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What Was In Your Mailbox Today!


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The best mail day YET!! We got the 6 samples of these:




Note: This is the Gold and Antique Bronze, they are not neccesary the metals of the coins but those are the ones that the pictures turned out the best.


Our personal coin! HOORAY! WOOHOO! They are gorgeous! Wonderful job OakCoins!


We also got:


MINZ personal....Thanks for the trade!

2 x Texas Bluebonnet....WOW they are big and beautiful!

Team Desert Eagle....very nice eagle!

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Let's see here....... <_<


1 2Hillbillies

1 GBA Microchip

1 IceCreamMan

1 Mrs IceCreamMan

1 TreePlanter

1 Team Coy Chev

3 Kansas

3 LIGO bronze

3 Made In China LE gold

1 Team DesertEagle

3 Texas BlueBonnet

2 Bikini Bottom Feeders

1 Celtic Cross version 1 LE silver

2 Zack & Donna Jones wooden nickels and other sig items

1 Ammo Can pin

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OKIC :ph34r:

North Carolina 2005 numbered

Alabama AGA 2004 :o

Crop Circle


TRL Caching Through The Snow Too

JeeperMTJ bronze

UK 2005


I'd really like to update my cointracking list but it doesn't seem to work right now. Hope there will be no loss of data <_<

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