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Kansas Geocoin In Production!


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I will try to answer a few questions from here at work. If I miss one I will try to get to it late this evening. Just checked the board during my break.


This is a personal coin with the other side being a state coin. the tracking number will be trackable on geocaching.com and will begin with a PC. Personal coin tracking on Groundspeak is brand new. A few weeks ago this was not even an option for personal coins and organizations had to purchase 1500 tracking numbers. The changes to the OZ side will have www.kswader.com removed and will have Tracking at www.geocaching.com in that position.


Estimated completion for the coins are 4 weeks. I will be posting order information in the next few days. I am keeping track of the people who have shown interst in the coin so they will be sure and get one. Orders will be taken with 2 different forms of payment - PayPal which they require payment when the order is placed. We will also have the coin in our secure online shopping cart where the coins can be ordered with a credit card. The credit cards will not be charged until date is dispatch.


I will be keeping the board updated on the status and photos of the coin. I will have a revised graphic soon with the correct reference to tracking on Geocaching.


Thanks for all the support!


Ed Rucker


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Here the revised changed to the KSWader Kansas Coin to show tracking on Geocaching.com. The tracking number will start with a PC. We also made the numbers larger so it will be easier to see the tracking number on the coin.


Thanks for all the comments on the coin so far!




I will have the website ready within a week to take PayPal or credit card payments. I will contact everyone once that is available. Estimated completion date I was given yesterday was four weeks.

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