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What Was In Your Mailbox Today!


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I made myself an Evil Omelette today!




ETA: Thanks for #21 EC!...and NO, that's not me with the budding mullet.








Glad I could accomdate the no. request. I tried hard to remember who wanted what, but in the wee hours of the morning, me and 3M just went a little nuts packaging things securely! (Editing to add that I actually went through 3 1/2 rolls of packing tape for 90 mailings!)

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...and something is at the P.O. that has to wait 'til Monday *ARGH* Thinkin' it's the German Worldchampionship Geocoin.



... Tuesday. The Post office is closed on Monday in the US for President's Day (just so you don't waste the trip)


ARRRRRRRGH! Stooopid President's Day! *LOL* Thanks AG!


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another USPS story:


Last Saturday I received my ROT13 coins, it took them 17! days to get across the pond.


Today I received a trade which has been sent on Dec. 6. 2005, arrived in Frankfurt airport, got checked by customs and sent back to the U.S.?!?!


Today I finally received that package.


White Jeep TB

Georgia Appalachian 2005

Georgia Peach

Canine Cachers 1. Ed.

2 activated Georgia Stone Mountain to be put in Caches


Cat black nickel

Cat polished nickel

Cat polished gold

Caught Red Handed

South Carolina

South Carolina fine silver

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