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  1. I have never seen an Alien in another form , than human . I heard if you wear foil on your head they can not read you thoughts.
  2. Nicce coin I do not have. I will have to trade or if you have one left. ( think legm)
  3. i would take 3 if you made these. great idea..
  4. I am waiting on 7 of them to come in..
  5. I love this coin. Thanks for making it..
  6. I would like 2 get one but i do not want to get it from EBay.
  7. I would love 2 trade or buy 2 Please.
  8. Is it just for trade or can I buy 2.
  9. working all day on Sunday. BBoo hhoo.
  10. It Is not mine but I would love to get acouple of them.. Great looking coin..
  11. thecachingPlace.com will let you keep up with all your coins and trade with others. it is the best thing I found to keep up with my trades and coins.. I have 45 and about 26 I am waiting on.
  12. 2 silver please. I wanted a gold one 2 but your sold out. Yes, Please pay with Paypal..
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