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  1. I am from TN and will be taking my 3 nephews camping for the first time this summer and they live in Montreal. I am looking for a good campground with geocaching. I am trying to find a campground in the US near Montreal, unless someone know of some real good ones in Canada. I also want to teach them some basics about camping, ie, building a campfire, so I also would like a place that is campfire friendly. Maybe swimming would be nice too, but not must. Any help would be appreciated!
  2. The more caches I look at, I now see some of them are in both. I have downloaded most of your caches, AV. Thanks.
  3. I will be heading up to Montreal this Thursday and I noticed that most of the caches are in French. Is there a way to convert them into english? Or are there a few I could find that are listed in english? Your help would greatly be appreciated. P.S. I am paperless with Cachemate.
  4. I went canoeing with some friends yesterday and left my GPS in my purse. Someone broke the front window and stole my purse with my 60cs in it. They realy didn't look around because they could have stolen my Palm TX as well. I am glad I didn't leave that in my purse as well. Oh well! I might be in the market to upgrade to a 60csx if I can find a good price. Thanks goodness for insurance. What are some good prices out there for a 60csx?
  5. I am helping someone go paperless. I bought then a Palm IIIxe and am now needing to buy cachemate for them, so I can load it on there palm. My question is, they don't have an Paypal account, so I am going to purchase it for them, but I want to set-up there info for them when I buy it for them. Can I buy it with my paypal account and plug in there info on your site, so that they may get the updates and reminders in the future? I know the hotsync name and everything. I am just getting them set-up. Thanks
  6. Is there anyway for a future version of Cachemate to add a DNF folder or, on the Log Page to have another check mark area for DNF, which then sends it to a DNF folder. This is the one feature I would love to see added to this program.
  7. 2 Spinners 3 GA-TN Hunters - The General 1 Tombstone 1 GAS - Alberta 1 Anthus - Firefighters 1 ARK-MO Geocachers
  8. I got a lot of trades today. Minnesota Dorkfish Sunshinegang Virtual Cahce Ghost Texas Challenge 2006 10 Califonia Poppies I hope I get my Spinners Tommarow.
  9. Yesterday: 2 Oklahoma: Native America 2 Oklahoma: Route 66 Today: 2 Acadia National Park 2 London Telephone Booth
  10. Thanks for everyones imput on this. I guess it's resounding no. Thanks for the cute coin Gridlox.
  11. Has anyone else noticed that when someone sends you a envelope that has "real stamps" and not a postage meter mark, that many times the USPS did not use a cancelation mark on it? I am real tempted to reuse the envelopes. What is everyones feeling on this.
  12. 2 Loggerhead Black Nickel LE 3 Fox & the Hound 1 Kansas Tornado LE
  13. 2 - Tracking Time 1 - Land of Lincoln 10 - Fort Gratiot Lighthouse - Michigan
  14. I had to rebuild my computer and lost all the old emails, so I don't have my registration code and I just bought a new palm and need to add the registarion code to it. Can you help me out, please?
  15. 2 Skirt Lifters 2 Lamp Posts 1 Mississippi LE 1 TX Bluebonnet 1 Geowoodstock III
  16. I got both sets today. They look good. Thanks
  17. I bought one ten pack. Wow good price for haveing it trackable and it's own Icon.
  18. I got my regulars, now I am waiting for my LEs to come.
  19. I got my coins, well phones today. Wow they are a little bit bigger then I thought they would be, but that OK with me.
  20. I got mine today. WOW so shiny. Hope they stay that way.
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