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What Was In Your Mailbox Today!


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1 Atlantagal mini and a cool "Got GPS" sticker

1 Illinois

1 Toojin and Bart

1 gold LIGO

1 Delaware standard

1 Geometeacher

1 Two Happy Hikers plus a HH card

1 Gang was here plus a poker chip

2 DLiming bronze and silver (LOVE the butterfly)

1 Nevada


Thanks for all the coins and the extras RULE


....alas still no geobone

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1 "500 Caches Found" coin (thanks Flyin V)

3 "JeeperMTJ" coins to place in FL caches (as part of the Grand Experiment - Geocoin Giveaway)


Also have received lately:




Cachers for Christ (purchased)

Frozen Bone

2006 Geocoin (purchased)

2005 Geocoin (purchased)

New Mexico (purchased)

Texas Autumn 1005 (purchased)

Not Another Micro - black 2006 (purchased)

Not Antoehr Micro - camo 2006 (purchased)

Nielsenc Christmas 2005 (purchased)

Washington 2005

Maine 2005

California 2005

Alaska 2005 gold

Bay Area faultline

(2) 501 gang poker chips


Obvioulsy, I have been infected with the geocoin bug!!!

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I personally would hate to see this topic pinned. All the other pinned topics are now lost to newbies because they were pinned and combined. How many times have we seen: where do I activate this coin? Who are the coin groups, Who makes coins? in new threads. By combining the threads it has done nothing but cause more related threads.

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My Mailgirl is starting to get a sore back. ;)


1 Columbia Gold


1 BisonWoman signature nickel


1 AtlantaGal Antique Copper


1 AtlantaGal Antique Silver


1 AtlantaGal & Cymbaline Silver mini coin


1 Idaho 2006


1 Delaware 2005 Gold LE


1 Delaware 2005 Silver/Nickel


1 United Kingdom


1 USA 2004 Bronze


1 USA 2004 Silver



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An empty enverlope from Moore, OK....

Anyone know what coin SHOULD have been in it?


Oklahoma. Mine had a slit in it also but the coins where still in it. They were taped to half a 3X5 card.


Team Sand Dollar

Our was taped also.... didn't help.


Thanks for the answer, who do I contact to get it replaced?

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