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  1. Is it possible to add custom maps to my 60CSx? I'm looking to add images like from google earth to aid in looking for caches is this possible and if it is how do I do it. Thanks.
  2. I'm so glad you finally got them, I've been watching the forums to make sure. I'm the person they were shipped to in error. I also didn't get the extra seven that I thought we were supposed to get, I also didn't get the frog that some got, the secret duck, or the extra duckies. I simply got mine and the ones for the trade. I'm still super happy with the way HogWild handle things. They were very helpful in locating mine, and helping me get your address to mail them to. As for the ones I'm missing, I'm having a ball being on the hunt. I don't know if you seen the email I sent, but I didn't think enough to ask before I sent yours to you if you wanted to trade, I still don't have one of yours. I would love to trade.
  3. Hi Everyone - This is the first time I've done trading on this level, so I'm a little slow starting this but I wanted to get everything in place before I asked. I'm looking to trade one-on-one. I don't have much time to review the forums, so if you would like to trade with me and don't already have one on my ducks please email me at PatriciaDuckies@comcast.net I did participate in the pre-ship trade so I have a few, here is a list of those I'm still looking to trade with. If you’re not on this list and don't have one of mine, please email me I'm more than willing to trade. I will also trade for the frogs. Cacher Name - Name - Engraving SAMrGRITS - Samantha - SRGSAM SAMRGRITS - Madelyn - MADELYN Mama Cache - Sharon Mama Cache - (01 - 50) Geocurls - Collette - Geocurls Dressel Dragons - Brenda DD (001 - 057) Dressel Dragons - Heather I am 5 Team Maddog - Julie - MADPUP Team Maddog - Julie - TMADOG ATMouse - Alison - bbrn (01 - 25) ATMouse - Alison - ATM (01 - 32) ATMouse - Alison - HC (0001 - 0025) ATMouse - Alison - BBTC (01 - 25) GPX Navigators - Michele - GPX Navs Go Girl - Jamie - Go Girl WI_Robin - Robin - WI_Robin Random Find Annette RANDOM Gold Are we there yet? - Barbara - AWTY (01 - 50) LadyBee4T - Beverly - LB4T (01 - 50) LadyBee4T - Beverly - LB4T (01 - 57) LadyBee4T- Beverly - NN (01 - 50) LadyBee4T - Beverly - LB4T (01 - 50) Butterfly Girlz - Janet - Girlz Thanks - Patricia aka Allwayslooking_99
  4. We have your set from last year and we really enjoy it, is there a way we can be added to a mail list so we are able to get these new coins if we miss them on the forms. Add us to the list for these please.
  5. We got our set today, and all we can say is WOW.
  6. We got ours today what a beautiful set of coins.
  7. Been away from collecting for a bit, got a LizardtoadZ decypher coin today, a very cool coin.
  8. Just for fun we added one of our geocoins to a green jeep as a mission to help collect geocoins, foreign coins, or aged pocket change to help pay for the trip. So if you see her be sure to add something cool and fun.
  9. We got ours today, she is so cool!!
  10. Thanks res2100 Who should I contact to get this changed?
  11. Just a note to tell everyone who got our coin, THANK YOU!! Our coin will soon be removed from Geocoinstore and we just wanted to let everyone know.
  12. We just wanted to let all interested parties know that we have dropped the price of our personal geo coin to $5.00. With shipping which has also been discounted total cost would be $6.63 Our coin has been approved by Geocaching.com and has its own icon. About our coin.....The simple clean lines often used in Art Deco designs gave us the inspiration for our personally designed coin. Keeping with our motto "Its how you hide it that counts". The simplicity of the coin represents that a cache does not need to be elaborate or complex to be satisfying. When looking at the simplest of caches or designs you can find something innately beautiful and rewarding. Here is the link to our coin Thanks Mike and Pat aka Allwayslooking99
  13. GCC - April coin. Not a bad looking coin, nice idea with "stained glass" looking paint. Geoswags - Boots coin. I really like this one.
  14. We have a great Clue cache series in Wisconsin by The Cheeseheads.Clue Series I hope this helps.
  15. 1 silver and 1 gold Puzzle Coin, great, great idea! 2 Mcdoodles & Family coins, Very nice. Civil War Series #3 and 4.
  16. We will contact those who asked for trades after the coin sales are completed. Keeping track of that at this time would be tough on us and I would like to be able to send coins out quickly to honor the trades.
  17. Just wanted to thank everyone who picked up our geocoin today. We spent alot of time making a coin that we think looks different then all the others and would look good in any collection or cache.
  18. Can someone help with adding the image to this posting, for some reason I'm having trouble doin it. Thanks
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