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  1. Will be visiting Brookfield,Ct later in the spring... anyone in WI wanna attempt to complete this together...
  2. Canceling no...more like coming up with something new for 2016 rather than the familiar block parties that have been hosted in the past few years
  3. The reason you weren't getting email replays is this thread was from 2013 -- I was simply typing on it to see if the original host of this mission was attempting again this past season - which he/she wasn't replying and I think has step out of geocaching for a while by the last view of their profile
  4. For that years celebration they allowed to be held on one of the following dates- 4/30/10 to 5/3/10: most people did May 2nd which was a saturday (I attended 5) May 1, 2000, President Bill Clinton's executive order to discontinue Selective Availability allowing users to receive a non-degraded GPS signal globally was executed. On May 2, 2000, at approximately midnight, eastern savings time, the switch controlling "Selective Availability" was thrown. Twenty-four satellites around the globe processed their new orders, and instantly the accuracy of GPS technology improved tenfold. Tens of thousands of GPS receivers around the world had an instant upgrade. On May 3, 2000 Dave Ulmer placed the very first geocache, The Original Stash, a black bucket, in the woods near Beaver Creek, Oregon. Along with a logbook and pencil, he left various prize items including videos, books, software, a can of beans and a slingshot. I'm already in the works with another local cacher near me for a big 15th Birthday Party For the 1st Geocache.. party games/ b-day cake / door prizes in the planing stages right now
  5. My personal opinion is: I've already been doing that...unless it was an official WWFM event - I basically already used those time frames for my events anyways, including the 31 Days of events I did for the month of August that one year - ea were at least 30mins long. Not to mention some of my events I even had (If I'm still there past the posted time frame, then the event is still going strong) I've had events that were 7-9pm posted , but I stayed till the pub closed and had people showing up till midnight for a few
  6. MysticCache .. are you heading up this again... It was fun
  7. I just heard of this ...is it too late to participate??
  8. Avast ye fellow geocachers..I'm on a mission to get the GPS Adventure Maze To Florida, Tampa Bay to be exact.. I've wrote up this petition of interest a few years ago but haven't had much activity till this year of signatures.. Well I'm pushing for it to be here for Geo Woodstock 11 or just after if I can. Thru other local cachers I'm hearing interests possibly thru the exhibit directors they've talked too- I want lots of signatures to show it would be in their best interest to host it.. I'm only a geocacher and don't have the backing to market this so, I'm doing what I can. Here's the link to my petition: GPS ADVENTURE MAZE PETITION OF INTEREST Please spread the word.. have family,friends,etc. who support your interest in geocaching to sign and spread the word of this... thanks so much! Capt Biggins
  9. giving the benefit of the doubt, it could be a simple imposed digit or letter.. I've got that going on with my geocoins from Germany cachers..
  10. OK- Im just popping in here to ask a question about these geocoin projects. I know I'm to late to be involved with this 12/12/12 one.. My question is - if say in the state of Florida (example 12/12/12 )- can more than one coin made up if the diffrent areas represent diffrent things (example in Fla we have Space Themed things on the east coast and Tampa Bay Bucs on the west coast- could a least 2 diffrent coins be made within that state- I was hearing theres a mile limitation of say 150miles btwn project locations.. can someone explain the rules of these projects ..thanks
  11. niether is any of my images for profile pics or avatars
  12. Thanks for the advice.. but this isn't my 1st time selling geocoins ...
  13. I read someone on the forums had a very large collection of geocoins and in their book the value/cost the coin was sold for when it came out.. who was that-- can you have them send me a message via my GC.com profile.. I will be helping a fellow geocacher sell off his collection as his interests are changing from the game...
  14. Have a question to how I can remove a challenge that was archived before I could complete it.. I rather not see it the rest of my geocaching life.. can someone tell me how to remove it. The challenge was the kiss a frog
  15. If it was a muggle I understand they prob didn't know what they had... but if this was a geocacher and the same SOB who took the lid then they need to be keelhaul'd and give several hours of the captains daughter with salt laced to it..
  16. Come on all.. I know there's got to be more than just the104 people intrested in this exhibit coming anywhere remotely close to the Southeast.. I need your support. please
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