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What Was In Your Mailbox Today!


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Oh boy, where to start. Just an excellent mail day all around...


3 Reg Mississippi

Pope Benadict coin

3 World Traveller Gold

3 World Traveller Nickel

End Station #37 :)

Locationless Jeep Coin

2 JungleGarmin & Pin!

2 Grand Canyon LE

2006 Georgia

2005 Iowa

2005 Maryland

2005 Washington

Georgia Peach

2005 EU

2005 New Mexico

a surprise coin --- Thank you!!! :D


Mixed lot of my 2006 AG coins --- black nickle no epoxy, satin gold no epoxy and some antique brass with epoxy

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I don't often rejoice here in what the mail(wo)man brings, but today was delicious.


First off, two Absolute Caching coins. I promptly finished them, and now I can't stop hiccupping. Love the Yemon and the Yime! (at least that's what they are to ME) Thanks barkeep! :)


Next is this mysterious package that just gets my curiosity. Nothing but my address, so I'm thinking...hrm...anthrax? No, too heavy. Prolly a coin. Slowly opened to reveal a Mystery Puzzle coin! Whoever you are, you'll never quite believe the irony in ME receiving this...but someday you shall. :D Thanks oodles!


And as if I wasn't already blown away by these arrivals, I opened the last package to find samples of some stunning new coins that are flawlessly sharp. Precision quality that absolutely rocks!


Thanks to everybloody, and you know who you are...




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:smile: I too got one of those "Mystery Coins"....no return address....strange markings on this coin. I think I know where Yime is coming from....I HATE PUZZLES!!!!....cool coin though, don't worry...I AM keeping it.


In addition to that...


1-Triangle shaped Coin w/ matching pin

1-GPS shaped Coin


1/4 lb CC Locationless


1/2 lb Mississippee


oh ya, and some Production Samples all the way from Hong Kong...(Tess & Aaron are great)

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Today was a great day My wife recieved a birthday gift and we all recieved Toojin and Bart's personal coin way cool, and '57 chevy's first sculpy coin and he has done an excellent job with it and if his note is any indication his sculpoy coin's should start riviling the minted ones soon!



Blenz :smile:

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Over the last few days, I got quite a mix of coins.

Toojin and Bart

Team Sand Dollar gold

Sunshine gang V1


Mauison gold

GrandCanyon Copper

MIGO 2006 Winter


GCC Feb coin

2005 MidWest GeoBash

and one very unique coin, Cyclops and Son Chocolate geocoin.

They made a silicone mold of their coin, then made coins out of chocolate. These were made for the MIGO Winter Social this past weekend. Waaaaayyyyy tooo cooooll

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