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  1. I had an idea for a Travel Bug last night to do as part of the class session. Seems great minds think alike on this one. Yes, we have a couple caches near camp and was going to use those as options for the boys to find. Again, great idea. I had started googling for presentations and found a few, but will check this one out as well. Thanks for the assistance. Bart
  2. I will also be teaching my boys the Geocaching Merit Badge at camp this summer and would love to get a copy of this as well if you're still offering. Bart
  3. ROFLMAO! Now thats what I'm talkin' about........put me down for 2!
  4. just paypal'd for mine. shouldn't take too long to get them to Iowa, since we're right next door.
  5. tried to get username on site but not sure if my firewall is letting me or it's just my old computer....but it wouldn't go thru there.......sooooooo I'd like to be put on the list for one of each please. Jeff
  6. email sent......i have an extra colorado for trade if anyone else is interested.
  7. paypaled for my 2 that i pre-ordered. thansk again for making the coin....will be quite a conversation piece on the Christmas tree this year!
  8. LOL.....as long as I'm not the first one to say it (points to the post directly above his)......I'd be interested in a couple. Will keep an eye out for the design. Jeff
  9. I like the icon, I say go for it!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jeff
  10. i too would like to trade for one. I dont have my own PC yet, but do have one or two coins I think are somewhat rare. Will send an email and see if any appeal to you. Jeff
  11. would like 2 of the bronze and if a wait list for silver is up i'd like one of those too. if not, no worries. **************** After Mrs. Barthonis saw my geocoin spending spree, I've been forced to edit this to ONE Bronze, and still would like to be on a waitlist for a silver if any preorders fall thru. Thanks ****************
  12. well, i'm probably gonna want 10 for when you start taking orders.....will look forward to the link.....will you be taking orders on the I.G.O. website also?
  13. lol....since you've said you aren't interested in having ordering input any longer, and you'll open a different thread for the ordering.....perhaps you might wanna lock this thread so folks won't continue to submit coin orders? Some folks read the thread before posting, and some just post. Goes back to lurking.......
  14. WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >>does the dance of joy<< Got mine in the mail today too!!!! WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Well I personally would like to see more coins go with a 1 per cacher limit. I don't check the forums every hour (or even every day) and so when some coins become pre-order available, it seems like in the span of a day or 2 the order is filled. Yes I know some people are ordering for coin clubs, but the people in those coin clubs are ordering multiples also.....In the end, you get what happens on ebay. A 6-8 dollar coins winds up going for 40-60 bucks, sometimes more....and those of us that don't forum check for new coins on a daily basis get screwed if we want a new coin. I don't have the funds to make a run of coins, so my only recourse is to try buying the ones I want when they come up for sale. Yes, I know that some of those ordering multiples are doing it for trading extras, but some are not. It's just my own 2 cents worth, but I'd like to see more state coins going to a 1 per cachers limit so that the rest of us will get a crack at being able to ordering one. And in case you're curious, I'm not on the wait list for this coin. Again, just my 2 pennies worth of info and a little venting as well. Jeff
  16. OK, so I guess TPTB might wanna clarify that then..... If they make a run of 1500 coins and call it the Iowa Geocoin and have it trackable on gc.com...then it gets to be called the Iowa Geocoin, right? But if it's only a run of say 500, then it can't be the state geocoin since it doesn't meet the criteria, and would only be a personal geocoin, right? But then again, if it's not gc.com trackable, then you can make however many you want and call it whatever you want to call it, right? Just curious about how this all shakes out.
  17. I know it's too late to order, but if any become available, I'd like one. Just for myself, so only one. Thanks, Jeff P.S. Since I recently just moved out of Kansas City, does that put me at the top of the waiting list? I lived in Shawnee, Kansas.
  18. Well I'll say what others are thinking but won't post. I know I'm probably ten times more likely to irder someone's coin if it IS trackable on geocaching.com. WHy? Precisely because you get an icon and also if I wanna trade or even sell any extras, they go for alot more money/trades if they are tracckable on gc.com. It's a combination of being an icon whore and also economics of trade/resale. For me, in both cases, it's all about the numbers. Simple. Now, having said that, I have purchased a couple coins that weren't trackable at all (not even on some other website) simply because I thought the design was really neat. but they've been the exception to the rule. And if you don't think I'm being accurate....check out the threads where people are selling coins that are trackable vs untrackable on gc.com. The scale of the ordering is quite different. Which makes recouping your upfront costs alot easier when the pre-order of a coin sells out the 1000 or whatever coins you are going to mint in about 2 days (which the NEW York coin did, btw). Jeff
  19. Ok, cool. So it going to be your personal coin then? I still plan on ordering several once the paypal link comes up, I'm just kinda curious about what it will have on it. Do you have any artwork you could post so we could see what it looks like?
  20. Please add my name to the list for 2 silver and one bronze. Thank you.
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