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What Was In Your Mailbox Today!


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Not in my mail box.


I went to the post office to see if I could fill out a form to get my Illinois coins that were missing. I showed them a picture of the coins and they went to the backroom and came out with All 3 Illinois coins.


I did ask about a form and they did not know of one.


Great Day!

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One missing Oklahoma coin that had slipped out of the mailer.


Got the mailer on monday with a large enough tear in the end to allow one coin to slip out. After showing the ripped package and a coin to the mail guy on Tuesday, he remembered seeing the loose coin in a bin. He was kind enough to place it in an envelope and send it in today's mail. My lucky day :D

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Got a mailer from Moore, OK today.....the contents were loose inside....luckily none escaped.


I also received a mailer from Moore, OK yesterday. There was a small slit on the side of the envelope, but fortunately the coin was still in there. A quick shake or two of the envelope though and that coin came flying out. There was also a piece of cardboard included in the envelope where it was obvious the coin had been taped to, but it seems that it broke free from the tape during shipping.

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I recived none this week but am hoping some that were showing up in people's mailboxes will end up in my PO Box....Illinois, Gradn Canyon, 2006 Not Another Micro, Made in China, Oklahoma....


However, after reading the thread I am afraid that the Oklahoma coins will probably being missing. Knowing the trip is 1/2 way around the world and the multiple handling that they will go through...I don't feel hopeful.

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