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  1. That's a wonderful gesture. Wish i could afford to do the same! Being unemployed I'm having to sell about everything not nailed down.
  2. Hey Admins & powers-that-be, How about adding a "submit log" button at the TOP of the page (above the trackable list) below the text box? It'd be very helpful for those of us who have a crapload of coins in our possession! Thanks guys! Joefrog
  3. ROT 13 Copper Dragon Spinner LiGO Silver LE 2006 Tennessee Micro Geocoin Central Oklahoma COG Geocoin Original Stash Coin & Pin 2005 Pewter Tennessee Geocoin 2006 Great Smoky Mountains Geoquest 2006 Prague More coming!!
  4. I LOVE handmade coins. Some of my favorites are still the ones that were handmade -- I have had to sell some old coins recently, but those handmade ones I will NOT give up.
  5. More trackable coins just listed: Czech Coin SaintSeester Personal Eye of the Pirate Personal 2007 Georgia Gold LE Team Thorny Black Parrot Avroair Black Parrot 2006 Alabama AGA Geocoin 2006 Geobash HorseGeeks Personal Chattahoochee Valley Cachers TGBear Personal
  6. Most of the current auctions are ending today!
  7. Bump! More will be added soon!
  8. Personally, I love it! Good job! I need to start putting out my old sig item again... Joefrog's Famous Marshmallow Gun!
  9. Found it, got the new listings edited. Thanks, Keewee!
  10. Apparently I did not -- thanks for the info; I'll go edit the new listings if I can!
  11. That is an awesome design! Great use of the changing colors!
  12. A few more coins listed. Trackable ones are below: England "Egg" Geocoin Flying Spaghetti Monster (FSM) Moderator Coin Chattahoochee Valley Cachers GeoCoin Group (GCC) Coin HorseGeeks / Jason Personal Geocoin 2007 Temecula Valley HOT ROD Geocoin 2007 BLACK Team Sand Dollar Personal South Carolina Micro Geocoin
  13. Bump! More to be listed ASAP!
  14. 2005 Ohio TGBear Personal Many more coming ASAP!
  15. I heard there was a Joefrog coin on the e-place... sadly enough.
  16. Hey guys, Finances are tough. That's all I'll say right now -- I have a few coins for sale on eBay, and lots more are to come. Here are links to some of them. 2006 Alabama 2005 AMMO CAN Geocoin Bat-Bubba Cave Coin 2005 Delaware state coin Florida's First Geocoin 2006 LIGO Long Island Geocoin 2006 MWGB 2010 Alabama AGA Suncacher GOLD
  17. I'm selling off some spare/extra geocoins. One in particular that's going right now is the last gold Alabama AGA suncatcher coin I have: Gold AGA Silver AGA Stay tuned, more coming...
  18. Yep, shows 3G. Yep, signed in as Joefrog. Not that I won't use a PQ, but I travel a lot -- I want to know what is near me without using one.
  19. Okay guys, At the beginning of April, I bought the iPhone 4. And while cruising the app store, I found the Geocaching app. Well, I seldom have my GPS with me these days (unfortunately), but I almost always have my phone. So $9.99 later, I have the app! Now, I have only used it a dozen times or so. Mostly to see what is around me, and I actually cached with it three or four times so far. Now the problem... For the last two weeks, every time I launch the app and ask it to "Find Nearby Geocaches," it hits me with an error -- every. single. time. The error is, "Communication Issue. There was an issue connecting to Geocaching.com. Please try again." This is getting OLD -- this is my most expensive app and quite possibly my most entertaining. How do I fix this? Thanks, Joefrog
  20. All coins came in yesterday, and all orders that have been paid are en route! I still have silver left so if anyone wants, please let me know! Thanks to everyone!
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