. I really do appreciate the enthusiasm. I purposely kept this quiet until I had the coins in hand because I have been on the waiting end and it is no fun. I also hope everyone likes the design. Since I do teach math at the local high school, I think it is fitting. I spent a lot of time coming up with it. The waypoint in the ammo box is my first cache, found in Camden, South Carolina December 22, 2002. It is called Nixon's Stash and is still active. Obviously, the infinity symbol is one of my favorite mathematical conepts. I also enjoy puns which is why the "Caching in..." part on the front. I have seen so many neat places through geocaching and met so many great people. I'll get back to everyone as soon as I can.
  11. I have gotten a ton of emails about this coin. I'll make what trades I can, but I need to place some in caches. I will not sell any. Thanks to everyone for the interest (especially on cointracking).
  12. Here is my geocoin for special trades and for placing in caches. It is 1.75" and really turned out very well. Since I live in PA, look for them in this area, but when I go out of state, I'll place some in caches there also.
  13. I already posted for 1 in the original thread, please keep me in for 1.
  14. Here is what I want: Great Britain Geowoodstock (will trade two or more coins for this one) Connecticut. Here is what I have In Hand for Trade Buffalo Wings silver CC Old Man Winter CC Selective Availability green California 2005 Canine Cachers Christmas Geocoin Compass Rose Conejo Cachers Dancingfool European Union German Bronze Georgia 2006 Greenman GOWT 2006 Iowa Kentucky 2005 Maryland Michigan (2005 regular) Mt Everest Bronze Mt. Everest Silver LE Mt McKinley New Jersey New Mexico North Carolina 2006 North Carolina 2005 (unnumbered) North Dakota PANOWEGE Gold Pennsylvania San Francisco San Diego Screw Geocoins Tennessee (Pewter) Texas Autumn 2005 United States Geocoin Vancouver Island Washington 2005 Wisconsin Thanks for looking
  15. Please count me in for 1 regular
  16. bump this thread probably could be pinned
  17. I got number 3!!! Thanks everyone for the fun game. Relax, everything will make sense when you get the last piece.....
  18. I'm really struggling with the codes on the sides of the map. Any hints from anyone?
  19. PA shipping next week according to their thread
  20. According to the wording, the fee increases if the edition is more than 100, so people just list it as 100.
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