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  1. Dave, I too just found out about the permanent shutdown because of vacation and school. Loved the site when i was first introduced to it after GW3. Actually met you and have the card with the web address in my geocaching collectibles pile. Have used it personally for my own data ever since. I loved that it also tracked CAA finds for the whole community, which no one else does! As a WRC/Fizzy owner, i am really going to miss the site, because i could pull up someones profile who had stated they qualified and click on each D/T combo from the table to see which cache was in that spot for them. That helped validate that the cache was date eligible and hadn't been rating adjusted to fill a square. It is important to me, because people who find my WRC first get an 81 coin with "Florida" engraved on it free. Your site made my life easier. My love of the state and county map finds would get me lost for a few hours each time we made a multi-state trip, looking at how the colors filled in the white spaces. Thanks for your hard work and wish you would reconsider letting someone bring it back on line. Tracy tiki-4
  2. Can you please clarify the below statement. It appears that you are saying there are type/guideline restictions. I recently learned that the statement 'one in, one out' is no longer an enforceable condition (of course, one wonders how would it be enforced?) Provided you don't have trade restrictions, otherwise yes there are cache type guidelines/restrictions. Out of everything I can say about Hotels, please place one that assists every bug, and doesn't put them in undue jeopardy of being lost or stolen.
  3. Thanks! Didnt know if there was a web based solution.
  4. The baggie on a TB tag bought several years ago is destroyed and i cant seem to find any link on how to get that information. I know there are several sites to retreive them for coins, but what about TB tags?
  5. At least most virt pics dont give away the cache location for good hides...
  6. Lead time, fully communicated (multiple languages), and varied alternatives for travel (bus/plane/car); lodging (hotel/motel/hostel/camp); timing (mid summer vice fall?) Quad annual event would be about right...enough time to plan it correctly and save up for it
  7. Did the post get taken down or the search engine not working correctly?Has GeoWoodstock 5 location been identified?
  8. agree that Need Reviewer Attention instead of Needs Archived may encourage more use of the this log. I still think a Needs Maintenance or a private note to the owner can resolve most problems. Agree that the label is corosive. I use it to bring attention to the area reviewer. Wonder if it sends tham an email??? I have also used it of late as a question on why event caches are still alive 30+ days after an event. Some areas with a lot of events can create a waste clog in the PQ/GSAK.
  9. Having .LOC files for Waymarking is a good step in making the experience more like Virtuals. There's still room for improvement like better filter criteria, Pocket Queries, and integration with Geocaching. Maybe months or years down the road, I can just download a PQ of random "Best Kept Secrets" Waymarks into my GPSr and have a ball. As a replacement for Locationless, I think Waymarking has done very well. I proposed an idea of "reverse migrating" popular/highly rated Waymarks back to Geocaching as Virtuals in another thread. The community can vote to "promote it" back to Geocaching. Maybe the reviewers will be spared some of the headaches this way. This has its own can of worms, like how to handle "finds" for people who've visited it before the migration. But then, Earthcaches are going through that process now, so we'll see how that goes. Most strongly agree with the 1st and 3rd parts.... one the 2nd, the LC replacement means that more people get to log the same site, but the rules regarding establishing them needs to be cleaned up. The problem with WM is that it hasnt been allowed to be fully used with the parents sitting in the back seat.
  10. i sent questions on what is the current prospects/timeline for submitting an earthcache over two weeks ago, and still havent received a reply from the earthcache.org site, does anyone have any knowledge??
  11. Until than, i guess if we wanted to create a new one, we either wait or make a WM?????? No option on the GC site.
  12. So, i noticed new listings here any over at GC? The site seems to be having issues tonight....
  13. Multile listings for the same site should be encouraged as long as one meets the requirements for their respective categories. It will increase the overall chances for bringing someone into an area that the WM creator thinks is important, or they wouldnt invest the time to develop the WM in the 1st place. I always recommend that the WM's be cross-referenced with a hot link, that way the visitor knows that there is another WM nearby. Would be neat to see how high the count goes for one location in say a 10' radius or some other measurement. I have seen a site that had 4 different historical markers next to an unusual building, that is on the historic lists, former battlefield, cemetary, etc... Now if we could get PQ's on the WM site...life would be great!
  14. Please faster rather than later!!! I was in the mess with BQ that was used as an example. Dont know if i think the final veto is such a great idea, as i always use majority rules in any dispute amongst the officers where i have the lead.
  15. Why not roll them into the other category? Why did they allow a 100 only listing? For the sake of an old LC? This was the one hazarad of the LC, to limiting and not enough room to participate. The WM allows multiple visits, but it shouldnt need to be a seperate category. It could be a radial on the OWDC page.
  16. Why waste espace logging a WM that you created? You must be counting crow, as that is the only real reason... Keeping track of your WM's can be done by navigating the site. Everything else is bilge water for an excuse....if that floats your boat, no harm, no foul, but dont call it something it isnt. However, under no circumstances should anyone be able to log it before it is approved. Retro logging - cool label. If i can meet the requirements of the category, why cant i use an older picture? I had over 500 "proof" pictures for LC's that i am now using for WM, as they pulled the rug out from under us. I also have a lot of pictures that i have taken in the last 2 years, but havent the time to develop all of them into WM, so i just hold them in a temp file and wait for someone else to create it. I went to the 5000 year Westinghouse time capsule in NY to do the virtual in April. Than last month someone created the WM, so i logged it. No harm, no foul. As BQ said, if the visit brings more attention to the spot, than the WM, the category itself, as well as the site has utility. Otherwise, it is a place to make electronic notches on a belt.
  17. Agree with CHI and BQ has the point spot on. We use slang versions and shorten everything in the USA culture, but we as a WM community should edit our selves and present a clear picture. The BSA camps issue was hot, as it specified that particular organizations' camps (USA), and Scouts Canada used those same initials from 1914 through at least 1946, so there are some camps that probably should be included. Funny thing is that BSA has/had camps in England, Germany, Switzerland, Japan, Guam, PR, Italy, Greece, Spain, Phillipines, and S.Korea....
  18. Whispering Giant Sculptures & Outside Wooden Display Carvings Did this really need to be two seperate cats?
  19. Not that it appears that the topic was dying.... Why do we have National Park Stampers and National Parks (U.S.) ??? In over 100 parks that i have visited, i didnt get a stamp at one of them, as they were still waiting for it to arrive. A peer review needs to be established to consolidate overlaps. The process should be simple and spelled out. Some of the current categories should never have gotten the green light, as they clearly duplicate or overlap. Bridges has that issue (moving/vertical lift) and science museum in buildings, while history museums in history/culture? At least they got rid of the extra lighthouse cat....
  20. Some of the 'cats' that i volunteered for see lots of activity. We have a 3/4 way race to see who reviews submission across several different ones. Others are dormant, and one is dead on the vine. Still getting visits on several, but without a PQ function or the ability to look up other members, it is harder to navigate the WM site and get enough data to really play the sport.
  21. It's not that we dont care that they are sitting on the page, it is more of a hope that they will be found again.... i have been emailing the cachers that found the cache after the TB was put in to see if it will prompt them to remember any details. I either get a negative or it was there and can narrow it down. I have found that it can be just a forgotten items that they than go look for and release or i get ignored. If flaming were allowed, i would have a constant burn on two cachers that are still active, as they were identified as the culprits on two of my TB's missing. One even changed their log to reflect that hey didnt take it out now... Guess they feel guilty about a one dollar toy they either stole or lost. On the other hand, one cacher apoligized and replaced the lost item. As for time line, i sont start the tracking process until something prompts me, than it could take a month or more before i get all of the replies or give up. And if a cache dosent have the TB, than i just state as such in the logs of the caches i find to let others know that it has been removed.
  22. Never mind, it is GC72A8 Travel Bug Graveyard. GC was having search issues...
  23. I have come across more caches with a TB listed that isnt there, than ones that are. I like the idea of logging them out and them not showing when they are dropped. A surprize is great, especially when it is a find vice a loss. A hole is a poor way to fix the stolen issue. I can see the reasoning, but this was supposed to be a cool sport and it is turning more into a glut. Anyone have the GC# for the US TB graveyard, i can find an Aussie and Asutria one....
  24. There is a person in TN that has a jeep since GWIV and when i asked why they were keeping it, they didnt understand why i would ask. I on the other hand had a jeep that i have lost in my moving from MD to FL and cant wait to find it and get it off my list. Finally down to the last 50 boxes, but got to have some fun during summer too. Some people must like the plastic M&M guys, because i have over 6 MIA. One guy in NJ wont even answer the email anymore. Guess his little boy lost it.
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