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  1. Here are the screen shots. The first one is a list containing the 6 missing caxhes the second one is the same list with one cache selected. the third is after turning off the list. See how all the other caches appear and the selected one is still on the screen? the last is after clicking off the selected cache. See how it disappears? All my filters are set to the default setting
  2. I’m getting an “unknown error when attempting to upload photos”
  3. Ahhh yes. On the web application there are three choices. The “All” selection is selected. still confused. Because these are unfound caches.
  4. Ahhh yes. On the web application there are three choices. The “All” selection is selected. still confused. Because these are unfound caches.
  5. Oh sorry. The filter on my phone app is only a toggle. Hide my finds and it’s set to on. Even if it’s off, they still don’t appear. The caches in question are also unfound so I don’t think that should matter.
  6. Yes. and I have deleted the app. and even changed devices.
  7. I used to have an extensive ignore list but deleted them all. Now I am finding that many of those previously ignored caches still do not show up in my maps on my iPhone. I found it curious that the same thing happens on the web application to an extent. Please look at the difference between the two web application maps. The newer "Browse" map contains these six geocaches that were once on my ignore list but have been removed. The "Search" map does not contain these six geocaches.... edit: That puzzle cache down on the road too. It used to be ignored... and the one south of it. It would appear that the iPhone App uses the old "Search" map because these 6 caches do not appear on my phone unless I search for them specifically by GC#. I can add them to a list and they show up on the list map, but when I turn off the list function they all disappear unless selected. If one is selected it appears until i click off it. Any Idea how to get all these caches back on my iPhone app?
  8. Just another of the 95 (is that all? really? hmm) checking in. I didn't know we would ever be Charter Memebers either. Member's only caches and PQ's didn't exist. My thought was... "I am having so much fun with this website. If it ever goes away I don't want it to be my fault" So I donated my $30 and just kept it going even when my caching tapered off to almost nothing. Glad I did to cuz now I'm back and the title of Charter Member is pretty cool.
  9. This helped me as well. There is nothing [i could find] on the geocoin FAQ. Thanks for the info Night Hunter
  10. Oh ya.... I meant to post.... Could somebody please tell me my duplicate post? This was a much better reply than I expected. Thank you so much!! Now let me see what I did here..
  11. According to my stats.... This means I logged a cache twice? How can I find which cache that is? I could go through them all one by one... In fact I started doing that but by the time I got to the second page I forgot what was on the first page.. that will never work for me.
  12. Can you create a Google Document instead of an Excel file? Then link to that?
  13. The short answer is no. The Apple app needs the internet to locate caches in a specific area. I have been caching and lost my 3G signal and the GPS on the Navigation screen still works. Perhaps if you browse to the cache you want to find and then start navigating to it while you still have wifi it may work. But you will not be able to log your visit in the field nor will you be able to find the next closest cache. If the above navigation does work, you could use multiple iPads with one cache preset up to find each cache... It just may work.
  14. Hey!!!! How are those size 14 hiking boots doing? I sure miss following them to caches! Got any Kettle Korn??? I missed Christmas this year. Your Pal, Janie ..........oh, & Steve too! Well I think I'm probably about 5 pairs in since the last pair you followed. Kettle Corn? In April? are you crazy? I'm still recovering... Hope to see you next year... Or sooner would be nice ya?
  15. Hey, Sean, how's it goin'? Good to see you checking in. I see you just logged some caches out in Santee that you found last summer. Does that mean you're back in the game? Lemme know if you wanna do some caching/hiking. Might need a refresher course on urban micros and power trails, though. They're all the rage these days!! I would love to say yes, but my comebacks always seem to be short lived.. but lets give it a shot. Sure maybe we can get out sometime again...
  16. I don't know about the usual suspects ... there seems to be quite a few unusual ones in here if ya ask me! Unusual people in the Geocaching Community? That is not very unusual at all
  17. So how is my little baby doing... seems to be quite grown up... and the the usual suspects are still hanging around? wow nice... Howdy all? Night Hunter
  18. a.) Email Sent: Check √ b.) Name Received: Check √ c.) Mission Sent: Still Waiting... ...but it is coming... d.) Mission Received: Check √ I have been off the site for so long. My apologies to the person who I am sending to. I had so many problems getting the item I am sending you. I have been assured that it is forthcoming. But just so you know, one of the few of you who are worried about your mission will be getting something. Sorry I can't say which one of you it is. My apologies to the person who sent my mission as well, buy my wife had this great idea for an anniversary present. She decided to get me a display for all my coins. In order for it to be a bigger surprise, she stole all my coins out of the mailbox for the last month or so, and displayed them in the display before she gave it to me. Really nice intentions, but I was worried about those coins. Anyway, Thanks soooooo much. I loved the coins and swag you sent. Very appropriate.
  19. Sure, be happy to go out caching with you...if I'm home! I'm Air Force, currently in Iraq, doing a year... Lot's of great cachers in Vegas, though, just check out the NGA Now I know who to contact next time I'm in Iraq! Woo hoo!
  20. Ditto with San Diego Cache Events Yeah, that's a great thread, if you're in San Diego! C'mon, Vegas is only a 5 hour drive. Everyone is welcome to join us. Yeah but you can hook up with any cachers here. this is a great place to find a time to cache with other geocachers. ...umm... Ditto with San Diego Cache Events
  21. What a great line, Ed. I may have to "borrow" it sometime. Love it! I grew up partly in th' southern Bible Bell and many times crawled under the revival tents to watch the Rollers and Healers. Best was summer-time; nothin' better than sweaty women makin' a bug fuss. The advantage was that I got "Saved" thirty-three times during my youth. Volunteering for the "Come on down" call always brought th' sermons to a close and appreciation from th' congregation. We moved so much that I was always a new-face at any tent show or country church. The payoff for getting saved was donuts and being hugged by excited, grown-up women. Old sinner with a lot of practice, Harmon And yet you married a num! Num From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Num, a god of Samoyedic peoples Did you already know what Num was, or did you look it up as soon as you saw that post. I had no Idea what a num was, or who the Samoyedic peoples are until I read that link.... wait, I read the link, and I still don't know who they are....
  22. OMG! I sure hope you did your research before posting that.... Did George Carlin REALLY tell those jokes???...
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