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  1. I think the new logging page looks good, but there are a few quirks that might need to be addressed. At first glance it looks like the log needs maintenance. There is no indication that this is a clickable element. If you're going to use dropdowns in the UI for other types of selectable options, could this be a dropdown instead of a totally different selection method? Also when selecting/deselecting, it makes the heart icon throb, which has nothing to do with the action. What exactly is the calendar popup pointing to? Probably can do away with that. Overall I think its great logging page, and a welcomed change. Good job peeps! -Raine
  2. The end goal is probably to have consistent looking logs with minimal "fluff" across all devices which would negate trying to process logic for HTML / UBB rendering.
  3. This should be working, trying to figure out the root cause still, but all systems are working normally. -Raine
  4. Looks like the zoom level you're just doesn't have sat maps. What location are you looking at?
  5. May I ask adapt to what? I and others see a trend to make the site more and more painful to people who use the site on a PC and suffer from a bad vision. There are lots of sites out there who manage to offer a reasonable design for mobile devices without punishing all other users. I wonder whether Groundspeak really thinks that if as suggested by you users add their photos to their profile page this leads to a page which is decluttered with respect to the old version where the picture was up in the upper right hand corner. Cezanne, Can you tell me what you're PC setup is like? What Operating System and Web Browser that you use?
  6. Firefox and Chrome have a handle that let you drag the text area down.
  7. You need to enter the starting and ending locations in the text boxes at the top of the map. -Raine
  8. We think we've figured out the issue. We have updated the page to push IE to edge mode. Please refresh the browser and/or clear your browser cache and let us know if you are still having this issue. Thanks! -Raine
  9. Bigbee43, can you explain a bit further? Are you saying you can't download a cache now from the maps?
  10. I can confirm that adding it to compatibility does cause it to render the white screen. I can't figure out for the life of me why this would fail, or why it affects Chrome/FireFox -Raine
  11. Would someone with some tech experience be willing to work with me to debug this issue? Message in the forum thread here and I'll respond to you privately. -Raine
  12. I've updated the map to correctly place the map icon. I'm having difficulty reproducing the "Seattle" issue though. Can someone tell me reproducible steps? -Raine
  13. This is now working as it should have been. -Raine
  14. So wires got crossed, getting a fix out now. -Raine
  15. We held off on the release notes until I could get this fix out. They will be posted tomorrow. The fix is going out right now. -Raine
  16. Yup, working on fixing that now. Thanks!
  17. Of course, that's what I'm doing. but clicking on webcam for example disables the whole row of virtuals, and clicking on it again enables the whole row. that's my problem. and not only at home but also at the office, with different browsers. Depending on the zoom level you are looking at the filter won't allow individual filters. This level and below allows individual cache filtering: http://coord.info/map?ll=47.63706,-122.34358&z=12 This level and above does not: http://coord.info/map?ll=47.63706,-122.34358&z=11 -Raine
  18. We are currently working to get this fixed. Thank you all who have commented so far. We hope to have it fixed soon. -Raine
  19. At the root, it's an issue with IE in general
  20. I've just pushed a release to production that corrects the issue in IE 10. Let me know if you still see any issues. -Raine
  21. fitzsimons & ngrrfan, are you downloading the GPX from the website or is it via the API/iPhone? -Raine
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