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  1. Hey all, I’ve been out of the geocoin game for a while and was thinking about releasing some of my less desirable coins in the collection into the wild to move along, but I have no idea what is and is not desirable. Here’s my list – any thoughts? - 2005 Bronze Connecticut Coin - 2005 Maine coin - 2005 Screw - 2006 Quebec Beer Coin - Tiki Lord Pomsby - Tiki Yawp - 2005 7 Summits Mt McKinley - EU Coin - German - 2006 I (heart) Geocoins - 2006 Minnesota Coin - 2005 USA Geocoin - 2005 Tennessee Coin - 2006 USa Coin - 2006 Maryland - Coin quest prize coin from The Cache U Nuts - 2006 World Geocoin - GCC Selective Availability - 2005 DNF - Oklahoma Coin - JoelMart Don’t Fear the Muggles - The Fraher Family 2005 clover coin - 2006 Groundhog Day - 2006 BadAndy - GeoBrowns Caches and Vino - 2005 Compass Rose - 2006 Loggerhead Green - Chilihead FTF - Scotland - Foxfire48 - Geocat - Geoclub Feb 2006 - 2006 Not Another Micro - 2006 Grand Canyon - 2006 Parents of Sam - Wyoming - 2006 Geo Penny - Hazards of Caching 12/1/05 by Cornerstone 4 - Spinning Coin - 2006 Arkansas - 2006 Finland - 2006 DuncanClan - Fox and the hound - Dhenniger - 2005 4F’s - 2006 Looney Penguin - CITO 2006 - Feb 2006 Groundspeak - Prague 2006 - 2006 Absolute Caching - Wales - Aztec Calendar/Atomic Clock - New Jersey - 2006 Atlanta Gal Micro - 2Bugs 2006 - 2006 Satellite Coin - 2006 Geocaching definition - 2005 England - GeoAddicts - 2005 New Mexico - Geocaching logbook - 2006 Texas Blue bonnet - Dorkfish - Geoscouting - Geocoin Town - 2006 TFTC - 2006 Cache the Fever - Prime Meridian/Royal Observatory - Phone a Friend - South Carolina - BikeDog - Anhus Decoder - Delaware - 2006 Maritime Geocaching - Brawny Bear Clan - 2006 Original American Search Engine (Native American) - 2006 West Tennessee - GCC March 2006 - Psychochicken - 2006 macdonr & Mac Lakeland Florida coin - 2006 Frozen Bone - Rhode Island - Legend of Bigfoot - Groundspeak January 2006 - Team Skirtlifter 2006 - Geo lamp post2006 - 2006 Compass Rose - 2006 Generic Geocoin - 2006 Generic Micro - The Quahog Coin - Indiana Micro - March 2006 Groundspeak - Cache or Die Trying Skull - Civil War Series Sumtner - Michigan - Complete Puzzle Coin Set (4) - Glow in the dark Virtual ghost - Caught Red Handed - Original Stash - April 2006 Groundspeak - Pennsylvania - Spinning Texas coin 2006 - 2006 LIGO - 2005 Wisconsin - Nut coin - Massachusetts one bronze and one gold one silver - Junglehair GPSr - TFTC smiley coin - 2006 Vermont - The SomDCacherz coin - Texas Geocaching Coin
  2. Ok, that makes sense. I couldn't figure out how to get it to work in GSAK. I knew I couldn't do it with my finds PQ because of only my logs being there, but multiple queries makes sense. The one thing though, if I do multiple quieries, it still won't pick up archived caches right? Not that it matters because current cachers aren't finding them, but just curious.
  3. When you go into the "Geocaches" tab on your profile page, and click on "All Cache Finds" you get the list of caches descending by date you found them. I really like this feature, but is there a way I can re-organize my found by last found date by any user, rather than just my last found date? (kind like how you can on Travel Bug Tags lists).
  4. This question seems to pop up every year, and to add to the comments above about geo-trash, quantity dulls quality, etc... - What about those that don't have a steady place to stay and move around a lot (students, service men, displaced employees). I don't think they should be forced to place a cache that would either a) have to be adopted out or archived when they leave. Plus, by moving around continuosly they may not be able to truly get to know an area, and be able to make the stellar caches they wish in special locales. Furthermore, by moving around they are more likely to be able to up their numbers by replenishing their cache index with each move, thus their ratio will be very skewed. - Forcing people to hide could potentially cause for less proceeds in premium membership/less membership overall, thus decreasing the services GC.com could provide. In that, if cacher X reaches his ratio limit and cannot log anymore without hiding a cache, but really doesn't want to hide, cacher X is likely just going to let his premium membership lapse and non-premium members will not log on anymore. Why move in a negative direction like that? - Lastly, just let them play the game.
  5. For me, if I post that the coin is available and someone offers something I want, it is a fair trade. For example, I post that I have a wooden nickel I wrote TH1981 on with a pen is available. Someone offers me a M10Bike Ver. 1. I take the trade, it is fair. Oh, and BTW, I have a wooden nickel with TH1981 written on it in pen...any M10Bikes out there?
  6. Yes, I have noticed it in the past. For me it usually is coupled with problems adding Boomarks to lists too, in that I will add them and they won't show up in the list. IT is wierd because it comes and goes.
  7. I searched, but didn't see this brought up in the past. Would it be possible to add a feature to upload multiple pictures at once? If this can be done by GreaseMonkey I would be all for that too.
  8. Yeah this kind of stuff is getting frustrating... Although not a coin, I bought a replica of a white Jeep and put it in a cache with a tag on it. Within a day of placing it there someone made a sock puppet, logged the whiet jeep out of the cache, and took it. It was so obvious, as the sock puppet had no finds, hides, TBs, but somehow knew how to find a cache that had incorrect coordinates and log in and out TB's...they can have the Jeep if it means that much to them. Sorry this happened, I remember reading teh first thread on this cache and thinking it was a cery cool idea.
  9. Mine: Original Stash Barbaric Yawp Coin Quest I Dorkfish
  10. Very interesting. It was indeed in a black dashmount, above a dark gray dashboard on a VERY sunny and hot day. Also, when I ventured into the woods, it did go away. This is my first summer with the dash mount, so that could be it. How does one do a master reset? I'll give that a try as well. Also, I did change the batteries and it did it again while in car.
  11. Today I was caching and about halfway to cache #1 in car, I look up and the Legend is off. I thought I might have clamped the dash mount on the power button, so I turn it back on. A couple minutes later there is a window that looks like this: - At the top it says, "External Power Source unplugged" - Middle, "GPS will shut off in..." countdown numbers - Bottom - "Press any button to switch to battery power" At the end of countdown GPS shuts down. I don't and have never had an external power source. I pressed the button and that window would close, but just pop up again a few minutes later. When I started caching it stopped, but I'm not sure if something was fixed, or it was because I was fiddling with all the buttons while caching, keeping the window away. Anyone have this problem? How does one fix it?
  12. Have 2 x June Geo Coin Club (Clam) Looking for coins I don't have - especially Evil Micro Jungle Garmin's
  13. What he said. There are things called Pocket Queries, and you can set it up to download/preview just caches that have travel bugs circling out from your home coordinates. Very useful. It is always how I find coins/jeeps.
  14. Have: 2 x May 2006 GCC Club coin Seeking: Nut Evil Micro Found It Anyone? Bueller?
  15. I like this idea. One thing I think would be neat, if possible: When "logging" a cacher, allow the one logging to either A) enter the coords. you met the cacher (as mentioned a few pages back); or B ) enter the GC code for the cache you met the cacher at. Then it would be really a great feature if by entering this GC code when you log a cacher it would add a little line automatically to your log on the cache page that says "I met XXXXXX , YYYYYYY, ZZZZZZ while doing this cache." Then each player's name in that line would be a link to the log you logged on the cacher's page.
  16. I DL the found PQ and upload it into GSAK. Basically a high tech way of keeping a binder of cache pages, just much more efficient with more features.
  17. I'd like to see a coin shaped like a tire with a crushed GPSr sticking out from under it and on the reverse the saying: "Got Dashmount?"
  18. It's funny. I have about 10 real coins out and 4 replicas that I sent out for really expensive coins I bought during the boom. I thought it was cool, I clearly labelled them as replicas in the name to warn others. Thought it was a neat way to share the icon and coin picture and save them from being ripped off, as 3 or 4 of my coins have been. However, just this morning I went in search of a coin in a cache, not labelled as a replica in its name (it was in the description but I didn't read it, that was my fault not the owners), and got there to find a laminated card. I put in a newly activated real GCC coin and took the card. I logged it and will place it in another cache as wished, but it WAS suprisingly dissapointing. Well, when I got home I emailed those who had my replicas to toss them in the trash and posted a note on those that are in caches to get rid of them. Funny how views can quickly change. I think the practice is fine if people want to do it, I will continue to have nothing against it, I will even log those replicas I can help in their goal (If I move a traveler I will log it), but I won't be releasing any more and hopefully those I left out get destroyed pretty soon.
  19. My opinion: one of the most value to cost ratio buys I've made. I use it quite often. Perhaps instead of the radius/polygon debate you are worried about - it might be worth it to buy a mapping program like Microsoft Streets and Trips. Caching has been so much more fun since I have been doing this. I upload a PQ to GSAK once a week or so or when I go on trips. I upload CAches and Benchmarks. Then I export caches to streets and trips and make them red dots and the the benchmarks and make them yellow dots. I organize a route with the caches I want to do and then see what benchmarks lie along the route. Really amazing. It is so easy to export to cachemate on the palm. Two easy steps. Export then Hot Sync. I like downloading the Found Caches PQ everyonce in a while. And with this feature it is great that it singles out and only contains your log. Very fun to organize by log date and look back through. But it does so much more. Really I think it is very worth it!
  20. An easy way to do it is write the number cache it was in your log then DL a PQ of found caches into GSAK. Then organize them by log date. Even if the ones on a particular date might be a little out of order, that PQ only contains your log and you can see what number it was. That is what I do anyway I really like going back to read my logs, much fun!
  21. These are some great suggestions I am going to try some of the above and see what happens. I could be totally off, but when I first saw that Waymarking category I thought it was for marks that were niether in the NGS nor in GC.com. I could be way off and probably am, but if it is that for marks are in NGS that is cool. Very good to know.
  22. I could really get in to searching for BM's, but I also like to log ones that are existant in the GC.com database - both to keep track of what I find and be able to tell if DNF's aren't worth searching for. What I have been doing is putting together a cache trip on Streets and Trips. Then tranferring a county download to Streets and Trips and picking out BM's that lie close to the caching route I have already picked. Then I have to individually go through each BM to see if it is in the GC.comn database or not. Is this the most efficient way? How are others doing it?
  23. I searched for a site to get the activation code for these and the "activation code clearing house" but came up empty - does anyone know where to get the code for these? I tried the usuals and none found my code.
  24. You are a premium member and thus can use Pocket Queries - they are awesome. Go to your account page, click on "Build Pocket Queries" on the right hand frame. Then set it up any way you want! (Only multis - 3 difficulty - with travel bugs) Then it will email you a group .gpx file. Then you have to upload that into GSAK or EasyGPS (both available in the "Recources" section of Geocaching.com.
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