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  1. I tried the same thing with 5 different sets of zip codes while I was logged in... No ads. I logged off and tried the same thing and got ads. No big deal for me, since I rarely log off.
  2. so, who won the pool? --MGb Nobody yet
  3. Haven't been here in a while... Today: Canine Cachers V3 Brass and 2 tone Ferreter5 (#61) Last Week: Jan & Percy
  4. It used to matter somewhat, but not really any more. For my 1000, I had planned on doing a cache that was placed by the same cacher who placed my first cache, but it did not work out that way. There were too many other caches along the trail and I hit 1000 before getting the the one I had planned on. LOL
  5. Like all of them, especially the gold.
  6. Hopefully, the cache owner will put a link somewhere on the page. Like this one
  7. I would like to trade for one or two. My vote is for TEAL also!!
  8. Please put me down for one of each.
  9. Trade you for one of mine?
  10. Same here, except I usually run the PQ once a week so I can get a couple of weeks worth of logs in GSAK, instead of just the most current ones.
  11. 2005 caches within 50 miles. 1379 if you filter out the finds and hides.
  12. 5.1 Miles includes found and hidden 9.9 Miles filtering out the finds and hidden
  13. From Dr. Watson in Oregon Glacier Lake, CO Cold Mountain, NC
  14. Took a trip to FL last month and took the long way home to Louisville, just to add Alabama, Mississippi and Arkansa.
  15. Excellent!! Just before this was announced "publicly" I had routed a trip from Louisville, KY to Daytona Beach. 10 pq's and probably an hour+ filtering them down to a manageable route. Yesterday, routed our return trip from Tallahassee to Nashville. Within 15 minutes I had the route completed, uploaded, received, and in my gps. Great job Raine.
  16. There are also a quite a few places on 4th street (HRC, T.G.I. Friday, and several others). Reflections will take you to 4th street. Sorry to here that you will have very little spare time, but hope you enjoy your stay.
  17. I would use REFLECTIONS ,very well thought out and creative virtual, as a starting point. Almost anything in the immediate area hidden by Show Me The Cache is worth the walk will give you a good walking tour of the riverfront and some of the downtown area.
  18. Totally agree. Someone has one of my silver coins on ebay with a starting bid of almost $3.00 than I have or am selling them at (some are still available). He is also charging $2.00 shipping, which I included.
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