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  1. No, that's the only problem with assigning a map to basemap, you lose the routability , so might as well assign a map that is not routable to that one. At least it still was as of the last update I did of the unit, I have not kept up with the updates in a while.
  2. you can use any map as a basemap, just change the name of the file to: gmapbmap.img I have Topo Ibycus set as my basemap
  3. Is it wrong to complain about your logs being deleted without any explanation? There's nothing wrong with one letting the owner know of their side of the story, just do so in a civil way and via email or PM, don't do it on the cache page or the forums, it's between you and the owner only, but the owner has final say, even if you still disagree there is nothing more you can do but just move on to the next cache.
  4. you should give a bit more info if you want help. Like what software and what GPS are you using and how are you going about transferring. A GPS should be able to hold coordinates from all over the world, I have never heard of a set limit in distance. «Edited to keep you guessing»
  5. They don't disturb us, it is we who disturb them with our insightful answers. As to the question, it is simply a matter of renaming the file properly and placing it in the proper place on your GPS. Refer to your manual for your unit as to the nomenclature of your file. On the Oregon for example the file must be named gmapsupp.img (Added maps) or gmapbmap.img (Basemap) and reside in the "Garmin" folder. You can only have one gmapsupp.img in the unit and one one the memory card. So a total of two gmapsupp.img files.
  6. Just use one of multiple ad blockers available for Firefox
  7. I saw a few on Amazon, here is a really nice one for just 3$
  8. Correct, it's the standard Garmin "Bike Mount" (Part Number: 010-11023-00) As for the lanyard, I go it for free at the Mega-event in Quebec city, Landsharkz was given them away.
  9. I must admit that I did not expect much from this really low cost item (cost less than the price of shipping) and only comes with tie-wraps for attachment. But actually this is very stable when installed and once the unit is clipped in it feels very solid. I'm impressed with this little clip, it's cheap, simple, to the point, and it does exactly what it is suppose to do. Anybody uses other means to clip your unit to your bike? How does it work?
  10. Another article on geocaching in Montreal: Montreal Mirror "Cache and Carry"
  11. Except that Outlook Express is not Microsoft, is it? Seems like a server-level issue, somehow. Sure, Outlook is the predecessor to Entourage.
  12. I see that the common denominator of your troubles is Microsoft.
  13. I don't know why everybody is complaining about an update on the Oregon, for all we know it's only accurate to 200 meters and the touch screen only works when you press it with a hammer... I'm sure the Oregon will have its issues a plenty. Welcome to the Microsoft-tamed world where its perfectly acceptable to purchase products that don't work out of the box.
  14. Hey, AV. Just curious, do owners also get an email when a note is posted to the cache? Hum...BTW wonder why this thread is in OT land.... As long as you own the cache or have it in your watchlist you get every post on it,, notes and all. The only thing you don't get is a modification of a post, such as one converted from a note to a find or whatever.
  15. I keep mine, they are a nice reminder of the people who visited, I have old logbooks with names of cachers who aren't even around anymore. All owners get an email every time somebody logs their cache, now if they pay attention to the email that is another question. We all have lives and going back to change a log is not always a mater of just going out the door we all have priorities, but there are times were it becomes evident that the owner is either no longer interested or the cache that was placed was not as accessible as it should be to them.
  16. You think only geocoins are cheaper to be made in China... Here's an even better one: "Free Tibet!" flags are made in China
  17. You must be new to geocoin... Most geocoins are made in China, USAGeocoins, Coins&PIns, Landsharz, they all have there coins made in China....
  18. Always seems to be uploading some google/banner ad when that is happening. Hmmm. I once had a specific google ad image banner that would show up on my blog that seemed to mess with the page load. I figured out which one it was and blocked it in my adsense settings. I suppose it is possible that it is something like that. Ah! I never thought of that, what a great idea... SORRY GC your ads are getting banned from my view from now on. Just installed "Adblock Plus" for Firefox, lets hope it helps.
  19. I realize that the posts are going through anyways, but this is still really annoying, anybody know when this problem will be fixed, this is now happening to me at least once every 5 minutes or so and sometimes the forums wont even load and I just give up and go someplace else.
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