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  1. Please add me to the list for 2. Thanks
  2. Please add me to your list. One of each type. Thanks
  3. Look Great! I would to buy two of them.
  4. Put me down for 2 coins -email sent- Thanks
  5. We would like two of each of the coins. Great design
  6. we would like two also. thanks.
  7. I'll take 5 ...thanks. will send email
  8. we would like to purchase three if they are available.
  9. Any coins left? if so we would like 2 of each. Can pay by paypal. Just let us know.. Thanks.
  10. We would like 5 regular screws and if per chance you end up with any silver unpaid for we would like 4 of those too. Thanks..
  11. 5 of each for us, will keep looking for the order page when posted. thanks.
  12. If you end up with any extras I would like to buy two. thanks
  13. Ordered 20. Great looking coin. If it costs more to ship let us know and we will send some more. Thanks. :-0
  14. We would love to be included in this too. If still room count us in. :-)
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