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  1. I need icons made for one of my coins. 32x32 and 16x16 Please contact me and I will send you more infromation. Thanks Tom
  2. Coins are currently sold out. I should have a few more after I get the rest of them packed. Thanks Tom
  3. Coins are now listed at Geocoinshop. I Love Geocoins Tom
  4. I may receive the coins Friday 1-25-08 if all goes well. I will be sending an email when the coins are in the store. Then It will be posted here. Tom
  5. These coins will not be minted again. Tom
  6. "will these be sold as a set or all individually ?" The coins will be sold individually. At least the gold, nickel and black nickel The antique coppers are Paula's. "when will they be sold?" I hope to have them is stock by February 6th. Tom
  7. I knew Tom and only one person said boyfriend.
  8. Please send the items to the person who got the 2 and 3 right first. I just went from there anyway Thanks for the contest.
  9. opps times off No Husband 12 Vanity Plate
  10. 1 Tom 2 15 3 a New Personal Geocoin
  11. Turkey Day 2007 This great looking Thanksgiving coin by Paula of geocoindesign.com features a beautiful tom turkey on the front and multi-colored corn on the back. The detail does not show up in the photo. The turkey has opaque and transparent imitation hard enamel with fine details under the transparent. Specs: 42MM x 3.0MM Imitation Hard Enamel Opaque and Transparent Geocaching.com tracking with unique icon. 280 Total coins minted! NO MORE TO BE PRODUCED! 20 Antique Copper Artist Editions 40 Silver Sold Out 40 Gold Sold Out 90 Antique Bronze 90 Antique Silver Turkey Day 2007
  12. Why not? ~J When Tone tried to order Spain and Norway were not loaded into in my shipping module. It was corrected at that time. So Tone was able to place order. Tom
  13. All refunds were made before the price decrease was posted. Thanks Tom
  14. GREAT NEWS We want the Cache Rewards Geocoins to get out and travel so the price has been reduced from $7.25 and $7.50 to $5.25 and $5.50. The pictures do not do these coins justice. They turned out great. This is a limit run of 250 coins in each design. Very Challenging, Amazing View, Great Container and Excellent Hide. 15 antique copper Artist only edition 30 sandblasted nickel 35 sandblasted gold 80 antique silver 90 antique bronze Also see the reduced price for Guardians of the Cache Geocoins. Trackable with icon Tom
  15. The Guardians of the Cache 4 coin set is now on sale for 3 days! Pick up this great looking set now at a reduced price. Trackable with 1 icon for the set. Only 250 sets to be produced ever. SEE HERE Thanks Tom
  16. Coin 3 of the 2007 Wildlife Muggles series is now in stock. Troubles Tasmanian Devil Spec's 500 coins 38mm x 3.0mm trackable with icon 75 Imitation hard enamel gold 75 Imitation hard enamel nickel 175 soft enamel gold 175 soft enamel nickel 300 Pins 25mm x 1.2mm soft enamel 150 gold 150 nickel May be purchased HERE Tom
  17. The Geo Dog will be back in stock soon. I will post here when they are.
  18. More GeoDog Geocoins will be available in a few weeks. The Icons were just sent in so it will take some time to show up. Thanks Tom
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