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  1. Very sad indeed having met him on a few times he was a good man who set some really great caches which took caching to a new level in the northeast. He will not be forgotten and some of his caches are and still will be talked about so he will be missed. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family.
  2. Very sad news regardless of how expected it might of been. Unfortunately I never had the opportunity to meet Ewan but am sure I would of enjoyed meeting him as I have been fortunate enough to find a few of his caches. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and thanks Sally for letting us know.
  3. Next question then, What is the U.S. equivalent of the British music hall entertainment called?
  4. Try This Link the previous had two http's on the front. Oops, fixed now
  5. Welcome to the pastime Malcolm. If you can wait a couple of weeks there is this event coming up Newcastle Meet, Drink & Smiley where there will be a few more than happy to show the ropes. Hope you enjoy it
  6. Great News! THE SMILEYS have kindly adopted the cache in addition to their aleady 150+ placed caches and have replaced and unarchived the cache. Many thanks to the THE SMILEYS for keeping the series active!
  7. Fully agree with the comments made having had the pleasure of many enjoyable caching outings with him. There are some good people amongst the cachers out there.
  8. BUMP! As someone else has asked about completing the series and after a month still no takers.
  9. The opportunity has arisen for someone else to take over this LQ cache GC15YRX. It is currently missing and temporarily archived which is not fair to the vast majority of cachers who may want to complete the quest.
  10. Too much time away at that activity which is always interfering with caching called work!
  11. Beside the one Mandy mentioned which I whole heartily agree with there is this one GC1CAQT (although I have not found this one but have found the original) in Harrogate but bear in mind if you do it on the weekend you will not be providing amusement to the offices workers during your search for it.
  12. Another event has been listed Horn Blowing which I was very glad to see as it's an excellent idea. The virtual mentioned on the cache page is I think it is one of the best virtuals I have done as well as being quite interesting. Even though I have already logged it if we are down early would definitely attend as Mrs G was not with me previously and they were not giving out the wooden coins then. I would strongly recommend anyone in the area to make the trip to it as you will not be disappointed. Well done to the committe for this one!
  13. I knew I should never have read this thread. Bring on depression!!! Greg won't be back in the UK until the 6th and would be a long way to drive after his long trip home. We hope to see you all at COC 2009 if not at a camping event before then. Sylvia
  14. But looks like you can go paperless with it. DS
  15. Just requested one and email with it arrived within minutes.
  16. Wish I would known about this sooner as our niece will be over for a visit and would of been a good excuse to show her Manchester as the pub looks interesting but have already booked rooms north of the border for the 19th.
  17. Depending if you were planning on coming over for the day or making a weekend of it you could look at Newcastle or Manchester both about a 2 hour train ride to Harrogate with 1 change of train involved. When looking at the Ryanair flight prices you could aleways fly into one airport and depart from another as there are that many flights to Dublin from Leeds, Newcastle, Manchester and a few from Durham and Doncaster which are closer but not sure about the train times. It is also worth checking two single rather than a return train ticket as often they will be cheaper. Hope you can make it over as it would be good to see you again at an event.
  18. Another successful rescue mission from this cache picking up this TB
  19. First of all I hope the organizers do not get disheartened with all the negative postings and just give up completely. On a personal note I am glad that I will be off for both dates so will be making it down for it regardless. While the date chosen may not of been my preferred choice I am not the one who is organizing it and I am sure the committee has had long discussions regarding the pros and cons of the date which would not of been an easy decision. But the date has been chosen and we should start pulling together to make it a success. If changing the date suits some people it will not suit other people and as it’s been said before they will not be able to keep everyone happy. The organizer have my 100% backing in whatever decisions they make, remember it is not one person but a group of cachers trying to do their best for the UK geocaching community for something that has never been done before in the UK.
  20. Based on that only 491,815 left to find!
  21. Having been to a couple of Harrogate Hunters events I can confirm that they were well planned and in my opinion Robin would be well qualified to head up the team for the event. As with everyone else I would help as much as I can (currently scheduled for being off the first week in August) and would attend the meeting in January but am going to Dublin for an event there (50 pound return for 2 on Ryanair). As for the location I would suggest keeping it near Harrogate mainly for Robin’s local knowledge of the area and fairly central location. While this will not keep everyone happy but no place would, it is a good place to start. I remember reading the forums about the Geowoodstock events and similar comments about where to have it (east coast or west coast remembering that it’s 3,000 miles apart not 300 miles) and it gets moved around the US every year. We could look at 2009’s Mega event to be held elsewhere (Swindon, Scotland, Cornwall ???) plus the knowledge gained from 2008 would prove invaluable. While I might be accused of being biased being 2 hours away, I have attended 5 events over 200 miles away and would more than likely attend this one if it was further south. Robin is spot on about the planning and to start as soon as possible I know they start at least a full year ahead of the event for the Geowoodstock events. Having been fortunate enough to attend one there are a lot of people to be catered to but was pretty well organized overall. The main stopping place was the campground but there were people in various local motels and other camp grounds. We spent more time running into other cachers finding caches than at the actual meet but did meet up with a few at the meet. As for two events held the same time I believe it will be a no goer as the recent Flash Mob events held worldwide attracted over 4000 people and it was still a normal event icon even as we all met at the same time. 86 teams attended the Shrops 2006 event with72 team attending the 2007 Shrops event even the London bash It’s Pay Back Time albeit there was short noticed only attracted 85 teams (any other widely attended events I missed?). I’m not sure about the actual numbers at the event or if there was a head count but I think it would be difficult to come up with the numbers just from the UK and would need to bring cachers from neighboring countries. There are large caching communities from Norway, Sweden, Germany Denmark and The Netherlands and would need something worth their while as well as those traveling a distance from the UK. Robin has offered to take up the reins and offered a location and most importantly is planning now for it. I think it is doable in the UK and offer your support, thoughts and advice to Robin to get it off the ground whether my email or the January meeting. Edited to add seconder to Rutson's post
  22. There is one in the wild in the Northeast at GC17A3Y. Many thanks again to CSC for sending it up.
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